This page is dedidcated to various characters, which are either non-gamer or where the gaming informations are not available. Some of them only appears once... For regular in game character, go to the related section .

Key InfoEdit

Description of novel character

Real NameEdit

  • Gender: What gender this Character is
  • Appearance: The 1st time and/or the only time this Character appear in the novel
  • Known affiliation : Company or organization the person belongs to
  • Trivia: occupation or other significant information

N/A mean "not available" but they do have a game character but its never mentioned or stated what their name were.

Character list Edit

ranked by alphabetical order 



  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Volume 28 Chapter 1
  • Known affiliation : virtual reality department of the University of Seoul
  • Trivia: Class friend of Dine & Choi Sang Jun who went with Weed in the Melbourne mine[1]

Choi Joong HoonEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Volume 4 Chapter 9
  • Known affiliation: dark gamer union
  • Trivia: He was the one who recruited Weed into joining the Dark Gamer Union. He is not to be confused with Zephyr/Choi Ji Hoon


  • Name/Known as: Grandma or Grandmother
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 1
  • Relatives: Grandmother of Lee Hyun, Lee Hayan
  • Trivia: She took care of both Lee Hyun and Lee Hayan after their parents died. Originally she only wanted to take care of Lee Hyun and wanted send Lee Hayan away to the orphanage because of financial problems. Due to Lee Hyun's forceful hunger strike, she had to bend to his grandson's will. After she was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and cancer, Lee Hyun paid for her treatment and hospital bill and was in the hospital since.


Ha YejinEdit

  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Volume 2 Chapter 9
  • Known affiliation: Media VIP
  • Trivia: Contributed to Lee Hayan/Yurin's High School Festival.

Jinsup KangEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 1
  • Known affiliation: Loan Shark industry
  • Trivia: He forcefully took Lee Hyun's money to pay off the debt which his parents had. That huge amount of money came from selling an old game account. More info needed.

Lee RienEdit

  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Volume 8 Chapter 9.
  • Known affiliation: ?? Hospital
  • Trivia: One of the nurse that was in charge of Seoyoon.


Oh Joo-wan/Oh JuwanEdit

Song MiyongEdit


  1. Volume 28 Chapter 1
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