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Weed had followed the Golden Bird to the north coast to find out where was the bird headed to finish the quest give by it.[1] When contemplating on how he was going to cross the sea, he saw a rotten medium size ship over the shore. An idea crossed over his mind to board the ship.

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The sculpture made out of rock. A long skinny body with a robe and a ruby lodged on its forehead. He made the appearance based on the Lich he fought back in Yuroki Mountains. The finger bones were vivid and lifelike, the head was a skull, the eye sockets were narrow and empty; all these features gave off the actual appearance of Lich Shire. He added crack and holes on the skull with a rotten smile.

Sculpture Information Edit

Fine piece! Sculpture 'One Eye Lich' has been completed.

A Lich is a wizard of dark souls.
It is a sculptor's work that is so amazing that it takes away viewer's breath. It is possible to be confused with Shire since the lich resembles him. It is revolting to have a lich sculpture since it is difficult to have it considered as art. The name does not fit.

Artistic Value : 269
Special Effects :

One Eye Lich will increase health and mana regenation by 11% for a day.
Intelligence and Wisdom are increased by 20.
Agility increased by 10.
Power decreased by 75.
Casting speed increased by 3%.

Effect does not stack with other sculptures.
Number of Fine pieces created until now : 86

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor stat increase
Sculpting skill has improved.
Fame increased by 12.
Fighting Spirit increased by 1.
Intelligence increased by 2.
  • Sculptural Shapeshift Effect
The body has now changed to that of a lich so numbers of equipment have become unusable and are recommended to switch them. You cannot wear mithril or divine equipment and it may be necessary to obtain new equipment based on the species type.
As a result of Sculpture Shapeshift, Intelligence and Wisdom has increased.
Strength and Agility has decreased dramatically and Art has been reduced to a third.
Health and Mana have significantly increased.
Physical limitations have disappeared.
The transformation is not complete since Sculptural Comprehension has yet to reach Advance Level 3.
Life drain and Mana Drain can be used at 20%efficiency but is unusable in the sunlight.
It can be used to recover health and mana.
You are now fatally weak to divine power.
This form will remain until Sculpture Shapeshift is removed.

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