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Description of Morata's growth and transformation


This is all the list of cities stats under Weed territory. He accesses this info window whenever he activates his Lord's command. He can buy lands in his territory, build buildings, expand and upgrade buildings, allocate expenses, place taxes, and manage his army. There are also other info windows that have an effect on the city which Weed acquired or other players/NPCs.


During Weed's North Campaign, after his fight with the Bone Dragon the elder from Morata offered him a quest, The Curse of the Morata region, to accept the Morata territory as its ruler. This quest cannot be refused[1].

City Info Window[]

First Access[]

After being forced to accept the position as The Lord of Morata, he opened the regional window to check its stats.[2]

Morata Region
A Province belonging to Niflheim Empire.

In the past, the Emperor brought the land prosperity but now it is hard to imagine it.

Military: 20 Economy: 90 Culture: 120
Technology: 190 Religious Influence: 80
City Development: 62 Public Security: 98%

  • There are currently no soldiers so a regiment of vigilantes exists in its place.
  • For one year the province will have the protection of the Church of Freya.
  • There are few buildings. The residents are very poor.
  • Merchants use to visit this place. Need rapid development to quickly improve the livelihood of the residents.
  • Festivals and sculptures make the residents happier.
  • Require more cultural facilities for residents to put behind their harsh past.
  • Former cloth and sewing industry is on the decline.
  • The local population believes in the Church of Freya as their religion.
  • In the future, it is likely that it will become the central faith of the Kingdom.
Total Population: 7,863 Monthly Tax Income: 2,300 gold
Specialties: Leather and Cloth.
Village Operating Expenditures: Military 20%

Economic Development 20%
Village Maintenance 45%
Donations to the Church of Freya 15%

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First Growth[]

The first expansion Weed did is right before he head out to Todeum kingdom.
Weed used 260,000 gold from his own money to start a massive development of Morata.

Large scale investment in Morata Province[3]
It will allow Morata to Flourish to the days of the old Niflheim Empire!

Its past glory was long gone in the flow of time leaving it bare and starving.
Only its residents and frail houses remained.
But now this new investment will fund the effort of the residents to become diligent citizens.
For three months, productivity will increase by 30%.
The area of the village will expand.
Use of the castle has become available.
The population growth rate has improved.
Buildings will be constructed immediately depending on the characteristics of Morata.

Bar :
Increases tax revenue and satisfaction of residents but affects Public Security adversely.
Blacksmith :
Increases the technology of the town. Increases the productivity of the residents.
Trading Post :
A place where you can trade with merchants. Bring in tax revenues as well as supplement the town's needs.
Inn :
A place where travellers can stay. Travellers become more lively than if you simply left them in the village.
Textiles :
Cloth weaving and leather polishing. Morata's specialty increases the amount of leather and textile related quests.
Vigilantes :
Residents will form groups to protect public security. They can't fight the nearby monsters but they will be enough to catch village shoplifters. Help with public security increases commercial development.
Mercenary Guild :
Investigates the surrounding village and gives quests on a regular basis to combat the monsters. Operates largely on taxes. Whenever successful, public security is increased and fame will be given.
A small Church of Freya :
A place of the believers of the Church of Freya to pray. Sacrilegious buildings cannot be built in the village.
Due to blessings of Freya, the residents will have increased grain production.

Urban development increases, you can now build more buildings.
Proposed Maintenance - Once the village has produced enough buildings, tax rates can be set, commercial, military power, technology, security, and public policies for increases residents can be set in the budget.
Currently, 50% of the budget has been set in regional development and state budget, the rest will be distributed.
To raise funds for investment, you can reduce the amount of control you have over the region.
Improve or expand the province to gain more control. Stats that can affect the local politics have been generated.
After the first stage of development, you can raise taxes. Excessive investment in the welfare of public security may increase the satisfaction of the residents, however, as the town's deficit grows, the position of Count will be compromised.

Weed has 130,000 gold left in the budget after 50% budget used for development and expenses.

He used the rest of the budget for :

  • Village Maintenance : 10,000 gold
  • Security : 300 gold
  • Military : 0 gold
  • Art : 0 gold
  • Commercial Development : 119,700 gold

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Second Growth[]

Weed used the command available only for the Lord to check all the buildings that available for the travellers.[4]

Buildings Info[]

  • The pub has enormous value for profits and income taxes, because of the 60% tax on alcohol.
Adventure's Haven (Tavern)
The only pub located in Morata Square. It was built soon after the cleaning.
Large interior space, more than 500 seats; able to get alcohol and snacks at reasonable prices.
Selling All basic munchies

Fermented fruit drink
Forced boiled Barley booze Beer

Employees Chef Jenna, Mia, and 10 residents
Maintenance and Management Cost 600 gold
Daily Visits Average 7200 guests
Latest Net Weekly Income 2642 gold 43 silver 56 copper

  • There was not another village in the North that have larger Inn than the one in Morata.
The Inn
The Inn currently has 300 rooms.

