Rodrias is a sage that lives in a large manor in the Citadel of Serabourg. He is also known as the Star of Wisdom.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Name/Known as: Rodrias the Sage (현자 로드리아스). Alternate translation : Rodriguez.
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Rank: Counselor (Nobleman)
  • Appearance: [1]

From Serabourg, Rosenheim Kingdom; praised as the Star of Wisdom and is revered as as person who is knowledgeable in all things. However he is also known for being a queer fish with a ill-natures, naughty, and narrow­-minded personality that like to mess with people/players with a nickname know as "Dead End of Quests"

NPC informationEdit

Rodrias is a outsanding figure of the Rosenheim kingdom.

  • Information broker
    • Rodrias is the major information broker of Serabourg city.
  • Hidden quest provider
    • Rodrias is the hidden noble descendant of the first Arpen Empire nobility, and he is still faithful to his vow to find a successor to Geihar von Arpen. He gave Weed his quest to get his class, and above all his legendary status, which means, Weed directly inherited the legacy of Geihar von Arpen himself.
    • Accessing this status unlock a special extra feature to the Moonlight Sculptor class. This unlocked an extra feature where you inherit a master legacy, from a Emperor of the past.


  • Rodrias has a close relationship with Queen Evane as well as being her trusted counselor. That's why he had publicly declared that a man who brought an item that was once one of Queen Evane’s belonging was to be granted an audience. His eyes was almost filled with tears when Weed presented her handkerchief[2].
  • Rodrias had met with Zahab a few times through Queen Evane’s influence, and come to admire his sculptural art and sword technique revering the sculptor’s respectable personality and talents. Rodrias had made friends with him[3]. It had taken place fifty years before, the companionship between a pair of callow youths. The Counselor had even counseled His Highness to hold Zahab in the court at any cost.
  • Rodrias met Weed twice
    • First meeting: After watching Weed wait outside his manor for a week, his curiousity finally gave in went out. When he saw that Weed posessed Queen Evane's Handkerchief, he was obliged to invite Weed into his manor. There, he tried to lure Weed into the trap of divulging his information, but Weed was warned by the training instructor against Rodrias's tricks and refused to tell what he wanted until Rodrias promised to help him. Once he forced this out of Rodrias, he told Rodriguez that he wanted to find a class for himself. After listening to Weed's tale, Rodrias told Weed to go to the Lair of Litvart . He had to kill all the monsters there. Once he had done that Weed would find a class worthy for himself. Rodrias sent Weed off, vowing to get revenge


    • Second Meeting: After successfully handling the quest in the Lair of Litvart, Weed was able to meet Rodrias again and officially inherited of Master Emperor Geihar von Arpen Legacy. 
  • After the fall of Serabourg[5], like many other NPC, we don't know what became of Rodrias.


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