Giant rhinoceros

Giant Rhinoceros

Giant rhino size

Colossal Rhinoceros


These monsters inhabit the Plains of Despair and the Rhinoceros, Giant Undead were used as a mount by the Undead Legion[1].


These monsters resemble a giant size rhinoceros, are so heavy that a few thousands of these running will shook the surround area and are strong enough to crush giant trees under their feet[2].

Monster InformationEdit

  • The Serpa Witches from the Undead Legion prefer to ride this massive monster as an undead[3] and unleash their spells while riding[4].
  • The rhinoceros use its solid body to kick and trample enemies[5].
  • Its weakness is to trap their legs and decrease their capacity to move and its eyes[6].
  • The rhinoceros's horn is an appreciated loot[7].


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