Other weapon combat skill


Martial artists is the combat subclass that can learn any skills related to any weapons. v23c1

Other combat class are limited to a certain number, or even the type of skill or weapon they can learn.

But, in any case by focusing on using a single weapon the attack skill level and proficiency increase. So it isn’t necessarily good to learn as many skills as you can. v23c1

Also, attack skills depending on a weapon type had many things in common. So it was more useful to focus on a weapon type. For example :  : Sword, spear, axe, bow and mace.

There are hundred of weapons, therefore we can consider that there are 100 of melee combat skills. 

It's not possible to describe them all. 

Therefore weapon are listed here.

And more can be learned through the description of the 2 main skill described.

Sword and archery LINK




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