Sculpture of Darone

Darone by Sculptor Weed

Sculpture of Sarah (left), Sculpture of Darone (right)

Ellien & Darone


Weed made this sculpture as a final tribute to his Master, Sculptor Darone at Darone's Workshop in Rega.


Made by a devoted disciple, it radiates love, like his master. Although Darone left the world, a part of his soul will always remain. Sculpture artistic value : 2300.

Sculpture InformationEdit

A Masterpiece!
You have completed a sculpture of Darone.
The sculpture, made by a devoted disciple, radiates love, like his master.
Although he left the world, a part of his soul will always remain.
Artistic value: 2300
Special Effects: Health regeneration increased by 50% for a day
Resistance to magic 40%
Vitality increased by 45%
All stats +10
In areas where the sculpture is visible, there will be peace.
These effects are not stacked with other sculptures.
Number of masterpieces created: 2
Sculptural skill has reached intermediate level 8.
This allows you to create more detailed and delicate work.
Handicraft skill has reached intermediate level 9.
The effects of crafts skills are increased by 5%
Sculptural Comprehension has reached beginner level 4.
The more knowledge and love of a sculpture, the better effects a sculpture will have.
* Fame + 1350
* Art + 79
* Endurance + 3
* Stamina + 3
* Leadership + 5
* In exchange for creating a masterpiece
* All stats + 1 point


  • Master Darone love story
Young Darone met a woman named Ellien, and fell in love with her.
Later, she died and he could not accept the fact.
After her death, she lived on in His memory, so he sculpted her with love.
Darone put his whole heart and soul into sculpting her.
Towards the end of the day his cough was so severe and he spat a lot of blood.
Weed helped & supported Darone to complete his final sculpture.
Finally he finished his last sculpture. It was a middle-aged woman, the one that he loves dearly, named Ellien.
  • After Darone died, Weed realizes that a sculptor needs to pour their heart and soul into their sculptures. As Darone's simple yet touching love story moved Weed heart, he make this sculpture in memory of his master[1].
  • There's a bonus side story where Weed reunite both Sculpture of Darone and Sculpture of Ellien in LMS Manhwa[2], as a tribute to Darone's and Ellien's love.


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