Sculpture Formation (Fragmentation (조각화) according to RAW) is the skill Weed received during his 15th Master Quest - Sculpture's Eyes.

Description Edit

Weed was talking to a baby-deer sculpture he carved that came alive on its own. ‘A sculptor like you is the only one who can understand the heart of the sculptures. Therefore I have something to ask you. Will you please learn more about us sculptures?’

The request from baby-deer trigger his 15th Sculpting Master Quest, which in turn enable him to acquire Sculpture Formation. After using the skill, he trapped his own body into a sculpture where not even the wind can be felt.[1]

Skill Information Edit

Sculpture FormationEdit

Sculpture Formation.
Restriction: Level 8 Advanced Sculpting Mastery.

Skill Requirements: Skill need to stay casted for a month.

  • Stone will form around your body when the skill is first cast.
  • You will be unable to move for 1 month while the skill is in duration

CAUTION: Even if the connection is ended, the stone statue will remain intact with the durability depending on your art stat.


  • Weed has only used this skill once when he's trying to complete his 15th Sculpting Master Quest. [2].
  • He went to some remote area in Morata so he did not get attacked Monster since the sculpture will stay there for a month even after he log-out from Royal Road. Weed hid his face behind a robe and passed the central lanes. He went to Morata’s outskirts and decided on a side street going up a hill.[3].
  • He carved a sculpture and waited for 1 hour but no one passed by. Weed wore the Goddess’ Knight Armour, Daemon’s Sword, Baharan’s Bracelet and the Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble before using the skill.[4].
  • However, his sculpture got found by 4 beginners who were doing their quest.[5].
  • Those beginners mobilized 2000 Grass-Porridge Cult members and moved his sculpture into Morata Central Square.[6].
  • Weed got his first kiss from Seoyoon while he's in a Sculpture mode even before they are having a relationship. [7].

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