User-Guild are involved into many power struggles. One solution to become stronger is to ally with another guild.


  • To rule over another guild ressources or to survive the incoming pressure of a power struggle over a Dungeon or a territory, a common strategy is to form a temporary coalition (tactic)[1] or a long term Alliance (strategy)[2].
  • This approach can, in return, unfold into even larger coalitions[3] or alliances.
  • Most of them are not made public[4] or even named. They just appears as a "task force"[5] in order to get ride of something or someone. Others are more long terms, focusing on a specific mission or service to the contributors.
  • Example of temporary coalition: the hunting down of Deimon's predators guild by other guilds[6]. Example of long term alliance : The Hegemony Alliance, where the strongest guild came together to take over the Central Continent[7].

List of coalitionsEdit

  • Alliance for Hegemony

The Hegemony Alliance  was the dominant force on the Central Continent, after the downfall of the Allied Mercenary guild, until the Hermes Guild left it. Later on, the other 5 larger guild where broken down one by one and forcefully disbanded by their former ally, the Haven Empire [8]. The story of Carlile's Black Lion guild is the most extensive description we have of this targeted destruction of competition[9].

  • Allied Mercenary Guilds

An alliance of guilds. Formerly led by its founder Guild Master Smith. It was the largest guild alliance [10] in the Versailles Continent, before the hegemony guild was born. 

  • First Northern Coalition

A coalition of guilds which attempted to take over Morata [11] at an early stage of the development of the Northern Area. They failed and the coalition was disbanded [12].

  • Grass Porridge Cult, a bizarre newcomer

They are based in Morata, and it first boasts 312 thousand members and over 8000 medium and high level users[13]. Later on, the number of members quickly raised over 3 millions followers [14], which is 10 time more. This is not exactly a formal guild, but it can be described as an informal coalition of gamers, faithful to Arpen, his king and his ideal of free porridge for everyone. More about the Grass Porridge Cult.

  • New Northern Coalition

A second new northern coalition was started, but it avoided the same mistake, and did not declare war to Morata, but instead started interacting with it[15]. Later on, it was integrated into the Arpen kingdom.

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