Serabourg Castle

Rosenheim Kingdom


Rosenheim is a kingdom on the southern side of the continent. It borders the Britten Alliance to the west, The Desert of Tranquility to the southwest, The Plains of Despair to the east and the Brent Kingdom to the north and has had many skirmishes with it in the past years. Royal Road has been opened for 15 months (real time). 70% of the continent was still uncharted. When Weed just started, Rosenheim Kingdom had only been discovered 6 months ago so it was a relatively a new kingdom[1].

It is on the outskirts of the developed continent, so it bears the brunt of many monster attacks. There are more dungeons here than other kingdoms, and the southern province especially suffers attacks from marauding monsters.

Where Weed startedEdit

Weed's choice of starting place since it's far away from the center of the continent and being new found kingdom, there were a lot of unearthed dungeons and territories.

Kings Request Edit

King Theodarren requested Weed to make a tomb for him[2]. Weed, with the help of many users, makes a pyramid and sculpts a large sphinx with the face of the king.

Fall of RosenheimEdit

Rosenheim Kingdom has fallen under the influence of the evil Embinyu Cult. The capital of Serabourg was destroyed in the process. Weed helped most of the citizen to flee after receiving a quest from Selina who owned a flower store in Serabourg Citadel. She approached him after "hearing from the flowers and the trees" that he was the one that could save them [3]

Evacuation of the Civilians
From the plants, Selina has found out the truth of your many achievements. While it is a difficult task, the only persona who can defend the denizens from the Embinyu Church is you. In Serabourg Citadel, the only person who can save the civilians in this perilous situation is the one who has experienced the most adventures.
Quest Restrictions:
Fame decreases every time a civilian dies.

If you reject the quest, infamy will spread. After this, it will not be possible to perform quests from the Rossenheim Kingdom. Just by accepting the quest your reputation will improve.

A bracelet made of flowers from Selina


More to come

Major Hidden QuestEdit

A Mystery Sculptor Rumored to Have Visited the Royal Palace[4]
A rumor that a man who had mastered sculptural art did carve the moonlight has been prevalent in tile royal court of Rosenheim Kingdom for long . Look into the rumor to determine whether it is true or not!
Quest Restrictions:
Close friendship with instructor reserved only for those who have not acquired Sculpture Mastery . Acknowledged as reliable by the instructor for a constant passion for Sword Mastery

The Sculptor’s Past[5]
The rumor has it that Queen Evane was involved in the event when the sculptor presented himself in the Royal Palace and carved the moonlight. The shopkeeper of the sculpture shop wondered what link existed between the two of them.
Quest Restrictions:
If you are found to be investigating the rumor in question, you will be exposed to hostility from Royal Knights.
Hidden (Class change to Moonlight Sculptor, Weed refused)

Follow Zahab’s Last Wish / Continue Zahab's Legacy[6][7]
Zahab did not die that day. To test his sculpting skills he went to a faraway continent. After advancing your sculpting skills, search for Zahab, learn his song and sing it to the old handmaiden. Zahab has last been rumored to have left for the Grapass region.
Quest Restrictions:
Must be cleared before the old handmaiden dies. Quest cannot be cancelled.
You can learn Item Identification Skill, Sculpture Mastery, Repair Skill, and Handicraft Skill.

A Suspicious Diary Somewhere[8]
Written by Queen Evane, the presumed diary is said to have records of secrets of the kingdom.

To find the diary, you must meet Fabiane the handmaiden who has served within the castle.

Quest Restrictions:
Must first complete the quest ‘Continue Zahab’s Legacy.’

To receive the quest reward, the quest must be completed before the old handmaiden dies. Quest cannot be cancelled.


Deliver the Diary[9]
Quest, ‘Deliver the Diary’ did not materialize, because royal knight Yiorlin died.
Quest Restrictions:

List of PlacesEdit

Places found in the kingdom of Rosenheim are:

  • Serabourg Castle
  • Baran Village
  • Highland Fortress / Fort Highland
  • Lavias forgotten City, the City in the Sky
  • Arud River
  • Ulken Mountain
  • Parvan
  • Baruk Mountain / Barogue Mountain

List of DungeonsEdit

  • Lair of Litvart
  • Star Palace: a palace that used to belong to Queen Evane, it was abandoned after here dead and fell to a mysterious curse. It was filled with old artworks, golden accessories and luxury items. Inside the palace there were souls of maids, knights and soldiers who died with regret, also some monsters named Burgle[10].


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