One of the five Secret Sculpting Skill. This skill created by Geihar Von Arpen, an NPC, Master Sculptor, Master Swordsman and The Legendary Emperor. This was the skill that allowed Emperor Geihar to conquer the continent. He left this skill for his successor.


  • Weed inherited this skill after Sage Rodrias finally handed over Geihar's Wooden Statue sculpture to him as Geihar Von Arpen successor[1]. See more about Geihar's Wooden Statue.
  • This skill bestow life to sculptures and fight for their creator and master[2].
  • Sculptural lifeforms
    • Sometimes called as living sculpture or animated sculpture.
    • Sculptural lifeforms are loyal towards their master and creator[3].
    • The sculptor with higher art stat will create stronger sculptural lifeforms.
    • They also grow in level after coming to life.
    • List of Life Sculptures, go to Sculptural Lifeforms page.
  • Skill [Advantages & Benefits] vs. [Disadvantages & Risks]
Sculptural Life Bestowal
[Advantages & Benefits] vs. [Disadvantages & Risks]
[Advantages & Benefits] [Disadvantages & Risks]
  • Sculptural lifeform initial level and strength depends on the art stat, but if led well by a sculptor, it would grow stronger and more powerful.
  • Stronger than elemental or another similar summons.
  • There is no limit to the number of sculptures that could be active at the same time[4].
  • Sculptural lifeforms are loyal towards their master and creator[5].
  • Consumes gamer mana, art stat and level (permanent consumption), plus reduction of recently gained stat per usage. Refer more on this at Skill information - Efficiency below.
  • Each sculpture lifeforms kept the experience and level individually, unlike other summoners and elementalists Summoning skill where any amount of items or experience gained by the summoned creatures would be transferred to the summoner.
  • If a living sculpture suffers a fatal blow, the life given will leave it, and if it’s completely destroyed and the parts dispersed, it cannot be repaired[6].

Skill InformationEdit

Sculptural Life Bestowal[7]

The skill that Emperor Geihar left behind for his successor, a sculptor’s skill that is unknown to others.

Restriction: Can only be used with Advanced Sculpture Mastery.

Skill Requirements:
5000 Mana.
Art Stat 10 (permanent consumption).
Level decreased by 2 (permanent consumption).

CAUTION: Sculptures have strong sense of individuality and pride. When they see another sculpture identical to them, they will fight that sculpture with hostility.

  • Skill Efficiency
    • As the skill efficiency increases, level and stats consumed when bestowing life will decrease[8]. Levels and stats consumed before and after;
      • Before : 2 levels, 5000 mana, 10 art stat, 10 recently gained stats[9]
      • After : 1 level, 5000 mana, 6 art stat, 5 recently gained stats[10].


  • Weed used this skill for the first time to give life to Wy-1, on Yunopu (유노프) Canyon. He reached his destination, Yurokina (유로키나) Mountain range safely [11].
  • Weed then bestow life to another 9 Wyverns (Wy-2 till Wy-10), his level dropped to 279.
  • Miracle happens while Weed trying to give life to one of the sculptures at Jigolath's "Tower Waiting for Hero". The whole tower in fact made of many sculptures assembled together for a very long period[12]. He miraculously gave life to a lot of sculptures, and some might remain 'unnamed' till today.
  • Weed found Hero Bahamorg's dead body at Drapkin (드라푸킨) dungeon as per quest from Ellyons. He then repaired and revived him[13].


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