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There are many Kingdoms (왕국) on the Central Continent (베르사 대륙), also called Versailles Continent (or Versian Continent or Bersa Continent).


This list of kingdoms include all kingdoms of the Central Continent, with the exception of :

  • Kingdoms of the Past that are not listed here.
  • Kingdoms of The Second Continent, like the Zen Kingdom (? 왕국) [1] that are not listed here either.
  • Empires that are not listed here either. Very few Empires appeared over the history of the Central continent. Most of them were very short lived.
  • Subplanes or alternate worlds, like the Todeum World (뱀파이어 왕국 토둠) of Vampires or the Fairy World[2] that are not listed here either.

Kingdom Information Edit

Here is a list of the Kingdoms on the Central Continent. For a better perception, you may also want to check the map of Versailles Continent while reading this list. 

  • Aidern Kingdom (아이데른 왕국) (Located to South-West of Britten Alliance)
  • Armen Kingdom[3] (아르멘 왕국) The Travelers of the Wilderness Guild started off from this kingdom at the beginning of Royal Road. 
  • Arpen Kingdom[4], named by Weed after Geihar von Arpen. Capital: Morata
  • Baimar Kingdom[5] (바이마르 왕국) An assassin user stormed an infamous monster fortress in the Baimar Kingdom alone, and took more than ten lives every night. 
  • Belnine Kingdom[6] (벨나인 왕국) Mentioned by a merchant in Morata. A distant kingdom, has a specialty item dried fruit peel. 
  • Bikeijeu Kingdom[7] (비케이즈 왕국) mentioned in KMC media broadcast. 
  • Bremen Kingdom[8] (브레만 왕국) Was formally the Bromba Kingdom, after it fell apart it became the Bremen Kingdom. It's to the west of Haven Kingdom. 
  • Brent Kingdom (브렌트 왕국) (A kingdom that bordered north of Rosenheim Kingdom.)
  • Britten Alliance (브리튼 연합) North-West of Roseinheim Kingdom. Also translated British Confederacy or Britten Confederacy.
  • Dale Kingdom[9] (데일 왕국)
  • Dor Kingdom[10] (도르 왕국) Spelt slightly differently to Thor Kingdom. Maybe a typo?
  • Gradian Kingdom (그라디안 연합) located in the western part of the continent, with a lot of steep terrain and not many users. The country was engulfed in civil war, after the black sword mercenary guild invasion. [11]
  • Haven Kingdom (하벤 왕국) leading kingdom in the Central Continent, after the demise of Kallamore kingdom.
  • Horde Kingdom[12] (호드 왕국) A kingdom mentioned in a conference at Unicorn Corp. saying that the residents are popular due to their cute appearances.
  • Isoru Kingdom[13] (잇소르 왕국) A place the Embinyu Church invaded.
  • Kallamore Kingdom (칼라모르 왕국) second largest Kingdom in the Central Continent. It was the leading power for a very long time. Fell under the attack of Haven Kingdom, when the king was killed [14].
  • Kroin Kingdom (크로인 왕국) or Croin Kingdom, is situated inside the Britten Alliance. It's Capital is Regas Castle[15]. It eventually fell to the ambitious Haven Empire[16].
  • Lasalle Kingdom (라살 왕국) Hermes Guild invaded it in one month, before invading the Britten Alliance and the cloud guild [17]. But they had a strong fighting spirit and a rebellion was started, right after the fall of the Haven imperial palace[18]. It is said that their fighting spirit is related to the proximity of the Averian forest, one of the 10 forbidden zones.
  • Masen Kingdom[19] (마센 왕국) A "distant" kingdom. The Crimson Wings guild went there for a quest. Located to the west of the central continent[20]. In war with the Aberdeen Kingdom about a Blood-absorbing Jewel[21].
  • Meda Kingdom[22] (메다 왕국)
  • Nest Kingdom[23] (네스트 왕국) It rebelled against Hermes tyranny, at the time of the Haven Empire.
  • Noid Kingdom[24] (노이드 왕국)
  • Norman Kingdom[25] (노르망 왕국) The Styrene Guild that occupied Trivan Village was from there.
  • Norton Kingdom (노튼 왕국) near Thor Kingdom[26] (also translated as Looton Kingdom)
  • Prain Kingdom[27] (프레인 왕국)
  • Rintle Kingdom[28] (린틀 왕국) Mentioned by a merchant in Morata.
  • Ritten Kingdom[29] (리튼 왕국)
  • Rosenheim Kingdom (로자임 왕국)
  • Ruton Kingdom[30] (루튼 왕국) The Red Wolf Guild made a trade route between Thor and Ruton Kingdom
  • Subain Kingdom[31] (수베인 왕국) North of Kallamore Kingdom.
  • Sur Kingdom[32] (수르 왕국) Bordering Bremen and Subain Kingdoms.
  • Thor Kingdom[33] (토르 왕국) consists of three mountain ranges, a Dwarf's kingdom[34], and is in the North close to Arpen Kingdom [35]
  • Thorvan Kingdom[36] (토르판 왕국)
  • Tullen Kingdom[37] (툴렌 왕국) taken away by the Beden guild[38] from the Black Lion Guild [39], as part of the Hermes guild hegemonic plan.  
  • Uto Kingdom[40] (우토 왕국) A kingdom west of the northern continent. Has a town called Gamal Village.


  • During the course of the Haven Empire extension, all the kingdoms of the Central Continent fell.


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