Sculptural comprehension Edit

Also named Sculptural understanding

First appereance v4c5

Weed learned it from master Darone, one of the 5 master sculptor

Background Edit

In order to obtained this skill on must compeleted the chain link quest giving by Darone. Darone’s orders is a quest where Weed for a whole week, must follow Darone’s orders. Darone handed Weed a sheet with a list of orders of 300 sculptures. Some among them some were difficult, the ones that required deep thought. After a week Weed obtained a passive skill Sculptural comprehension and the active skill Sculptural Shapeshifting.

Info Edit

The better you understand the object, the greater your chance of creating higher quality works.

As skill level goes up, additional effect of Sculptural Shapeshifiting will be added.

Beginner: Adds 10% to the effect of transformation. Can only change into earthbound races.

Intermediate: Adds 20% to effect of transformation. Can now change into flying creatures. However, you must learn how to fly.

Advanced: Adds 30% to the effect of transformation. Can transform into colossal creatures.

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