Parachwi Steel Helmet


This ancient helmet, that their Legendary Orc  Lord Parachwi wore, is sacred for the orcs. It was crafted by an ancient Dwarf Blacksmith in the great city of Ratzeburg[1].


This heavy steel helmet was made with the most solid pitching and was a gift from the ancient Dwarf tribe to Orc lord Parachwi [2].

Item informationEdit

Legendary Parchwi Steel Helmet
Durability: 24/60
Despite the age passing, the steel helmet has been religiously preserved by the Orcs.

Restrictions: Orc Race only.
Requires :

Level: 570
Strength: 2,300

Special Options:

  • Rules over all the Orcs
  • Orc Birthrate: +50%
  • All combat skills: +35%
  • All related combat stats : +25%
  • If targeting a larger monster, will deal +40% damage.
  • Complete immunity to Magic.
  • Impossible to repair.


  • Due to the unique historical value of this Legendary Helmet, Blacksmith skill proficiency increases.


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