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Necromancy is ability to raise the dead either by summoning or raising them bodily. It is an occult practice that is generally hated by humanity since it infringes on the sanctity of life.The Necromancer profession was unlocked in the Valley of Death Arc and made available to users after Weed led the combined army of Orcs and Dark Elves under his leadership to defeat the Lich Shire[1].



The first mention of a way to change to Necromancer class from a Magician at level 200 or higher[2]. In order to do so, one must meet one of the few Necromancer or rely on a Necromancer's legacy [3]. Therefore, this is a rare class advancement [4]. It was unlocked[5] by Weed and indirectly promoted[6]through the media, and Weed's public video [7].


The Necromancer profession is unable to exert its full power due to Goddess Freya's curse[8]. It was stated when Weed went back in time to Slay the Gluttony Demon. Freya was ready to release some of those restriction to assist Weed. However it is not know if the effects still persist, and applies to every Necromancer on the central continent.


A some point, a necromancer can be considered a one man army [9]. Here are the reasons why :

  • the more living the necromancer kills, the more undead he can potentially summon. And the stronger his undead army may become [10].
  • Lower level undead that fall in battle can be re-summoned for a lower Mana cost through the Undead Rise spell.
  • Some of the experience, reputation (fame) and loot coming from killing with his undead goes directly to the necromancer, helping him to raise his level faster [11].
  • On top of xp, under certain circumstances, a necromancer can gain Health and Mana through his undead killing frenzy[12].
  • Summoning a large amount of Undead allows faster hunting. (for example, weed is said to have been able to hunt '4' times faster [13]).

Weaknessess []

  • One has to be an necromancer to be safe around undeads. Therefore, it is a lonely class.
  • Controlling large number of undead, and especially high level undead are influence by other stat. For example, high Leadership stat and Honor are useful to easier control dark knights.
  • Often, corpses and specific skill are needed to summon high ranked undead. Also, quality of the corpse determines the type and strength of the undead, and even the possibility of it keeping part of his former skills & personality.
  • To maintain the undead, necromantic magic mana without end. The larger the number of undead, the higher the output. Same with stronger undead.
  • Undead are vulnerable to holy magic, etc
  • As a magic based on darkness, and often evil, this class is disliked by many other class, especially Paladin & most of the cleric class.

Class information[]

Spell casting & skill tree[]

Necromantic spells are organized into 3 plus 1 categories.

  • Dead Rising (low tier magic)
  • Undead Rising (intermediate tier magic)
  • Living undead summoning (higher tier magic, related to the soul)
  • Summon Golem (low tier, even a necromancer under level 100 have this skill)[14].
  • Necromantic Legacy (master level creation)

Dead Rising(Low grade)[]

"Rise sleepless spirits living here undetected by eyes. Take revenge on those that killed you! Dead Rise!"

Dead rising

  • Ghouls
  • Skeleton (various) [15]
  • Zombies -Cheesy kind that walked slowly, but they had acidic venom and high defense.turned out like the cheesy kind that walked slowly, but they had acidic venom and high defense.[Vol19 Ch8]

If low tier undead died in battle, the mana cost to re-summon them is halved.

Undead rising (intermediate grade)[]

"May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you. Undead Rise!"

Undead Summoning:

  • Skeleton : Mage or other special class that require a more specific set of skill
  • Dullahan knight (intermediate ranking)

A small chance to also summon Boss Class Dullahan or Boss Skeleton Mage.

  • Can be used to raise other type of monster (intermediate level) that will retain only 1/2 of their max health, 1/3 of their defense and delivering 1/3 of their original damage.
  • Ghost Ships: when the skill is high enough it can summon ghost ships manned by skeletons and skeleton captains, but it requires a big amount of mana[16].

Undead(soul)summoning (high grade)[]

Unlike Low Tier and Middle Tier Undead summoning, high level corpse is needed, around level 300. But it is also possible to summon them through any normal corpse if the necromancer use the legendary Copper Plate of Eternal Rest

“Rise again. I will save you from the tortures at the bottom of the hell. I will give you power, enough to rule the world. Summon Death Knight!”

Living undead Summon:

  • Death Knight
  • Spectre
  • Wight
  • Banshee

Impact on the summoning[]

Undead Strength & weakeness[]

  • One way to strengthen an undead, is to equip him with better armor and weapon, this is especially true at a lower level. Or to use the adequate support spell, like Bone Armor for example.
  • Blessing don't give any benefit to undead, on the contrary, it hurts or even destroy them.
  • Leadership skill applies to undead, for example skeletons will benefit from the aura of a dark knight

Undead raising their level[]

Undead, as any other monster, can raise his experience bar. This is especially true for higher level undead, with a stronger conscience & personality. Good example are Weed's undead subordinate : Tori or Van Hawk

Master spell book[]

Differ from ordinary or expert Undead summoning, Special Undead Summoning need specific spell & special material (a specific monster corpse for example). For example :

  • Summon Undead Warrior with intact soul.

