Basic InfoEdit

  • Quests are tasks given to a player or several players via NPC's, items and random events.
  • A Player can only hold up to 3 quests at any given time.
  • Some quests are exempt from the 3 quest rules.
  • Quests may contain a time limit.
  • Some quests have a minimum or maximum level requirement.
  • Some quests require a party to contain a certain amount of players before they can accept the quest.
  • Some quests may not be refused and may be forced onto users.
  • Some Quests are denied to players if they do not have enough fame.

Quest ranking systemEdit

Each quest is given a difficulty rating from "F" through to S, with "F" representing the easiest quests and "S" the hardest.

  1. F: The easiest type of quest that low level players are able finish alone.
  2. E: One of the easiest types of quest given. Low level players or a band of low level players can complete this task.
  3. D: A medium level type of quest that may or may not require a level requirement. Better for a band of lower level or medium level players.
  4. C: These quests are suited to mid to high level players.
  5. B: Usually for high level players and guilds. Rank B quests may directly affect conditions on the Continent of Versailles if they are successfully completed or the player/players completing the quest fail it. Level 300+ v1c3
  6. A: Only for high level players and guilds. Rank A quests will directly affect conditions on the Continent of Versailles if they are successfully completed or the player/players completing the quest fail it. Level 400+ v1c3
  7. S: The rarest and hardest type of quest. Only for high level players and guilds. Rank S quests will directly affect conditions on the Continent of Versailles if they are successfully completed or the player/players completing the quest fail it.

Type of QuestEdit

Different type of quest exists. And also, those type of quest can be mixed. For example a chain quest could include an event quest and be a class or race related quest...

Basic or chain/linked QuestEdit

  • Basic quest or common quest can be given to players of any class although they may have level requirements.
  • Chain/Link Quests are a series of quests which are unlocked by completing a basic quest. Chain quests are activated after a player has completed that first quest. So, you first need to complete the first quest to become aware of the hidden chain. It's a teeaser and an incentive...  The difficulty of chain quest will also increase. "A chain quests can lead to quests with a eight times significant increase in scale and difficulty". (v27c5) 

Class and skill related questEdit

  • Class quests are given to players based on their class. Event quests may also contain class quests within them. You can consider a class as an expert at a certain set of skills. 
  • Skill quest can be based on your class or not. A skill does not have to be specifically related to your class, for example riding or sailing skill are open or linked to various class. Therefore the skill category is different from the class concept. But focusing on a specific skill will probably give you access to one or more class option.

Event and historic event related QuestEdit

  • One time only quests with or without a time limit at a certain location. These quests change depending on how the participants are faring. For example: If a location burns down, a new quest may be generation to rebuild this location. Once this quest is completed it will never be given again. Event quests may include chain/link quests, classes quests, and race quests as part of event quests
  • A certain type of quest focusing on history and the past. It helps to open/reveal new content for players. Exemple: Many Niflheim quest in Morata for example v27c2. It's also a prerequisite to create or develop new aspect of the game. 

Race or interaction between the races related Quest Edit

  • Race/Species quests have specific requirements that a player must be part of (or disguised as) a certain race/species. These quests may be found within event quests.
  • Quest can also be related to the interactions between races.

Famous chain quest Edit


The first S class questEdit

The first dragon questEdit

It was given by the dragon Akryong Kaybern to sculptor Weed, after Weed finished the request from the dwarf Elder of Thor Kingdom (v29c4). This quest had 30 days to be fullfilled. Penalty for failing was death. Weed could invite 7 people with him. Refusing his invitation ment death too. 11 subordinate Spartoi of him would held during the quest.

It's a class related quest, which requires finishing a scultpure and a special material : The Agate crystal

Prerequisite : the best Fame as a Sculptor and having solved the elder quest of Thor kingdom. It might be the second quest of a chain quest, related to dragon. 

Other famous questEdit

  • The awakening of the Embinyu Cult
  • The Royal Tomb ruins, A level quest that failed, who unlocked a heat wave over the central continent (v6c5, v7c3). Finaly achieved by Weed (v29c6-7)
  • The first visitors to Lavia
  • The first visitors to Todeum
  • The first to achieve Master Quest
  • The first explorers of the Forbidden Zones

Check story arc section for more information

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