Sculptures created by Weed There are 4 types : Ordinary - Fine - Masterpiece & Magnum Opus.

Classical SculpturesEdit

Most of the ordinary sculptures are not described, and not even named.

Classical or Fine Pieces Edit

Baran Village Goddess Statue (Goddess Freya)

Baran Village Goddess Statue (Goddess Freya)

1. Baran Village Goddess Statue (V2) 2. Nameless Sculptures of Lavias (V2) 3. Ice Beauty (Vampire quest) (Seoyoon) (V3) 4. Five Figurine of Animals (V4) (Darone) 5. Female Mercenary (V5) (Orc area) (Seoyoon) 6. Orc Statue (V5) 7. Dark Elf Statue (V6) 8. Statue for the Orcs (V6) 9. Running Orc Statue (V6) 10. - 11. Beauty with a Sword (2 sculptures) (Yeti area) (V6) (Seoyoon) 12. Wyvern Statue (V7) 25. Remarkable Items Tower (V12) 34. Dwarf boy (V14) ??. King Hydra (V17) 86. One Eye Lich (V18) 87. Modified Lich (V19) 89. A water elemental made with Dew (V22) 95. Bardem Mountains where my sister and I used to play (V22) 106. His Majesty Of Immortality and His Family (V26) 143. Female Priest of the Church of Lugh (V43) 144. Squashy Wriggler (V45) 146. The Bear that Stole the Honeypot (V47)
Weeds some sculptures

minor sculptures

Please add the name of the latest piece

Classical Masterpieces or Grand Pieces Edit

Master piece gives +1 to all stats, +10% level to life bestowal.

1. Ice Dragon Sculpture (V3) 2. Sculpture of Darone (V4) 3. Sphinx (V5) 4. Cheetah Statue (V6) 5. Sculpture of Seoyoon (V6c9) (Yeti area) 6-9. 4 Masterpieces made in Morata (V10) 10. Mysterious Item Tower (V12) 11. River of Lamentation Sculpture (V15, ??. 2 Masterpieces made) 12. Brothers of Faith (V16) 13. ??? 14. ??? 15. A Simple Flowerbed (V22) 16. Zahab Wielding his Sword (Contains Radiant Sword Skill) (V25) ??. 3 Unnamed Sculptures in the Garden of the Gods (V29) ??. Unnamed Sculptures of Seoyoon in various poses (mentioned V31.3) ??. Sucking Swamp (mentioned V33c3) ??. Masterpieces of a flame used for Great Disasters (V33c8) ??. The Portu Kingdom’s soldier (V34c5) ??. 2 Masterpieces created by the Great Conqueror Weed (V37c2) 25. Nodulle and Hilderun (V39) 26. Cheeky Subordinate (V40) 27. Miners Working Around the Clock (V42) 28. Squashy Wriggler mk2 (V45) 29. Dragon Slide (V46) 30. Lovers (V47)

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Classical Magnum Opus Edit

(+3 to all stats, +20% to life bestowal)

1. Crying Smiling Seoyoon (V6) 2. Harmonious Family (V7) 3. Sculpture with a lot of money (V8) 4. Unnamed sculpture made in Morata (V10) 5. Mysterious Shadow Tower (V12) 6. Very strong Imoogi (V17) 7. Birthday Present for my Little Sister (V23) 8. Helium Torch (V24) 9. Lich who Commands the Undead (V25) 10. Sculpture that Expresses Beauty (Seoyoon) (V25) 11. Lord Orc Farah (V26) 12. Emperor Geihar von Arpen (v28) 13-14. 2 unnamed Magnum Opus in the Garden of the Gods (V29) 15. A Tribute from a Junior Sculptor to Belsos La Deus the 3rd (V29) 16-17. ??? (Possibly 16. Wetland (Nature Magnum Opus, V32) 17. A Beautiful World (Nature Magnum Opus, V42)) 18. Sleeping Silver Dragon Yuskellanda (V44) 19. Desert Brothers (V46) 20. Wife and Child (V47) 21. Giant (V47)

Please add the name of the latest piece

Moonlight Sculptures Edit

Special class of sculpture (Weed's secondary job). It request a specific chain quest to acquire this skill. So far, there are only 2 Moonlight sculptors alive and kicking; at least, that we are aware of on the Continent of Versailles, the Master Zahab (NPC) and Weed.

List of Moonlight sculptures Weed made. (Ordinary - Fine - Masterpiece - Magnum Opus).

