Aidern Kingdom

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The first City in the Versailles Continent where the four races, Elves , Humans, Orcs and Dwarves lived in harmony at the beginning of the civilization[1]. Its remain are located close to the Tinus River in the Aidern Kingdom[2].


  • The city was surrounded by a wooden barricade created by the Dwarves[3].
  • Inside the city, the houses were made from mud and stone of different sizes according to the race using them[4].
  • There were many trees and sometimes the elves preferred to sleep there[5].
  • Humans built a fortress and walls with help from the dwarves[6].
  • The river in this region is called Tinus[7].

City InformationEdit

  • In ancient times the city was located in a flat region close to a river[8] and there was a big deposit of maroon stones near to the city[9], which in the current time corresponds to Boronis Castle in Aidern Kingdom.
  • Originally the four races lived hidden from monsters in caves, but as their population and capabilities improved, the moved outside and funded the first city in the continent[10].
  • The Orcs were in charge of defending the city of monsters and hunting, for those reason they lived in the outskirts of the city[11].
  • After some time all the races developed more, humans were proficient in farming, weapon crafting and mana usage, the elves created their own bows and made contracts with Sprites and the dwarves with their blacksmithing skills improved armors and weapons.
  • As the four races developed more, friction appeared between them and the first race to leave the city were the orcs, then the elves, while the dwarves and humans lived together for some time but in the end the humans were left last[12].
  • The humans left the city because as it was built for the different features of the four races, many details didn't matched the humans needs and they preferred to create a new human kingdom[13].
  • After some decades abandoned, the city was flooded by Tinus River and was slowly swept away, in time the city sunk and was buried[14].


  • Weed was the first to discover this ancient city after he received the Master Quest City of Ratzeburg from the elven elder Randelia[15].
  • Weed was able to find the place where the city was located thanks to Yurin recognition of the features of the current Boronis Castle[16].
  • Boronis Castle is an abandoned fortress that was transformed in a tourist house[17].
  • A lot of antiques can be found in the Tinus River related to Ratzeburg but many have been damaged because of the long time since the city was abandoned[18].

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