Battlemage Roderick

Battle Mage Roderick

Battle mage

Roderick against Montus



Famous Historical figure briefly resurrected by Weed in order to help him to free the Central Continent of the lesser Demon Lord Montus and his army of demon soldiers.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Name/Known as: Roderick
  • Species: Human
  • Rank: Archmage
  • Classes/Profession: Battle mage (3rd tier) [1]
  • Status: Deceased, resurrected for 21 hours[2], deceased again [3]
  • Title : Legendary Magician
  • Appearance: [4]
  • Mentioned: Volume 32 Chapter 2

NPC InformationEdit

  • He lived at an abnormally large subterranean dungeon, known as « Roderick's Labyrinth » which include a map, now owned by Weed[5].
  • One NPC describe him as Unusual person whom[6];
    • His hobby was collecting different types of things and also likes art.
    • A very strong Magician and had a lot of curiosity.
    • A genius who developed new spells and combined various types of magic.
    • He was also interested in sculptor's research on how to express radiant beauty.
  • More to come

Stats and SkillsEdit

  • List of known spells

Roderick, the legendary [7] battle mage specialist, knows many efficient spells adequate on the combat place. [8] He is also capable to cast more spell at a very fast rate, without having to worry about Mana limitation [9] He is even capable of absorbing the mana of his environment

  • More to come


  • Roderick's Labyrinth
    • Roderick had originally built it underneath a ruined royal palace.
    • NPC called it "The continent’s 8th labyrinth". The residents were resigned about anything related to this Labyrinth[10].
    • Inside it, challengers will find not only a large number of traps but 'abnormally' high levelled monsters too.
    • A mid-sized guild called 'Morningstar' once challenged this dungeon with 600 members. Unfortunately, all of them were killed while exploring.
    • The space inside this dungeon was distorted due to Roderick spell. He chanted this spell while fighting against devil that he summoned from hell himself. The devil unable to enter the human world or go back to hell due to this.
    • If someone walked down a straight path then they would go to the wrong place. A countless number of side roads would appear and some would suddenly go down to the 2nd floor. No one could find a door that led out of the dungeon. Once inside the labyrinth, it wasn’t possible to find a way out and people would die from the demons or traps. From that day onwards, anyone who entered the labyrinth wouldn’t be able to find the way out.
  • In the past
    • Famous for his research on radiant beauty [11]
    • Hundreds of years ago, was first defeated by Montus, a lesser demon lord but achieved to magically shut his own subterranean complex, holding captive Montus and his army of demons over hundreds of years in this strange but large underground palace, since known as the dreaded Roderick Labyrinth
  • Present day
    • He was resurrected by Weed, who was caught in his labyrinth, through Sculpture Resurrection skill. Took the lead of Weed expedition, with the goal of destroying Montus and liberating his place from his large demon army. More than 240 demons were killed.
    • More to come


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