A unique and majestic leather armor made by Tailors for Weed during his time as a Desert Warrior in the warring age. It is made using the leather of the Fire Salamander King.


Weed initially commissioned this work to a group of human tailors of Jonas Castle through violence and threats, as King of Pallos Empire. In the end, they produced a masterpiece that would serve the sculptor throughout the rest of his quest. There is a hidden pattern in the armor that can only be revealed with heat.

Item Information Edit

                                The Conqueror Armor[1]
The finest armor created in the warring period. 
Only those qualified can wear it.

An armor made from the leather of the Fire Salamander King 
that the tailors of Jonas Castle risked their lives to sew.

It was made with very rare materials and lined with natural linen
so that it won’t touch the body. 

Level 790, have a status comparable to a king.

Best charisma and dignity.

Minimize physical damage from all weapons by 91%. Arrows won’t pierce it. 

Strength +130.

Agility +31%.

Maximum health and mana : +22%.

High magic protection.

Mana : 67% per use will be reclaimed.
Mana recovery speed increased when the wearer has a fire associated profession.
Ability to deal with fire +3.
Fire resistance + 89%.

Negate the darkness element.


  • More to come.

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