It is a strong and common monster, that usually lives in the jungles and forests and is related to the Sculptural lifeform of the Emperor Geihar Von Arpen [1].


Ogres are powerful, but possess little intellect. They are large and also rather slow. Through mutations, "twin-headed Ogre" can appears [2].

Monster informationEdit

  • They have amazing brute strength[3].
  • Weak to charm [4] due to their low intelligence. For example, the dancer skill is effective on them.
  • They have been reported in:
    • Bar Khu Mountain range[5].
    • Yuroki Mountains [6].


  • They were used by Lich Shire in his Dungeon to create Chimera [7].
  • Weed & Mapan met ogres, for the first time, while travelling over the Bar Khan Mountains.
  • All the belligerent ogre forces in the Yuroki Mountains where killed by Seoyoon at the same time that Lich Shire Undead's Legion was destroyed by Weed [8].


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