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One of a few items obtained by Weed in the Valley of Death after defeating the Bone Dragon of Embinyu Church.[Vol10Ch5]

Item Information

Rotten Dragon Bones:

Durability: 250/250.

Large amounts of dragon bone. In the past, it was speculated to be harder than Mithril due to its own mana supply, but as of now, it is extremely corrosive. Even so, it is unparalleled against normal ores as precious material.

Blacksmiths will garner exceptional experience from handling the dragon bones.

First class blacksmith item.


Expected benefits

Helps raise blacksmith skill.

When crafting a weapon, poison attack will be added.

Can create armor with specialized resistance.

Slightly foul odor.

Related class

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More information

It is interesting to notice, that the Bone Dragon Spell was created by undead necromancer lich Bar Khan , and that the Embinyu Evil Cult in the Valley of Death could use and control a Bone Dragon.  It means that they had, at least, found a way to acces Bar Khan spell. The question is how ? when ? and where ?   

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