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Weed headed to Grapass[1], one of the Forbidden Regions to continue with the old handmaiden quest to find the song Zahab sang. When he found Zahab in his log cabin, Zahab gave him a quest to be his assistant to help him make 2 sculptures. One of them was a sculpture that expresses beauty. Being away from civilization for so long, Zahab has difficulty expressing beauty.

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  • Another sculpture based on Seoyoon[2].
  • The sculpture is portrayed in a stately dress. Using his tailoring skill, Weed idealized the shape of a smart dress and with Zahab's near transcendent sculpting skills, the fluttering motion of the fabrics were perfectly captured on the sculpture. Even Zahab commented that the beautiful woman portrayed on the sculpture is a divine beauty.

Sculpture Information Edit

Magnum Opus! 'Sculpture that Expresses Beauty' has been completed.

A collaboration between the great sculptor Weed and Zahab, who is sitting at the summit of sculpting skill.
They managed to express a woman's beauty.
Comparative to their fame, the completion of this supreme piece os enough to be considered as one of the top aesthetic works in Versailles Continent.

Artistic Value : 16,290
Special Option :

Anyone who see the 'Sculpture that Expresses Beauty' will regenerate health and mana 40% faster for one day.
All stats increase by 35.
Magic resistance increase by 37%.
Maximum health increase by 14%.
Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charm increase by 15.
Increases the morale of soldiers.
Grants additional mastery to adventurer's Appreciation of Artwork skill.
Sculptors, painters, dancers, and scholars's Charm increase by 14 permanently.
Birth rate of the city near the sculpture will increase by 80%.
The sculpture has been blessed Goddess Freya for portraying aspects of beauty.

Effect does not stack with other sculptures.
Number of Magnum Opus created until now : 10.

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor Skill increase

Upon completion, Weed gained some increase in his skill mastery.

Mastery of Sculpting skill increased.
Mastery of Handicraft skill increased.
Sculpture Comprehension skill increased by 1 level.
  • Sculptor Skill increase

Upon completion, Weed gained some increase in his stats attributes.

Art stat increased by 48.
Charm increased by 25.
Fame increased by 968.
Intelligence increased by 12.
Wisdom increased by 6.
For completion of a Magnum Opus, all stats increased by 3.
  • Freya's blessing
Goddess Freya has granted blessing upon the sculpture for portraying aspects of beauty.
By making a sculpture recognized by Goddess Freya, Faith increased by 19.
Paladins and priests from the Freya denomination will receive special strength and courage when they see the sculpture.
  • Zahab's workshop

Inside Zahab's workshop, Weed could observe many of Zahab fine pieces, masterpieces, and magnum opus. There are many materials too for sculpting purposes. Weed could learn from it.

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