Moonlight Fine Pieces Edit

4 Other Phoenix (V15) 12. Great King Leading the Arpen Kingdom (V42) Please add the name of the latest piece

Moonlight MasterpiecesEdit

1. Night in Morata (V10) (+2 to all stats) 2. Tower of Light (V10, Unknown Stat grant) 3. Phoenix (V15, Unknown Stat grant) Please add the name of the latest piece

Moonlight Magnum Opus Edit

(+4 to all stats, +20% to Life Bestowal) 1. Warm Lovers (V9c7) 2. Wings of Light (V14) Please add the name of the latest piece

Unknown Rank: Tower of Light (V10, Moonlight Rank) (Possibly a Masterpiece)

Other type of Sculptures Edit

Nature sculpturesEdit

1. Sculpture of Nature (V22c2, +2 to all stats) 2. Wetland (Nature Magnum Opus, V32) 3. A Beautiful World (Nature Magnum Opus, V42)

Other sculptures Edit

There are also Historical, Mythical and Religious (sub-?) type of sculpture. Please add the name of the latest piece

The Dazzling Kaybern Statue (Jewelry Sculpture #1, V29)

Historical Edit

1. Yellowy (V15, +2 to all stats, +15% to life Bestowal) (?? Seems to be 1 rank below Magnum Opus, 1 rank above Masterpiece) 2. Lord Orc Farah (Magnum Opus, V26) 3. Emperor Geihar von Arpen (Magnum Opus, V28)

Mythical Edit

(+5 to all stats) 1. Birth and Death (V17)

Religious Edit

Morata's Statue of Freya, moratas Statue of Hestia 1. Idol of the Church of Lugh (V17, +2 to all stats), Garden Of The Gods (V29)

Named Sculpture descriptionEdit

Listed below are all stated creations, mainly artworks created by players that appeared or mentioned throughout the series.

The Statue of Goddess Freya [1]Edit

  • Location: Baran Village, Rosenheim Kingdom
  • Material: Stone
  • Status: Standing(?) (Destroyed in the original timeline by the Embinyu Church)
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Base on: Seoyoon
  • Appearance: A lady in a traveler’s outfit, holding a sword; smiling.

Weed created this sculpture as a quest, and it was his first sculpture of Seoyoon he made as well as the first sculpture of such size for him to make. This sculpture became famous in the surrounding area but was later destroyed after Baran village unknowingly fell to the Embinyu Church's influence. After Weed altered the past, it remains unknown if the statue is still standing.

Nameless Sculptures of Lavias [2]Edit

  • Location: Lavias's Dungeons
  • Material: Boulders & Stone Wall
  • Numbers/Amounts: Unknown number of Sculptures
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Himself & Dain
  • Appearance: Himself & Dain and their time together

Made an x-amount of sculptures in memory of his time with Dain; he made them to show that at least he will remember her even if she doesn't return from her surgery back to the game.

Ice Beauty Sculpture [3]Edit

  • Location: Morata
  • Material: Ice
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Seoyoon
  • Appearance: A female in paladin armor with murderous gaze

Made this Sculpture in order to resist the freezing cold of the north while he and the paladins hunt and level up.


  • Location: Somewhere in the North Continent
  • Material: Ice
  • Grade: Masterpiece; Grand Piece
  • Status: Binryong
  • Base on: Ice Dragon
  • Appearance: A Ice Dragon

Made this Sculpture in order to resistances the freezing cold of the north and improve his chance to finish his quest. Was considered a "Wonder of the North" (noted by the game when he created it) before he brought this sculpture to life after he gained the ability to do so. Therefore the sculpture no longer exist as such. Also, Weed had to search for it, because he was hidden under a huge pile of snow.

Sea Nymph [5]Edit

  • Location: Bensa River, British Confederacy
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Normal Piece
  • Status: Sculpture Destruction (destroyed)
  • Base on: Seoyoon (Originally), Famous Actress
  • Appearance: A beautiful but sad girl with a baby face; with lower body parts of a fish. He originally wanted it to bases on Seoyoon but change it half way because he didn't wanted to be kill by her if she found out and decides to base on some famous actress he remembered. He wanted to make a mermaid but it turn out differently. He originally created this so it can help with his fishing skills but instead it created an effect that pisses off the local (single man) fisherman which Weed was force to destroy it right away.

Five Figurines of Animals [6]Edit

  • Location: (Created at) Town of Rega
  • Material: Unknown
  • Numbers/Amounts: Five Sculptures
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Sculpture Destruction (1) & Standing (4)
  • Base on: A Rabbit, a Deer, a Goblin, a Fox, and a Horse
  • Appearance: A Rabbit, a Deer, a Goblin, a Fox, and a Horse (Small and handheld-able). He uses "sculpture destruction" on the rabbit when he destroy the gate during the "Orc vs Dark Elf" war[7].

