Female orc commander

Female orc commander


Cha Eunhee is Seoyoon's childhood friend. She is also a beauty and a very successful psychiatrist[1], who works for the korean public Health system, at the Society Rehabilitation Center[2]. She started playing Royal Road too as an female Orc Warrior [3]. While playing, she met her boyfriend [4] and future husband[5], Geomchi2.

Profile and DataEdit

Stats and SkillsEdit


  • Regular strong orc warrior stats.
  • A strong leadership stat, based on her race & commander status within the horde[10], while doing quests with Seoyoon.


  • Orc warrior Skills

After becoming an Orc Commander[11]in the Yurokina Mountains, she earned a race related leadership skill.

  • Group leadership and management Skill[12]
    • Depending on the skill level, a commander is able to lead a unit up to 35 orcs[13].
    • All unit members will receive:
      • an increase in Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Physical Resistance.
      • a 16% bonus at their skill mastery.
      • an increased resistance to Confusion and Fear.
      • a 2% experience increase.
    • If the unit include different species, it will be limited to 20 members.
    • Each additional 50 points in Leadership, will slightly extend the skill benefits.


  • Title list:

These are titles Cha Eunhee/Seechwi earned in "Royal Road" that is known.



  • A talented bi-cultural Psychiatrist
    • She is bilingual and bi-cultural. She was born in Korea but lived in the US for most of her childhood. She came back to Korea after her Ph.D.
    • She has a large knowledge of phychology, psychiatry, therapy and various other skills related to her field. And is also regarded as a genius. She earned her Ph.D in psychiatry at the age of twenty-three[15] and her research paper was very innovative and successful[16].
    • Still, on rare occasions, she can be at a loss for words when she comes upon someone or something truly unexpected (i.e. Weed and Geomchi)[17]).
    • Without knowing the young Weed, she had to read and approve the legally required, but unusually filled in, mental health test[18], which she did, while laughting.
  • Seoyoon's beautiful therapist and friend
    • She thinks of Seoyoon as a little sister or as family members since they known each other since Seoyoon was little. She made the decision to gives her access to Royal road, and she watches Seoyoon's game recording on a regular base[19].
    • One motivation of her is to heal her korean childhood friend, therefore she monitor her encounters with Weed closely[20].
    • She is happy about her progress and, while reporting to her father, she support her playing the game[21].
    • She is the one also, who pushes her to volunteer to the Morata quest[22].
  • Who became an ugly female orc commander
    • Cha Eunhee is a confident, cool and very feminine and beautiful psychiatrist, with a cold and distant attitude toward men[23]. To follow Seoyoon, she decided to follow her foot-step into the game[24].
    • In the game world, as a matter of fact, she decided to get rid of her beautiful appearance, and picked instead the avatar of a strong, but fat and ugly Orc female. This, by the way, was made possible by Weed, who unlocked the hidden Orc race[25].
    • She followed Seoyoon in-game as Orc Seechwi in the Yuroki Mountains [26].
    • Thanks to her Orc leadership skill, she was able to command a group of Vampire familiars in Todeum kingdom's quests[27].
    • Her therapist skill obviously helped her to raise intimacy with NPC and raise her class[28].
  • To met a strong and reliable husband
    • Regarding her attitude toward men, she is cold and distrustful. In fact, she expresses a sincere desire not to be judged on her look nor social status. She has that secret wish to meet a strong and caring man with who she could drop that cold distant attitude[29].
    • She met Geomchi2 in the Rotten Lich Dungeon[30]. After having been continuously protected by him, Seechwi became increasingly interested in him... They eventually formed a dating relationship in and outside of Royal Road[31].
    • She is now very happy with her strong "macho man" and her parents too, are glad of the relationship[32].


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