Flying reaper

The reaper


Few people have glimpsed the figure beneath the black cloak and lived to tell the tale. Most legends paint the Reaper as a skeleton—white bones and an empty skull—but a few claim that nothing but a dark void lurks beneath the cloak...


  • A black, shrouded specter who appears with a long, black cloak. The cloak wraps all the way around the specter’s body and shrouds his face beneath a deep hood. It is usually loose and tattered, so that bits of black flutter in the wind as the Reaper moves. In his hand, the Reaper often carries a scythe, a long pole with a curved blade fixed to the top
  • In most cultures, this undead is considered to be a personnification of death itself [1]. Therefore, Bar Khan should be fond of it.

Undead InformationEdit

  • His signature, and most mysterious, skill is the ability to separate souls from the body [2].
  • Holy water and holy magic can hurt it. Otherwise, a silver or magic weapon is needed to hurt it. Silver prevent undead regeneration.
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