Sculpture of Darone [8] Edit

  • Location: Town of Rega
  • Material: Unknown
  • Grade: Masterpiece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Darone (NPC)
  • Appearance: Darone (NPC)

Was made in memory of the Sculptor Master Darone (NPC) after he pass away.

Sphinx Edit

  • Location: Serabourg, Rosenheim Kingdom
  • Material: Granite
  • Grade: Grand Piece
  • Status: Sculpture of Life (Later)
  • Base on: King Theodarren (NPC)
  • Appearance: Sphinx [9]

Weed created this Sphinx statue to increases his chances to be successful on his tomb construction quest for King Theodarren. The statue was added to the list of "Wonders of the East" when he finished it.

Tomb of King Theodarren Edit

  • Location: Serabourg, Rosenheim Kingdom
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Ungraded Quest Piece?
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Pyramid
  • Appearance: Pyramid [10]

Commission by King Theodarren to create the tomb; Weed uses a bunch of beginner as his work forces.

Female MercenaryEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Seoyoon
  • Appearance: A female mercenary from the northern lands[11]

Created at the mouth of the cave near the portal entrances somewhere in the "Land of Despair", presumably made so he and his forces can hunt and battle easier.

Monster Orc SculptureEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Sculpture Transformation
  • Base on: Orc
  • Appearance: An Ugly and Scary looking Orc[12]

Purpose of this sculpture when Weed created this is unknown but he uses this to transform himself into an Orc, which when in Orc form he call himself "Karichwi". Originally wanted to be call "Kari" when he was asks about his name but Orc speech pattern won't allow any normal words without adding "chwi" in the end of their words or sentences.

Dark Elf SculptureEdit

  • Location: Citadel of the Dark Elves; Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Dark Elf
  • Appearance: Dark Elf[13]

Purpose of this sculpture when Weed created this is unknown but most likely to increase the fighting potential for his army against the undead legion and his skills (of course).

Sculpture for the Orcs Edit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Statues: Standing
  • Base on: Orc
  • Appearance: Orc looking wild while wielding a glaive

Like the Dark Elf Sculpture.

Quadruped AnimalEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Masterpiece
  • Status: Sculpture Transformation
  • Base on: Cheetah
  • Appearance: An abstract that look like a Cheetah[14]

Weed made this sculpture so he can travel across "Plains of Despair" faster; couldn't last long in it because it couldn't maintain its top speed for long.

Little Orc MonsterEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Sculpture Transformation
  • Base on: Orc
  • Appearance: A smaller version of Orc Karichwi[15]

Weed made this sculpture because the Cheetah couldn't maintain it maximum speed for long so he switch to this.

Beauty with a SwordEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Numbers/Amounts: 3 (Maybe more)
  • Grade: 2 Fine Pieces and 1 Masterpiece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Seoyoon
  • Appearance: Seoyoon fighting monsters[16]

Seoyoon SculptureEdit

  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Grand Masterpiece (Magnum Opus)
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Seoyoon
  • Appearance: A sad, but heartily smiling girl surrounded by flowers[17]

Weed reason: increase his skill.


  • Location: Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Numbers/Amounts: 10
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Status: Sculpture of Life (10); (4) of them were "killed in action/destroy"
  • Base on: Wyvern
  • Appearance: Wyvern, rush made[18]

A rush job when he made all 10 of the Wyvern sculptures so he can bring them to life to prepare for war against the undead legion.

Harmonious FamilyEdit

  • Location: Horom Mountains, Plains of Despair
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Grand Masterpiece
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Himself, his sister, and his grandma
  • Appearance: Himself (more handsome), his sister, and his grandma[19]

Created the sculpture to commemorate the occasion which was that his party climb to the top of Horom Mountain, the tallest in Yuroki Mountains; the first people to climb it and made it there.

Sculptor With A Lot of MoneyEdit

  • Location: Rhodium
  • Material: Gold
  • Grade: Grand Masterpiece
  • Status: Sculpture of Life, Reanimated
  • Base on: Humanoid
  • Appearance: a man[20]

Created by Weed in Rhodium for the quest to be recognized as an artist of Rhodium that would lead him to Moonlight Sculpting, brought it to life right away after he finish making it.

Warm LoversEdit

  • Location: Somewhere in the North Continent
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Moonlight Magnum Opus(unsure if it correlates with Fine or Grand Piece)
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: HimselfSeoyoon
  • Appearance: A pair of lover hugging each other in the bitter cold while smiling[21]

Made this Sculpture in order to resist the deadly cold of the north while at the same time increase his skills. He uses moonlight sculpturing on this sculpture and he made this sculpture inside a cave. The dark gamer Volk and Lynn-der saw that sculpture.

