Undead Giant Rhinoceros

Giant rhino undead

Undead Rhino, regular

It's a special type of giant undead beast which was selected  in Bar Khan and Lich Shire armies for his special attribute.  


Those giant undead beast are made from « colossal rhinoceroses  » by necromancers.

They are over 15m large and when they charge against a wall, their power might be strong enough to crumble the walls. (from v7c2)

They are elite undead mount, used by Serpa Witch in Bar Khan's armies. « The land shook as they marched across the mountains. They crushed the giant trees before them. » « More than a hundred Orcs should be mobilized in order to hunt a single one of those (giant) monster. » v7c2 

Special attack

Charge, kicking and trampling. Also, when charging, "they can make the surroundings shake, as if there was an earthquake". , which makes them very dangerous when they charge in line or in group.  v7c2

Protected by their rider (dark magic user who can use defense magic v7c2, or even heal them with their "curse" magic ), they are also especially extra strong (thick leather armor) and resilient.


Weakeness to silver, holy water and holy magic.

Boss Monster ClassEdit

During the battle in the plain of despair (v7c2), 3000 giant undead rhino appeared. Boss-Class rhino may have been there but no special indication. 

Other featuresEdit

Those Giant Undead Rhinoceros are made by a high level Necromancer with regular dead Giant Rhinoceros. Require level 3 Necromancer magic, as described in the Necromancer tome written by Bar Khan .

Giant rhinoceros

Giant Rhino

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