One of the playable races in Royal Road. [1]. It is available for players once Weed unlocked it after completing 'Prosperity of the Orcs' Quest in The Plains of Despair [2].

orc tribe

Main characteristic

Orcs love fighting, they’re unrivaled at it. They tend to fight and challenge every other species. Be it humans [3], dark elves [4]or dangerous giant monsters [5].

Since early childhood they’re trained to fight monsters, very strong monsters. It can be said that orcs rule the plains of despair. Their social organization is largely based on performance in combat among themselves [6]

Distinctive distribution of Stat

They have bonus on strength, agility and stamina, with larger and stronger bodies.[7].

As a species, they are capable to survive in an hostile environment, thanks to their strong fertility, their simple social expectation and their strong survival skills. [8].

They also have a fast growing rate. The experience, they gain by any method is increased. That means they can level up faster.[9].

A tribal life and combat style

Orcs are very robust and strong individually (high strengh and stamina stat). Also, they do not lose any game experience when grouping. [10]. Therefore, they tend to fight in groups of 10 or 20 without specific organisation skill to do so.[11].

Orc do NOT possess any special techniques or secrets, they just overwhelm their enemy through crude power and sheer number. [12].

This lead to a very crude social system. The stronger, the higher in the social hierarchy. If the player grow stronger, more orc come under his command[13].. But their charisma stat can not be applied to another species [14].

Social related class and status

An orc-Elder is almost an anomaly. He is basically considered as wise for his ability to survive till an advanced age[19].

Limited access to non combat Classes

Orcs do not have the same class system related issues as for human for example or elves. 

For example, Orcs are usually not very smart (low intelligence and low wisdom stat). The concept of money for example is not easy for them to grasp[20].. Therefore they tend to have fewer mana users, fewer healer or merchant or craftmen classes. Therefore, Orc Shaman or Warlocks tend to be seen as a different class, or at least, a different way to play a class. 

The orcs are also the worst race with regard to crafting. In the Plains of Despair, they were known for kidnapping villager of the village of exiles to make swords for them. [23]

Their art stat has a -50% penalty[24]. So, very few orc artist exist[25]..

In the end, Orcs seems to be a race with their own strengh and limitations.

Orc language

Due to their unique physical appearance, Orcs tend to express themselves with an unique "chwiik" sound emerged [26].

Young and growing species

More to come

Known Players as Orcs

Cha Eunhee/Seechwi

Regular Orcs tend to be level 120 and Orc-warriors 210[27]


The rise of Darkness


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