A Night in MorataEdit

  • Location: Morata
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Moonlight Masterpiece(unsure if correlates to Fine or Grand Piece)
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Memory of the Night Festival in Morata
  • Appearance: A piece that represents people dancing during the Night Festival in Morata[22]

Was considered an "Incomplete sculpture" due to some damage when making it but due to his fame as an artist, it's ignore that part and consider it art. He uses moonlight sculpturing on this sculpture.

Tower of LightEdit

  • Location: Morata
  • Material: Stone/Light
  • Grade: Moonlight Grand Masterpiece(?)
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: N/A
  • Appearance: A Tower[23]

Made this out of randomness; He uses moonlight sculpturing on this sculpture. Became the 1st landmarks for Morata.

The Mysterious Shadow TowerEdit

  • Former/Previous Names:
    • The Tower of Miscellaneous Items (When it was about 5 meter high)
    • The Remarkable Items Tower (When it was about 20 meter high)
    • The Mysterious Tower of Items (When it exceeded 55 meters)
  • Location: Todeum
  • Material: Lot of Stuffs/Shadow
  • Grade: Normal(5m), Fine Piece(20m), Grand Piece(55m), and Grand Masterpiece(complete)
  • Status: Dismantled
  • Base on: N/A
  • Appearance: A tower of stuffs that is over 55m with a shadow casts of a man twisting the neck of a chicken[24]

It was created from stacking over 300 kinds of goods/items/stuffs. Weed created this for 3 reasons (assume): increase his skills, increase his party fighting abilities, and to express his grudge on the chicken he did not kill during his MT. Weed dismantle this tower before he left Todeum.

The Freya Statue of LibertyEdit

  • Location: Morata
  • Material: Stone
  • Grade: Ungraded Quest Piece?
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Hwaryeong
  • Appearance: Weed's version of Statue of Liberty[25]

Commissioned and asked by the Church of Freya to be build in Morata. Weed build his own version of Statue of Liberty; his version represent wealth, with Hwaryeong's face while holding a bag of money in one hand while wearing all sort of luxury goods, while the other hand hold a torch like the Statue of Liberty.

Wings of LightEdit

  • Location: Kurueso, Thor Kingdom
  • Material: Light
  • Grade: Moonlight Grand Masterpiece
  • Status: Sculpture of Life
  • Base on: N/A
  • Appearance: Backpack with fairy wing[26]

Made this in a sculpture contest against Death Hand (Dwarf NPC), which was related to his quest to learn a new skills. Later brought this sculpture to life before leaving Kurueso.

Yellowy Edit

  • Location: River of Lamentation
  • Material: Weak Stone
  • Grade: Historic Piece
  • Status: Sculpture of Life
  • Base on: Korean Bull
  • Appearance: Korean Bull[27]

Phoenix Edit

  • Location: River of Lamentation
  • Material: Light
  • Numbers/Amounts: 5
  • Grade: (1)Moonlight Grand Piece (4)Moonlight Fine Pieces
  • Status: Sculpture of Life (1)evolved (4)of them were "killed in action/destroy"
  • Base on: Phoenix
  • Appearance: Phoenix[28]

Weed made this sculpture and transform into it so he can have an easier time entering the Dwarf Kingdom to learn a new sculpture skill.

Unnamed Mini Dragon SculptureEdit

  • Location: Dwarven Village Iron Hand, Thor Kingdom
  • Material: Wood (Elf’s Neck)
  • Status: Standing
  • Base on: Akryong Kaybern
  • Appearance: Dragon
  • Created When: v13c10

Weed made this sculpture as instructed by the Sculpture Instructor at Iron Hand to prove himself as skilled artists so he can learn a new technique from their.

Priestess of the Church of LughEdit

  • Location: 
  • Material: Silver Ore and Blue sapphire
  • Status: Fine piece
  • Base on: 
  • Appearance: An ode to Beauty
  • Created When: v43c10

Weed made this sculpture on the request of Gol Gol who wanted a life partner, and collected the silver ores. The statue was blessed by Sun God, Lugh himself, before Weed named her Eun-sook after turning her alive.

Other Player's Work of ArtsEdit

The Fire of the ContinentEdit

  • Created byDepp
  • Location: Somewhere in the North Continent
  • Type of Artwork: Sculpture
  • Material: Ice
  • Grade: Fine Piece
  • Base on: An Eagle
  • Appearance: An eagle diving for foods.
  • Created When: v8c8

Depp was Beginner Level 8 in sculpting skills when he created it.


  • Created byYurin
  • Location: Yuroki Mountains
  • Type of Artwork: Painting
  • Base on: Ogres
  • Appearance: Murderous ogres running around
  • Created When: v10c8

Yurin just drew pictures while Pale and his party fought monsters. Even though she been warn that Yuroki Mountains is a dangerous place by Pale, She told him she be fine.

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