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This article represents the various skills and abilities associated with the Sculptor Class.


This is the Skill tree of the Sculptor Class[1].


Skil description :

  • A basic distinction is between sculpture in the round, free-standing sculpture, such as statues, not attached (except possibly at the base) to any other surface, and the various types of relief, which are at least partly attached to a background surface.
  • Relief is the typical technique used both for architectural sculpture, which is attached to buildings, and small-scale sculpture decorating other objects, as for pottery, metalwork and jewelry. Relief sculpture may also contain inscriptions[2].

Skill Information[]

  • Beginner
Enables you to carve or engrave various types of materials. Artworks of a high artistic value are worth a fortune. Easier to win a girl’s heart.
  • Intermediate
Your Sculpting Skill has reached Intermediate 1 level.
You can now craft using special metals and gemstones (Pearl, diamond, ruby, etc.).

For your class, Moonlight Sculptor, the current skills and stats will be affected:

– Effect of Sculpting Blade has increased by +50%.
– Additional effects have been added to Sculpting blade’s skill.
– Mana cost for Sculpting Blade has been halved.
– All stats have increased by 10.
– Your Fame has increased by 20.
– Art Stat has increased by 20.
– You have learned Skill: Sculpture Destruction
  • Advanced
Sculpture Mastery reached Advanced 1 level. Now you can engrave patterns and work with any material.

Your Sculpture mastery reached the Advanced level. This affected your attributes and skills.

Sculpting Blade technique efficiency increased by 30%. Additional properties were added to the ability. Mana cost on use reduced by half.

Sculpture Mastery is linked to other crafting skills.

Blacksmithing skill: 
You can now create bronze sculptures. 
Sculptures, created by pouring molten metal into the mold will be harder and more durable.

Cooking skill: 
Your dishes are now more vibrant and delicious. 
Also they will be more beautiful from artistic point of view.

Sewing skill: 
You can now decorate clothes to create custom outfits.

All attributes increased by 20.
  • Mastery
The Sculpting skill has reached its peak proficiency.You have mastered Sculpting. After understanding the texture of rocks and trees, you have fully understood how to express it in sculpting.You have reached the peak of sculpting with no other place to advance.

The artistic value of your sculptures will increase by 200%.

The mana used by skills associated with sculpting will reduce and the effectiveness will also increase.

The effects received from sculptures will increase by 200%.

All stats increased by 40.

Art quests can be received without any limitation.

Thanks to your excellent insight, all skill proficiencies will develop 6% faster.

Other production and art skills will develop 10% faster.

You will be able to bring out a further 15% of the original abilities of an item.

Completed sculptures will have a special influence in that region.

The strength and vitality of sculptural lifeforms will increase by 30%.

The title ‘Master of Sculpting’ has been acquired.

You can meet with any kings, regardless of fame or a previous relationship.

Artists, scholars and merchants will respect you.

The effects of conversation, charisma, and dignity will increase.

Certain NPCs will appear and pledge absolute loyalty to you.

Related Skills[]


  • Pottery
    • It is a new tree skill with his own class. It was unlocked by Weed, and his friends, while exploring the the Sanctuary of the Four Races[3].
  • Weed unique masterful leadership
    • First achievement : As a gamer, Weed was the first player ever to collect all the skill related to his class (inheritance of NPC masters).
    • Second achievement : He was the first player to start his master class quest[4] and the first also, to succeed in his master class[5].
    • Third achievement : He was also the first player to unlock the special hidden skill quest[6] and last, but not least, the first ever to succeed in this special (hidden) class quest[7].
    • When you consider those 3 incredible achievements, you have to take into account, that Weed started on his own, and one year, after the game start.
  • Special item related to class
    • Item linked to the sculptor class, collected by Weed:
    • Zahab's engraving knife helps to power up the skill.
    • Daycram Red Wyvern belt
    • More to come


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