After a night at the Inn, the recovery rate of Fatigue increase and because of the tastiness of the food, nobody left for another inn.
The weekly net profit of the Inn was more than 4,000 gold.
The profit mainly comes from food sales, as the food from the Inn were easier to digest and easily boost Satiety.

  • Conditions of Farmhouse and Granary.
  • A policy was passed for an aggressive expansion of farmland to relieve food shortages.
Grain Warehouse
A warehouse storing harvested grains.

Stockpiles of Wheat and Barley are reserved.

Inventory 32,000 Ton of Wheat

19,000 Ton of Barley

Because of the development of Morata, immigrating residents was excessively increasing.

The number of area and houses protected the walls of Morata village was only 5,400 houses.
Currently, the number of residents was more than 60,000.
Of these number, the number of unregistered users was at 100 people.
The pure number of residents was a large number.
Excluding the number of those originally have lived in Morata, the number was 53,000.

Morata Village Housing Distribution
Morata Castle: 1
Wooden Houses: 960
Poor Thatch Cottages: 12,953
With the deteriorating hygiene of the Poor Thatch Cottages, there is the great concern of epidemic.

When the weather becomes cold in the winter, more than half of the people will be dead due to freezing.
Since Morata doesn't have good public security, they are extremely vulnerable to Morata's attacks.

Regional Info[]

Morata Region
A province once belong to Niflheim Empire.

In the past, it was a place for the Empress to live to relieve Herself from exhaustion.
Since the fall of the Niflheim Empire, it was governed by Vampires.
Currently, gathering mercenaries and adventures, along with the protection of the Freya Church, residents are working together to revive hope.

Military: 22 Economy: 260 Culture: 570
Technology: 190 Religious Influence: 83 Politics: 6
Influence on Neighboring Vicinity 83

Influence of Niflheim Empire 2%[5]

City Development: 97 Hygiene: 36 Public Security: 72%

  • Recently, there were concerns about the frequent raid of Monsters, however, residents no longer fret due to completion of the Freya Statue.
  • Lack of water facilities and housing for residents to live.
  • There are many people with memories of the festival that took place a long time ago.
  • May make the lives of residents happier if they are given the multitude of sculptures.
  • The elegance of the town rose due to the trust and support are given to the Artists.
  • While the residents are proud to have many more artworks than any other towns, they hope for a broader range of cultural facilities.
  • Industrial sewing techniques from the past are progressively transforming.
  • Techniques in the field of Iron are fairly rudimentary, Blacksmith's creation of weapons and armours are very immature.
  • The local faith believes in Freya. The faith of the residents is a good thing and will not be easily swayed.
  • The impact by the Freya Church takes appropriate forms; love is abundant and characterized the people as hard-workers.
Total Population: 61,689 Monthly Tax Income: 27,860 gold
Specialties: Leather and Cloth
Village Operating Expenditures:
  • Military 2%
  • Economic Development 34%
  • Investment in Culture 12%
  • Commissioned paid for Monster Subjugation 15%
  • Conservation of the Town 22%
  • Offering to the Freya Church 15%


  • Upon meeting with the elder, Weed is urged to manage the Morata's affair and security.[6]
  • Weed open up Region Info with Domestic Affair Mode.
Morata Info
Military: 22 Economy: 260 Culture: 570
Technology: 190
Hygiene: 36 Public Security: 72%
Fund: 39,845 gold

Tavern, Inn, and Dining Hall

  • Weed upgraded the Tavern and the Inn, while also building a large Dining Hall using vacant land.
  • Renovation of the Tavern costs 12,000 gold and the Inn costs 9,300 gold.
  • The construction of a large Dining Hall was 16,000 gold.
    • With the expansion of the Tavern : Economy +2, Public Security -1%
    • With the expansion of the Inn : Economy +2, Hygiene +3
    • Along with being able to afford the construction of the Dining Hall: Culture +2, Economy +3.
    • For the next three months, the town's Productivity will increase by 1%
  • Because of the expansion, the Domestic Affair has been updated.

Morata Info
Military: 22 Economy: 265 Culture: 573
Technology: 190
City Development: 97 Hygiene: 39 Public Security: 71%
Fund: 2,545 gold

  • Leaving only 100 gold in his pocket, he began investing wholly in Morata.

  • New houses needed because of the explosive increase in population.
  • Each Shack was a mere 30 silvers per household.
  • He made an investment of 3,000 gold into 10,000 furnishings.

