Dragon sword, fire

Dragon sword, Red star


A sword created by a Dragon using one of his bones[1]. Both Red Star and the Asmodian Sword were long-sealed on the ground in a crypt below the Niflheim Imperial Palace[2] until Archmage Seulroeo took them away.


  • This sword was created by the Red Dragon Zenfest by using one of its bone. The sword was stolen from him. Since then, he has been looking for it ever since.
  • Without its scabbard by the time Seulroeo found and took this sword[3].
  • It grants the user ability to control fire and special skill 'Red Star'.
  • Resistant to magic, and can penetrate into opponent's armour.
  • It stored several techniques, namely;
    • Fire Arrow
    • Wrath of Fire
    • Fire Explosion
    • Fire Extinction
    • Sword of Hell
    • Summon Fire Hydras.

Item InformationEdit

This is the item stat window when Weed identified it[4].

Red Star
Durability: 192/210Damage: 190~215
A sword created by Dragon Zenfest.

The sword was made using a part of its bone. A portion of the Red Dragon’s power is imbued within and is resistant to magic. This sword was stolen from the Dragon and has been looking for it ever since.


Level 570 or higher
100% Fire Resistance
Must have the ability to control fire.


Very light.
Reduces the consumption of stamina when using skills.
Agility +10%
Durability does not easily diminish.
Attacks can pierce through armors.
Increases the chance of inflicting a maim status by 250%, reducing the opponent’s fighting ability.
Can penetrate through any magical defense.
Power of fire is amplified by 100%.
Absorbing the fire attacks of fire attribute races will increase your strength.
Magic Resistance +30%
Monsters below intermediate level will be extremely intimidated.
Enhances the power of sword based attack skills.
Can remove all negative buffs.
Grants the user the special skill ‘Red Star’.
Whenever you take out the sword for battle, there is a 0.01% chance that you can summon a Dragon.

Skill Red Star:

Unable to verify. Difficulty in identifying. Deeply related to fire attribute magic.

Weed was able to get more information when he equipped it in Chaos Warrior form[5].

MESSAGE: The Dragon Sword Red Star has been equipped.
You are lacking in the restriction level and fire resistance. But your Blacksmith skill means the weapon can be used.

You won’t get tired when using skills.
You will move more quickly and the probability of enemy attacks missing will increase.

Attacks will penetrate the opponent’s armour. Magic protection can be ignored and penetrated.

The probability of inflicting severe injuries will increase and the opponent’s fighting spirit will be reduced.

The power of fire will be doubled.

The power of fire will greatly increase the damage of the sword.

Magic resistance + 30%

The magic contained in the sword will cause monsters below intermediate level to be intimidated.

The power of attack skills will increase.

You have the ability to control fire.

The techniques stored in the sword is available.

Fire Arrow, Wrath of Fire, Fire Explosion, Fire Extinction, Sword of Hell, Summon Fire Hydras.

You are unable to use the special skill Red Star due to insufficient Wisdom, Intelligence and Mana.

Earth Extinction is unable to be used due to insufficient proficiency in Sword Mastery and Mana.

The Chaos Warriors are a tribe that governs the power of fire.

Red Star
When attacking with fire, you can convert it to Health and Mana.
Maximum value of Health and Mana will increase by 120% and recovery rate will double.


  • Sword History
    • It has been taken by Archmage Seulroeo from the Imperial Palace during the attack at Niflheim's Imperial Capital, Mordred[6]. After Seulroeo died, young Chaos Warrior Kubichya picked it up before entering a nearby dungeon[7].
    • Weed acquired the item after he defeated Kubichya at the Inferno Dungeon[8]. He equips the sword whenever he transforms into a Chaos Warrior[9][10].
  • Weed's Treasured Item
    • Part of Weed's set of items to defend against curses, with the the divine armour made of helium and the Ruler of the Continent Seal[11].
    • At the Earth palace battle, being close to Hestiger, Red Star absorbed the energy of the fire flowing around. Strength, agility and vitality did increased significantly. The powerful skill attack of Red Star were doubled: “Fire Explosion, Fire Extinction and Flames of Hell!”[12].
    • Seulroeo also took a sword with clouds and thunderbolts drawn on it (Asmodian Sword), which was thrown to the Black Sea after he became captain of pirate [13].
    • Flame from Red Star's sword has capability to burn away evil as it boasting overwhelming damage against Demon (Demon Killer). Demon monster will feels like being burned by Hell's fire[14].


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