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Pallos Empire

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This empire of the past was created by Weed during the warring age, thanks to his extra time sculpting skill quest. After defeating the main armies of the Embinyu church, he names it the Pallos Empire.


  • A mysterious Name
    • Weed named the Empire after a certain candy that he couldn't afford to buy when he was younger[1].
  • Aftermath of the quest
    • Following Weed's Quest[2]:
      • Culture of the desert was being introduced to cities in the Central Continent.
      • Instead of staying in the original state, Southern Continent continued to develop economically and technologically.
      • New history books and quests about the Pallos Empire appeared within the game. Related adventures were automatically generated.
      • More warriors were born in the desert area and a cult was held toward the founder.

Empire's InformationEdit

  • Empire's history

The Empire lasted for 83 years (after Weed went back to his own time) before it was falling apart due to inextricable power struggles in the Senate[3].

  • Political structure

Weed ruled it as an Emperor. But before he left that timeline, he decided [4] that it should be ruled by the Senate and not through a single individual, knowing that the throne would go to Hestiger once he went back to the current Versailles continent timeline.


History [5] of the Pallos Empire :

  • 0 year: The Mapon and Beiner Kingdoms unconditionally surrendered. The dark clouds on the continent, the Embinyu Church was crushed. All kingdoms felt respect and fear towards the Pallos Empire. Weed stepped away from the seat of the Emperor and delegated the rule to the Senate.
  • 2 years: A rebellion occurred in the occupied territories. Six cities belonging to the Noah and Ruprea Principalities were involved. The desert warriors overflowing in the Pallos Empire lightly took care of them. The brutal destruction contained any further rebellions.
  • 3 years: Monsters increased due to the deteriorating security in the warring period. The Pallos Empire annihilated any enemies that tried to invade their borders. The kingdoms felt fear and paid tributes. The golden period of the Empire began.
  • 5 years: Famine caused by severe drought. The Pallos Empire didn’t suffer because they were overflowing with food and riches.
  • 9 years: The Senate declared they would expand the territory. The Pallos Empire destroyed the Mapon Kingdom. Due to the severe destruction during the war, diplomatic relations with other kingdoms worsened.
  • 15 years: The desert areas experienced a surge in the birth rate. The advanced agricultural technology of the continent increased food production. Laos was selected as one of the top 10 cities on the continent. The residents lived in luxury and abundance. Tobacco became a local speciality of the desert and its popularity spread across the continent.
  • 21 years: A large-scale civil war occurred between the Brukan Tribe and the Kusilli Tribe. 43 desert tribes formed an alliance. There were countless corpses before a cease-fire occurred.
  • 34 years: The generation of desert warriors changed. The desert warriors who followed Weed returned to the soil.
  • 52 years: The invasion of the warlocks. The Pallos Empire engaged in a 3-year war. Mobis captured the warlocks and executed them. However, the oases in the desert were poisoned and many died. It was too late to detoxicate the oases and 6 cities were closed.
  • 66 years: A conflict occurred inside the Senate. The war between the Brukan and Kusilli Tribes continued. The civil war was aggravated as most of the desert tribes participated.
  • 69 years: The storehouses of the Pallos Empire were emptied. Due to the preferential policies involving production and commerce of the desert warriors caused the craftsmanship to fall behind other kingdoms. The trade imbalance with the other kingdoms worsened.
  • 71 years: The Senate had a dramatic reconciliation. They decided to invade other kingdoms to restore their depleted gold.
  • 72 years: A backlash occurred in the occupied territories. The desert warriors were involved but the fortresses had high magic resistance. The Dagan Kingdom was reconstructed.
  • 74 years: The great desert warrior Mobis retired.
  • 77 years: The number of kingdoms resisting the Pallos Empire increased to 6. The Keltun Expedition failed.
  • 81 years: Revolts occurred in most of the occupied territories. The desert warriors were outstanding but couldn’t win against the armed soldiers. The Pallos Empire decided to abandon the occupied territories and withdrew to the desert.
  • 83 years: The desert tribes started fracturing and the Pallos Empire was officially dissolved.

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