  • The building has the similar role as Trading Posts, however, it has the possibility of carrying large-scale commerce.
  • He also made a Union for the Merchants where they can divide the commission up among the Merchants within the Union during a large amount of work or procurement.
  • The building is the cornerstone of Merchant Guild.

  • Buildings arose in the vacant lot near Morata Central Square.
  • Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Tourist Shop, Adventurer Shop, Cartography Group, Fruit Store, and Grocery Store.

  • A huge hearth is built on a vacant lot next to Smithy.
  • The building five times larger than the Smithy.
  • Produces high-quality Iron from just Iron Ore.
  • The building cost is 50,000 gold.

  • While Freya's Church Clergymen were well liked; user Celerics, Priests, and Adventurer fervently hope for this building.
  • If user's offering to the Altar exceeds than what was asked for, curses can be lifted in addition to the temporary increase in Luck.

  • Tailor Guild, Farmers Guild, Blade Master Guild, Thief Guild, Warrior Guild, Bard Guild, Archer Guild, Assassin Guild, Kung-fu Master Guild, and Fist Guild were made.
  • The Magician Guild series was not built as the cost is 40,000 gold for each trait.

  • Weed wanted to recruit 100 Soldiers and 10 Knight.
  • Recruiting station and training ground was built to recruit Soldiers and give them Basic Training.
  • Morata has 7 months left to have the protection of the Church of Freya.
  • The money he earned from Todeum kingdom, hunts, and sold the materials amass to more than 500,000 gold.

    • With all the investment and development, Weed triggered another development in Morata.
    Morata Info
    Morata has distinguished itself in the area of the former Niflheim Empire!

    The softly blooming flower of the Culture and is firmly instilled in Faith.
    In places which are economically underdeveloped, a lot of money has been invested.
    The inhabitants of Morata, with the teachings of the Goddess Freya, will try to enrich their lives.
    Productivity will increase by 45% for 2 months.
    With Morata's expansion and development, it is heading toward urbanization.
    Along with the development, an influx of migrants is growing.
    The number of residents is rapidly increasing, but until they can get jobs, Public Security will decline and funds will be spent supporting them.
    There is more need for food due to the increasing residents, but all the same while, the town's proximity will increase.
    Following the improvement of the Lord's Castle, one will be able to exercise political leadership to other provinces through diplomacy in addition to the town of Morata.

    Military: 22 Economy: 297 Culture: 579
    Technology: 196
    City Development: 108 Hygiene: 42 Public Security: 68%
    Fund: 79,014 gold

    • Because of this development, Morata turned into a frontier city in the North.
    • Newbies players start showing up in Morata.
    • It's the only city in the North where new players can start their new character and choose Morata as their starting city.
    • There is a booming emergence of new players choosing Morata as their starting city.
    • Morata has a lot of things that are advantageous even for old players; sculptures boosts, blessings from the Church, low taxes, lots of hunting grounds, non-monopolized hunting ground, and many others.

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    Many players whose class could impact the culture and development of the city flock to Morata. Sculptors, Artists/Painters, Merchants, Architects, and other production classes aside from offensive classes are coming and staying in Morata to enjoy the benefits. One of them is Spenson/Spencer, a very distinguished Adventurer in Royal Road. He donated an item he excavated after coming to the North. Now, it's displayed in Morata.[7]

    Lady Ankia's Hair Ornament, City Ornament
    Durability: 80/80
    A gold ornament with outstanding archaeological value.

    The entire village's commercial development speed increases by 2%.
    Adventure related experience increases by 1.5%.

    After finishing up River of Lamentation Quest (just before he is doing the Prisoner Quest), he went around the city and check the changes made.

    Morata Region
    An area that belonged to Niflheim Empire.

    This region is the most prosperous in the Northern Versailles Continent and continues to develop. Merchants actively carry out the trade, and there are many customers in the stores. Art is spread throughout, attracting tourists. Due to culture, there is an influx of population and the creation of new jobs. The newly arriving population is showing boosts in all jobs.

    Military: 47 Economy: 827 Culture: 1,130
    Technology: 310 Religious Influence: 89 Politics: 22
    Influence on nearby region 41%

    The former Niflheim Empire's influence 3.6%[8]

    City Development: 106 Hygiene: 41 Public Security: 69%
    The water facilities have been cleaned, and new houses built. However, they are still inadequate to fulfil the needs of explosively increasing residents.

