Wyvern in the sky

Wyvern in the sky


They are Weed's very first Sculptural lifeform, and they were made in a hurry in response to Lich Shire's Undead Legion approach. Their name are "Wy-1, Wy-2, ... up to Wy-10"[1]. Wy-3 was especially sculpted for Transportation purpose.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Unidentified[2]
  • Race: Bird
  • Level: 359 [3].
  • Status: Game World
    • Alive : Wy-1, Wy-2, Wy-3, Wy-5, Wy-6, Wy-7
    • Deceased : Wy-4, Wy-8, Wy-9 and Wy-10
  • Creator & Master : Weed
  • First appearance: Volume 7 Chapter 1

Wyverns InformationEdit

  • They are classified as monsters, so they become stronger at night[4].
  • Two affinities are bestowed upon the sculpture when life is granted to it;
    • Wind affinity (100%).
    • Fire affinity (30%).
    • The creature’s flying speed is greatly increased, and the creature will be partly resistant to fire magic
  • Physical Appearance
    • They are large size monster, exactly like the Wild Wyverns .
    • Weed sculpted them in a hurry, thus they have a few very distinct traits which are;
      • A very angular face.
      • Parts here and there have been very roughly carved, and are really crude and incomplete.
      • This for reason, it creates a lot of air resistance which tires them out quickly.
      • They are neither male nor female, Weed having neglected that "detail". Therefore they won't be able to reproduce.
      • The above reasons are the main factor why the Wyverns are not satisfied with their bodies, and were very displeased.
  • Hunting Preferences
    • They basically hunt every monster which is not too dangerous in a group or pack.
    • This fact makes them even more fearful to other monsters.
    • They were seen hunting centaur[5].
    • Their favorite food : deer and wild boars[6].
Wy-3 face

Wy-3 face

  • Personality
    • They had great pride and when Wy-1 was first granted life he started to complain about how ugly he looks and wouldn’t listen to Weed.
    • Then, Weed had an idea. Weed would just have to thoroughly flatter the Wyvern, by playing on its pride. The simple-minded Wyvern was easily won over by the silver-tongued Weed.
    • Just like the bird clans in Lavias, the City of Heaven, all winged creatures aren’t very smart.
    • Around Weed, their behavior are childish and naive, and in certain aspects, its also close to a pet or a dog.
    • They have some sort of artistic traits in their personality. Eg: They are sensitive to cheap clothing that Weed made for them[7], but dislike music because of their brutal and hurried nature.
    • When Weed can't hear them, they tend to express their frustration and complain among other Sculptural lifeform [8].
  • Intimacy with their Creator and Owner
    • When Weed, their owner is in danger, they will become even more aggressive and dangerous [9].
  • Weaknesses
    • They need discipline. Wyverns tend to be lazy and eat a lot when Weed are busy with his quest[10].


  • Begining
    • They were originally made and awaken in the Yunopu Canyon[11].
    • At that time, Weed was level 299. They are Weed's very first living Sculpture, and they were made in a hurry.
    • Furthermore, this guy was carved from a piece of rock. His head was practically made of stone, and thus Weed wasn’t very surprised that his intelligence wasn’t much better than that of a rock[12].
    • Wy-4, Wy-8, Wy-9 and Wy-10 were killed in action by Lich Shire himself during the final confrontation[13]. They were not resurrected, while Wy-1, Wy-2, Wy-3, Wy-5, Wy-6, Wy-7 are still alive and kicking.
    • Unlike Silver Bird, they dislike music played by Bellot in Ugoth[14] because of their brutal and hurried nature.
  • Weed Quest Companion and Sunbae to other Living Sculptures
    • Weed brought all 6 Wyvern to one of the forbidden zones, Grapass[15], in searching for Master Sculptor Zahab.
    • They behaves like mentor/sunbae to other living sculptures that created after them and sometimes give advice to them on how to flatter their owner, Weed.
  • Wy-3's special mission
    • Wy-3 chosen as Weed mount every time he needs to travel.
    • His angular face has the lowest drag coefficient and has a flat back that is apparently much more comfortable. Therefore, Weed and Seoyoon use it as ride instead of switching with the other Wyverns.
    • Wy-3 fears that one day Weed might put a table and chairs on its back[16].
    • Geumini like to ride on Wy-3's back too, when left on their own.


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