Stat: A statistic (or stat) in role-playing games is a piece of data that represents a particular aspect of a fictional character. It's the foundation on which a user can build up success. For example : Weed strategy in the basic training hall gave him a tremendous bonus when he started hunting + it gave him access to a legendary hidden class quest.

Stat systemEdit

In LMS, every user get a list of stat which influence his gameplay. There is basically two types of stat.

  • Regular stat, which everyone has.  
  • Specific stat, which are class related (or were won through outstanding action).

Unicorn security systemEdit

Even the top managers of Unicorn Corporation weren’t able to see players’ level, profession, skills and items. v5c9

Character’s LevelEdit

Death penalty and login restrictionEdit

If a Character dies, they will lose experiences point, as well as in their skills level, which can also lead to loss of stat, if the skill level drops. They may also lose some item/s when they die (especially if in PK status). They will also be restricted from login in for 24 hours (real time). Once they can log back in, they will re-spawn to the nearest village/town/city/teleport gate. Check new Death penalty page

Special statusEdit

Influence of coldness on stat and skillEdit

Coldness due to temperature change can have serious impact on a party(v9c3 & v9c5) There are 3 stages. Fourth stage is death (check death penalty). 

A (regular) cold

  • Physical strength decreased by 36%
  • Skill performance decreased by 40%.

With some rest, your body can stabilize and return to normal.

A severe cold Also translated serious cold v9c3

  • Physical ability decreased by 45%
  • Skill effect decreased by 60%
  • Max health and mana limit decreased

A life threatening sickness.

  • Cold can develop into more severe sickness.
  • Physical ability is lowered by 62% You cannot use battle skills.
  • Due to life and stamina decrease, you cannot move.
  • You may experience dizziness.
  • If not treated properly, you may die.

Basic Stat description Edit

Check Stats To all players, and even NPC or monsters. Some are the basic stats that all players will receive upon starting the game; other are given later on, through acquisition of new classes, skill, etc.

=> Attempt to sort out various stat

Survival statEdit

- Health/Life - Vitality/Stamina - Luck - Resistance to Magic

Combat support statEdit

Support your real combat power - Agility  - Strength  Impact your combat outcomes - Offense - Defense

Leadership statEdit

- Leadership, with large scale combat & troops commanding skill

Magic user stat Edit

- Intelligence - Wisdom - Mana

Reputation statEdit

- Fame/reputation  - Intimacy  - Faith Those stat are described here

Fame, the player's audienceEdit

Fame: Point can be gain by completing quest and accomplishing achievement. There is various of achievement such as creating art, being the first player/party to explore dungeon, defeating boss monster and complete exploration of some region. The value represent how famous the person is. When the value is high, means the player is known to higher hierarchy of NPC, more quest can be obtain and easier to develop Intimacy/Familiarity with some NPC. When obtaining high enough fame, the player will be known by nobles and kings. And there is chance to get quest from them, but the quest is not just depend on the Fame point but the way the fame is obtained. (When the player is famous/known with his battle skill, the quest will be related to fighting monster and such. If the the player is famous with his/her ability to cure and heal people, the quest will be related to the way fame is obtained. Fame is used as a ranking system between players. v5c9 Weed achieved the unique feat to be in the top 500 in less than 9 month. v5c9

Faith, relationship with religious orderEdit

It makes the player able to predict the response of the local religious order.  Faith: Used to determine the strength of divine magic. Will help user to lead priests and paladins npc along with leadership stat. (v3c9) It also gives the player information regarding this relationship with the religious orders. LINK

Also, Faith stat is important because it improves holy magic and combat skills v29c2

Infamy, for misbehaviorEdit

Infamy/Notoriety:  Point can be gain by killing player, holy creature(Unicorn, Pegasus, Fairies) and neutral NPC. Can also gain by helping evil monster by accepting, and completing their quest such as quest from Vampire, Undead and Embinyu Church. Sufficient Notoriety is required to join Thieve Guild, Pirate Guild or join Revolutionary Army.(though revolutionary army is not yet existed)

Killing Player give around 100-200 notoriety point. When player get at least 200 notoriety point, their name will be visible in red colour(known as killer, or murderer). When this happened, they will be attacked by guards guarding the city and they are not allowed to enter.

Infamy is similar to Fame but it is fame among Bad NPC(Vampire, Embinyu Church). The higher the value, the easier to get more quest from them, but will attract hostility from normal NPC and monster. In some uncommon circumstances, even kill other player, Fame is obtained instead of Notoriety. (Killing Pirates, Murderer, Killing opposite player during war and siege)

Intimacy, a stat and a skillEdit

The stat gives you information about how good you were in your rapport building skill with that specific NPC. In other words, that tool give you a clue about how good you skill were with that specific NPS.