(Tier 4 spell by Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome)

  • Summon special undead, like Tair Berger or Bone dragon

The spell Bone Dragon summoning is a creation from Bar Khan himself. It is a high ranked, high level magic. Weed obtained the secret method of Bone Dragon Creation, after killing the the Bone Dragon Dyark in Vargo Fortress[17].

Bar Khan's legacy[]

The necromancer Bar Khan, when he was still alive was considered the highest master alive in necromancer magic. Inside RR, his magic tome, Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome is probably to be considered a major legacy item, equivalent to one or more master's special skill.

Other Spells[]

1.      Undead summoning (Advanced Lv:1)

a. Rise sleepless spirits living here undetected by eyes. Take revenge on those that killed you! Dead Rise

b. Ye who have returned to the land of living. This black and corrupt land is a dark place. The eternal dark law will never disappear, engrave this upon yourself. Undead Rise

c. Rise, spirit who cannot rest in peace. Come alive and confront those who murdered you. Dead Rise

d. You’ve come alive, only to be stuck in a place of sorrow. Herbal black rot. Never disappear, engrave onto others the laws of darkness. Undead rise

e. May you live and come back to this land. Come back to this place, a dark and corrupt land. Do not disappear. In the law of darkness engraved to you. Undead rise

f.  Soul of the warrior that fell to the depths of hell, come and take advantage of this flesh. Animate Dead

g. Rise again. I will save you from the tortures at the bottom of the hell. I will give you power, enough to rule the world. Summon Death Knight

h. The souls of the evil spirit that slumbers here, take this offering and rise from deep beneath the surface of the blue sea. I summon the Ghost Ship Maria

i. Go back to your origins. Return undead

2.      Your flesh will be made undead. Ye shall

be forever stuck in my hand. Necromancer’s Declaration

3.      The fateful bitterness doesn’t feel. A narrow sight! The confusion and suffering is endless. No end to the pain! Even at dawn, just do as they do and fall in a deep tired sleep. With deep stinging in his eyes and yawning come forth. Increase in Fatigue

4.      Your sovereign prince. I gave blood and flesh so these might never die without my permission, So they forever obey. Soul Submission

5.       Let bones grow and cover the body. Bone Armor

6.       Corpses stacking and stacking, there is no lifeform existing here. Only the tombs of corpses made by time exists. Tomb of Deceased

7.       Every inch of the body is tickled. The disease of the blood occurs! The body is rotting away from the corrupt air, spreading to anyone who drinks it in. Summon Poison mist

8.       Cloud of darkness gather and take away their sight. Blinding Jinx

9.       Dark Spear

a. Gloomy darkness falls upon the spear. Spear born from the darkness, penetrate the enemy's heart. Appear, Dark Spear

b. Sacred doom spear descend. Spear born from the darkness, penetrate the enemy's heart. Appear, Dark Spear

c. Dismal darkness falls upon the spear. Spear born from the darkness, penetrate the enemy’s heart. Dark Spear

10.       Create Vessel: spell which allows a Lich to store away its health. It can be contained in any object, even hard soil. A Lich would not die unless its Life Vessel is destroyed. However, if it was, its magic power would be reduced, and the efficiency of Health and Mana absorption would be lowered[18].

11.       Fortress of Howling Corpses. Summons pillars made of countless tangled bones began to shoot upwards, tens of meters high. The Black Magic spell that can only take effect through great blood sacrifice is corrupting this land with a deathly curse. The physical and magical attack abilities of every living creature will be decreased by 74%. Wailing spirits are roaming about the battlefield, increasing the defense of the undead. The life force of the undead will be increased by 30%.An unknown contagion will begin to spread, causing symptoms including itching, vertigo, disorientation, headaches, rashes, decay and weakened joints[19].

12.       Mark of Death. Summoner sacrifice living creatures and dead bodies to complete a spell of Black Magic. If you escape without killing the summoner, the enemy life will end in three hours[20].

13.       Corpse explosion, Quick Water Walk, Reverse gravity, Dark Speculation, Breath of Decay, Rupture, Life Drain, Mana Drain, Death Aura


  • A character wearing Van Hawk’s Magic Helm can summon level 50 undeads. So, undead summoning and control, under certain special circumstances, are available to other classes.
  • The higher the level of the undead, the more difficult it is to tame it and the more dangerous it becomes. For example, Weed has to carefully tame Tori or Van Hawk, again and again.
  • Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome should/could be considered a necromancer spell caster legacy item.
  • After Weed took Necromancer as second class, he went to a lot of dungeons to hunt like Bayar Maze, located in mountainous region behind Vargo Fortress and was infamous for being endless[21]

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