Geihar's Seal of The Emperor

The Lord of the Continent Seal


An unique item sculpted by Emperor Geihar himself. A symbol of authority, used by the Emperor Geihar, first emperor who unified the entire continent[1]. It was made at the same time that Golden Bird[2].


  • Physical Description
    • An antique seal with stamp made of jade, handle of a golden dragon crafted with gold. It was made with a perfect understanding of the characteristics of the material used, one of Master Sculptor Geihar's sculpting skill strength.
  • Item History
    • After Emperor Geihar's death, many desired his authority and power of "The Ruler of The Continent". This seal, as a symbol of Emperor Authority then came into possession of many. The Niflheim Empire tried to retrieve the seal for over 200 years.
    • Weed acquired this seal as a reward from Mercenary Smith after he completed "Rescue the Prisoners of the Matallost Church" quest.
    • Back in his Mercenary days, Smith picked it up at Count Savoid's mansion and kept it with him as his lucky charm[3].
    • A part of the jade seal was broken by the time it came into Weed hands.

Item InformationEdit

There are several stages that Weed had to go through in order to restore this seal to its original state:

1st StageEdit

Weed acquires the seal, and this information window appeared before him;

Unknown Seal[4]
Durability: 3/20
This is a very precious object made by an extremely exceptional sculptor.

It is an item that the old Mercenary Smith didn’t sell despite his alcohol tabs that accumulated.
Having gone through war and a long period of time, there is slight damage to it.


Grants special good luck.

2nd StageEdit

Weed rubs the seal's dragon part and carefully examined its unique points. Then, he use identification skill to identify this item.

Unknown King's Seal[5]
Durability: 3/20
A precious royal seal that has weathered the history of the Versailles Continent.

It was made by a sculptor whose limit of skill is hard to estimate. It is damaged and not in perfect condition.

Artistic Value:



Dignity +60. Charisma +25.
50% resistance to all magic harmful to the owner’s body.
Can intimidate nobles and knights.

3rd StageEdit

Weed then tries to repair it at Lord of Morata Castle, using Sculpture Repair skill. He could repair the severe damage that had been down to the seal and managed to reproduce the full majestic features of the golden dragon including its embroidering. The original appearance could be seen.

Unidentified Empire's Seal[6]
Durability: 24/30
The Continent of Versaille's history of the Arpen Kingdom.

It is difficult to imagine the ability of the sculptor that made it.
A trusty sculptor had tried to restore it but it could not be fully restored because of the limitations of the number of years that have passed.

Artistic Value:



+95 Dignity. +55 Charisma
Maximum Loyalty and Morale of soldiers increased by 20%.
Reduces the harmful effects of all magic to the owner's body by 55%.
Intimidates nobles and knights.

4th StageEdit

Finally, he uses light sculpting skill and repairs the seal to the best of his ability;

Geihar Von Arpen's Emperor Seal[7]
Durability: 38/60
The seal of the ruler of Versailles Continent: Geihar Von Arpen.

A sculpture wrapped in mystery.
Memories of this ancient Emperor seems to remain within the seal.

Artistic Value:



+3,000 fame.
+105 Dignity
+60 Reputation
+70 Charisma

Authority of the Emperor is now available.
Maximum Loyalty and Morale of soldiers increased by 25%.
Resistance to all harmful magic to the owner's body is increased by 60%.
Nobles and Knights will be intimidated.
Now, Golden Bird has memories of the past.


  • Long and Hard Work
    • Weed art stat risen by 49 after he examined this seal for second time[8]
    • To increase his sculpture repair sub-skill, Weed had to go through a long and hard process of breaking and then restoring again and again this old and precious sculpture. He repeated this process until his skill finally reached Intermediate level[9].
    • He meticulously repaired the dragon handle till its original appearance[10] could be seen again. He then used Light sculpting to further repair the seal. Finally, Weed achieved seal restoration to the best of his abilities.
  • Tiring but Rewarding
    • Dignity stat was created[11] after Weed finally succeeded in repairing the seal.
  • Weed can use the "Authority of the Emperor" power[12] with this seal.
    • With the seal in his possession, he can promote the birth of knights , expand his political influence, and build special buildings from Romantic Era of the Niflheim Empire.
    • Unlocking the memories hidden within the seal, Weed gained also gained access to Empire's related buildings[13] from Classical Era of both Arpenian Empire[14] and Niflheim Empire (300 different buildings). He also obtained Arpen Empire's lost blacksmithing skills and tailoring skills to make armors, clothing for Imperial Knights and Guard[15].
    • This is the first time Golden Bird appeared in front of Weed in flesh[16].

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