Intimacy/Familiarity:  This attribute represent the relationship of the player with specific single NPC (such as Instructor of Basic Training Centre) or group of NPC (such as Villagers of Morata). The higher the value, the easier for the player to obtain information, quest or favor. But this value will be spend for the corresponding favor to be fulfilled. Also, Familiarity with subordinate give benefit for the leadership stat towards the subordinate.

Other stat descriptionEdit

Same as for skill, some stat directly belong to a class or a subclass; and can be exclusive to a limited number of players.  Related to class or game play. These are some of the stats that a player can learn or gain through their actions in the game. These stat give direct influence to the learnt skills of the player. If a stat is not linked to a class, its growth rate will be lower and slower.

Artist related classEdit

Art Edit

Class stat related to all arts class. A gift in comprehending and practicing beauty, art renders meals and products elegant in an aesthetic and practical sense. Improves when you see, hear, smell, taste or touch beautiful things, or create artworks. (v1c5)


This attribute represents the ability to attract people. Primarily those of opposing sex. You become more attractive and charming. One of the main attributes for bards, dancers and party leaders. The ability to attract people make easier to develop Intimacy/Familiarity with NPC. Also give advantage for price bargaining when purchasing item at store.

Combat related class Edit

Fighting SpiritEdit

You can bring weaker monsters to avoid you by eyes contact. This stat rises spontaneously, depending on your character's actions. Stat bonus points can't be distributed. It will rise if you often confront monsters stronger than your current level fight monsters for a long time. (v1c2). Il directly influence the expression of skill in combat, and influence allies morale, especially subordinate NPC (v5c2).


You are likely to use less stamina in action. (v2c2)


Reduce physical damage from enemy and increases user's life by a small amount. You are prohibited from distributing stat bonus points to this stat. (v1c2) Point is gained by receiving significant damage.


It's more of a special status that a stat as such. It's related to berserker subclass. it triggers  It is a temporary stat, which triggers various special skill for a berserker. It also has is downside afterward.  


The ability to endure blows. The more hits a body has survived, the stronger the hits it can resist becomes. Unlike Patience, which grows as you repeat a task, this stat is only increased by being hit, and contributes to increasing your maximum life. The stat can be obtained after learning the skill Close Eyes from a Warriors Guild's Instructor. Requirement: receive many hits [1].

Leadership related statEdit


this attribute represents the ability to attract people. Primarily those of opposing sex. You become more attractive and charming. One of the main attributes for bards, dancers and party leaders. If your profession is related to crafting, charisma will help you to create more detailed works [2].

Dignity/ NobilityEdit

A class related stat The Royal Family, the Nobility, and the Knight class. A very important and dignified noble of society; residents will be respectful. Resident will have reduced complaints about paying taxes. You can increase this stat when you level up. Increases when the people are ruled wisely or whenever a king's command is fulfilled. Treasures, works of art, and even buildings can increase the stat[3].


A class related stat As for the righteous, the nobility when practicing. Residents can have a significant impact on their loyalty, diplomacy, and the Free Knight helps them embracing[4].


Only increase when the situation dirves the players to their limits, it means when a monster deal several damage and one's own life is near empty. Also known as Fortitude[5].

References Edit

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Ps - ===Perception of gaming === Social perception (learning curve) of the game is evolving through the growth and game exploration of higher up players. After one year The perception of players is changing. There are new gaming trends (useful pick of skills, item, quest or classes mostly). Focus on combat classes and skills is becoming stronger.

  • Below level 100 players are usually considered as beginners, and already even considered as "noobs" below level xxx (source). 
  • Level 100+ are is the gate to intermediary level, they are mostly combat class, magic using class or combat supportive class.
  • Level 200+ are considered as 'high level'. 

After two years Perception of players is evolving.  There is a larger diversity of class in the beginner community. New trends (craft or art classes are emerging. So are new outgame development, like practicing swordmanship. Specific classes are becoming larger and stronger trend.

  • Level 100 to 200+ are still considered as intermediary.
  • Level 300+ are the highest up, and sometimes famous. Some start to evolves as higher up of guilds/towns/religious orders or even leaders. 
  • Level 400+  rank within the top players of Royal Road and so far they are only a few of them (less than 100). The first king appeared, also the first religious leader (Embinyu Cult) and some master quest were started.

After three years of gameplayEdit

New and stronger trends

  • Level200+ are a much larger and divers community.
  • The level300+ limit is being overcome by new classes. 
  • Level 400+ rank start to be more frequents.
    • First master quest attempts
    • First players to achieve the Level 450 or even 500+ are appearing.
    • First kings or religious leaders are expected.

Gaming is time and moneyEdit

There is no known limit for a character, except may be for the advanced skill max level and the master class status.. The real limit is the time, the money you can invest in RR.

To develop faster and better, support ingame and in real life is a key element (item lending or buying, support or service renting, sharing data and experience).

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