He is one of Weed's closest friends inside the game and in real life, he lives in the same neighbour as Romuna, Irene and Surka. His Archer's skills proficiency is very high[2] as he learned from Weed and is well acquainted with Weed's wipe out dungeons strategy, even to be acknowledged as Weed's battle slave[3].

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As an Archer, he usually does reconnaissance/scouting for his party. When it’s time to fight he usually fights from a distance because of his class. He also learns a bit about being prepared from Weed whenever he and his friends go on an adventure[7]. As an archer his strength stat is low so his dagger attacks are weak[8].


His stat have not been directly shown or described.


Pale’s Archery Skill proficiency is advanced level 8[9]

Some of his skills have not been described.

  • Archery Skills
    • Arrows flying in the Wind: An Archer skill that increases the distance of ranged attack by 50%[10].
    • Arrow's Twilight - Arrow with sticky cobweb to slow down the enemy[11].
    • Dispersion Fire: several arrows shot at the same time[12]
    • Earth Penetration: an arrow is shoot to the ground and it will emerge underneath the target[13]
    • Multiple Shot: several arrows shot at the same time[14]
    • Penetration: He mastered this passive[15] skill[16]
    • Quick/Rapid Fire: He mastered this passive[17] skill[18]
    • Regression Arrow an arrow is shot to the front but suddenly takes the opposite direction[19]
    • Scattering Land: advanced Archer skill, the arrow is created refining the aura of the land. The arrow is shot vertically into the sky reaching 400~500 meters of altitude before popping like fireworks, creating around 10 fireballs, they will trespass anything in their path without damaging the item or user, until the fireballs touch the ground exploding[20]
    • Wind's Eye - Level 400+ archery skill. If there's any opening, the archer can see through all the obstacles[21].
    • Wind's Guidance - if the archerer precisely aimed at their target, it can track the enemy movement[22].
  • Other Skills
    • Pottery: this production skill create ceramic and porcelain items[23]


Most of his titles have not been described.


  • He was part of the group that Weed joined when he was first able to leave Serabourg City after four weeks. Surka, Irene, Romuna, and Pale. Originally they dismissed Weed as weak due to his low-level but quickly realized that he possessed superior skills. Weed became the natural leader of the group, although Pale acts as the group leader when Weed is absent[27].
  • It appears that his family is quite strict on rules, especially his father (a former military personnel). It is mentioned that he couldn't even breathe too loudly in front of his parents, who are currently school teachers. However, he gets along with them quite well since he pulled his parents into "Royal Road" after they found out that he was playing the game instead of attending classes[28].
  • He trusts Weed, but on the other hand, he sometimes gets tricked by him and unwittingly forced into doing something for him. Overall, they get along pretty well. Unlike many of Weed's friends, he has no illusions about Weed's character, understanding that Weed's number one goal is profit and all his actions are made with that in mind.[29]
  • With his girlfriend, Maylon. Sometimes they have spontaneous lovey-dovey moments which occasionally freaks out their friends. They both trust each other profoundly[30].
  • He reached level 232 during the construction of the Tomb of King Theodarren [31].
  • During the course of doing all the Vampire quests, their party and all Geomchis fought against Unicorns and Pegasus[32].
  • He became part of the Top 100 archers on the entire continent[33].
  • He found a quest about the Niflheim Empire's archers, whose skills could make a fierce wind when firing a bow, so he proceeded with the quest to try to learn those skills, at this point he could have started his Master Quest, but chose not to do it, because his level wasn't high enough[34].
  • As he spent a lot of time hunting with Weed he learned how to move quickly and attack with his bow in close combat, also he learned how to deflect monster's attacks hunting alone, contrary to the common archers that stay in the back and shoot arrows from a distance[35].
  • He died three times doing a tough quest about a relic and a booklet of Niflheim Empire with his friends, resulting in the creation of a new division of Knights in the Arpen Kingdom thanks to their efforts in obtaining the booklet[36].

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