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Rhodium is located in the Ritten Kingdom to the north of the central continent. It is known as the City of Artist and Production classes[1].

Description Edit

Rhodium is a beautiful and romantic City. "On the Versailles Continent, it’s the place where culture once bloomed like a brilliant flower. The city is built majestically and it is said also to be the birthplace of the Production and Art profession[2]. It is filled with wonderful Architecture and public Art pieces. They are many young artists everywhere, but also too many beggars[3]. In the past, the village of Rhodium has a sunset so beautiful that Painters and Sculptors gathered in Rhodium to re-create the landscape[4]. Rhodium Square is the main plaza in the City[5].

City Information Edit

  • Once a major City, with a glorious artistic past
    • Like any major city, Rhodium includes over 300 guilds[6]. For example:
      • Artistic Union [7] to defend the interest of various artistic classes. It supported the raise of Rhodium artistic spirit.
      • Smith Guild [8]
      • Warrior Guild [9]
    • As the City of artist, Rhodium also includes many classy galleries[10], and expensive shops[11] related to artistic and production activities[12].
  • A City with no leadership and broken finance
    • Rhodium is a City without a lord[13].
    • The city, as a whole, is very large but without efficient and smart leadership, it does not serve the best interest neither of gamers, nor of artistic and production classes overall. For example :
      • It is very difficult for a player to own his own private property in Rhodium. Property became too expensive[14].
      • Every time a player or an NPC wants to buy/sell something, he has to pay a business tax[15]. Too many taxes disrupts economic life, the tax income was very low[16].
      • Compared to other cities, Smithing is also falling behind[17]. Therefore, from a gamer perspective, Rhodium’s weapons and armor shops are delivering average goods. Therefore quickly becaming sub-standard[18].
      • Overall, fewer players were choosing an artistic or production class[19].
    • In short, it is filled to the brim with beggars and poor people asking for alms[20]. And it is filled to the brim with beggars and poor people asking for alms[21].
  • Still a City with artistic and economic potential
    • The City is beautiful. Each piece decorating the streets and houses of Rhodium is crafted with very devoted effort[22].
    • Rhodium map is geometric. The streets are harmoniously and efficiently shaped like a spider's web[23]. There are many shops nestled in here.
    • There are many young artists in the streets, either painting or sculpting. Others are playing instruments, often performing on the spot.
    • For example, the Sculptor Guild[24] includes a special room, called the The Stellar Tear[25]
      • A special room, with limited access, within the guild.
      • It is made out of a piece of a fallen giant meteor
      • It contains hundreds of sculptures, made by expert sculptors
      • Access fee is 200 gold.
      • Exception: if the sculptor's skill has reached advance level, or if level of recognition by nobles is high enough.
    • It could organize a special exhibition to attract artist or tourism, as Morata Art Center[26] is doing. A few powerful religious order could also be invited, and Art could synergies with their faith[27].
    • Many tourists are still coming to Rhodium, since it had become a trend to tour the castles and cities of the continent.
    • With Art and Production class contribution having been discovered,some funds and smart leadership, the City has the potential to raise and shine again.

Trivia Edit

  • Weed first came throught a Teleport Gate[28].
  • He received the Quest: To Become An Artist of Rhodium[29]. He made a sculpture completely out of gold with the form of a man who was a little shorter than him. Weed called it "Sculptor with a lot of money". Being acknowledged, he was free to register at various art guilds.
  • Not willing to leave this gold sculpture in Rhodium, he granted life to Geumini[30].
  • Having registered in the sculpture guild[31], he was later able to unlock his master quest[32].
  • He also refused to become Rhodium new lord[33], choosing instead to become the Lord of Morata in the North[34].
  • Rhodium was taken over by Haven Empire, at the same time as the Ritten Kingdom[35]. The Empire, raising taxes[36], did not help the glorious old City. On the contrary, his policies and animosity against Weed, made things even worse[37].
  • Many artists, like Sculptor Depth moved from Rhodium to Morata, as there were more opportunities for arts in Arpen Kingdom[38].
  • The city was safe from the war as the lord weren't interested in a city with so low income[39].
  • The Stellar Tear was made from the piece of a meteor, it is made from more than 1000 sculptures crafted by several sculptors[40]
  • With the rapid growth of Arpen Kingdom and its efforts to support arts, a lot of sculptors decided to migrate there[41]

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