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Blue pegasus

Red Pegasus

Pegasus and Unicorn

Pegasus were first discovered by Weed and his comrade at the Todeum Castle during his adventure in Vampire Land[1]. Red or Blue in colour, fast runner, flew quickly and have thick leather.


Pegasus is a flying horse. They despise evil and are creatures from higher planes.

  • Their levels are around 420, slightly less than an Unicorn[2].
  • They are mostly red or Blue in colour.
    • Red Pegasus was first discovered at Todeum.
    • Blue Pegasus was summoned by Hestiger after he was resurrected from death by Weed in order to fight with Hermes Guild's army[3].

Monster Information[]

  • Possess the ability of aerial animals.
    • Can both fly in the sky & gallop on the ground.
  • Can use magic affiliated with nature.
  • Body is nearly three meters long, which is large as a Troll[4].
  • Can sense the use of divine Magic within a certain range[5].
  • Can run 2 times faster compared to regular horse[6].
  • Thick leather like armour. An ordinary sword cannot penetrate it.
  • Weak spot is their ankles and thighs[7].


  • Appears at the Heart of the Vampire Land.
  • Weed sneak into the castles area and map out the Unicorn and Pegasus locations, their number and weakness plus secure the safest path for them to enter[8].
  • Weed founds out their weak spot (ankles and thighs) of both Unicorn and Pegasus[9].
  • The word "murderer" appeared on Weed's head for killing so many of these divine creatures [10] and his infamy stat raised sharply.