    New residents want a greater investment in Security. They want to expand the village's territory to a wider region and increase the number of monster subjugations.
    There are residents who vaguely remember the festival that took place a long time ago.
    A large number of sculptures are bringing happiness to the lives of the residents. There is a slight insufficiency of paintings. The endless trust and support for Artists are heightening the village's dignity. The residents have become proud of having more artworks than other villages and want to continue to invest in related guilds.
    The tailoring industry's techniques continue to be passed down. With the appearance of many new Tailors, the prospects for the future are bright.
    Techniques for handling iron are still basic; Blacksmiths producing weapons or armour are very inexperienced.
    The region believes in the Faith of Freya. The residents' faith is firm and will not sway easily. Moderate hedonism and fertility are increased as a result of the Church of Freya's influence; the people show a diligent nature.

    Total Population: 168,101 Monthly Tax Income: 178,045 gold
    Specialties: Leather and Cloth, Art.
    Village Operating Expenditures:
    • Military 5%
    • Economic Development 32%
    • Cultural Investment Costs 14%
    • Requests and Monster Subjugations 9%<
    • Town Maintenance 31%
    • Freya Church Offerings 9%

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    First Military Force[]

    Before summer vacation, Weed needed to prepare Morata as the protection from the Church of Freya almost up. This is the first time he accessed the Military Status.[9]

    Military Force of Morata Province
    Beginner Knights: 10
    Average level: 219
    Soldiers: 1,187
    Average level: 45
    Loyalty 98%
    Training 79%
    • The level of knights is very low.
    • Strict discipline is needed to keep knights from leaving.
    • Morata's soldiers have high loyalty but, with the exception of few soldiers, their level is poor and they must seek the help of polices and vigilantes.
    • There are no siege weapons.
    • City Walls are in perfect condition.
    • The promised period of protection from the Church of Freya ends in 5 days.
    • He talked to His Holiness, the Pope Candidate Alveron to extend the protection from Freya's Church by using up his contribution.
    • With his contribution, Alveron gave 120 days of extension plus a bonus of 30 days from himself.

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    Third Growth[]

    After spending 23 days Summer vacation, Lee Hyun is back in Korea.[10] Time comparison between real life and game time is 1:4. It's been 92 days since he logged in Royal Road.

    He has a total 390,000 gold from the selling of weapon and other stuff. He was going to invest that large sum. Once again he accessed the Lord's command of Internal Affair Mode.


    • The screen now switch to internal affairs of the last 20 weeks.
    • You have the ability to govern Morata.
    • Resources will be available immediately.
    Morata Info
    Military: 51 Economy: 989 Culture: 1,512
    Technology: 338
    City Development: 121 Hygiene: 41 Public Security: 65%
    Fund: 518,642 gold
    Corruption: 3

    Income History[]

    Morata's monthly income (units: gold)
    • Residential Tax : 12,116
    • Housing Tax: 918
    • Sales Tax : 22,889

    • Merchant Trade : 57,901
    • Tax on Merchants and Mercenaries: 3,051
    • Land Taxes : 6,373

    • Mining Supplies: 9,230
    • Stores Supplies: 49,749
    • Food Sale Revenue : 35,461
    • People are constantly coming north to Morata.
    • Low tax rates for travellers.
    • Insufficient skilled craftsman (Blacksmith, Cooking, Sewing, etc)
    • 20,000 people are jobless.

    • Houses around the central plaza is extremely crowded. Low property tax.
    • Sales for cheap goods are growing explosively.

    • Production and merchandise sales are not good with only 9 stores staying open late.
    • Center of commerce for the Versailles Continent if going by percentages.
    • Importation of low-quality cheap stuff, but very large variety.

    • Morata's speciality of fibres/fabrics sells for higher price.
    • Morata is very attractive for Merchants and Mercenaries.
    • Merchants will buy goods from Morata and sell them to the rest of the north.

    • The central plaza is very cramped and crowded.
    • Good quality iron ore is being mined and copper and silver mines quality is increasing.

    • Morata need to develop more mines.
    • Pubs and Inns business is booming.
    • Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Smithy not doing much business.


    Due to high numbers of users in Morata, the economy is healthy and growing. Weed decided to invest all his money which triggered another investment and development.

    A large scale investment in Morata.
    The Count of Morata has invested an astronomical fund into the area.

    Productivity has increased by 45% for two months.
    The area around town will expand.
    Population growth has increased.

    • He invested more than 900,000 gold in Morata.

    • He used 320,000 gold to develop and expand mines and farmland.
    • Now that he has mines opened, it will boost the Smithy which in turn will also boost Weapon and Armor Shops.
    Mines and Farmland
    The land has been cleared.

    Thanks to the knowledge of Arpen Empire, the amount cleared has increased by 13%.
    Bulls have been cultivated for agriculture.
    Workers and miners have been dispatched to 3 mines.
    Morata sends scouts to the nearby mountains to survey the lands.

    • The cost to build it is 100,000 gold.
    • Since Morata is in the cold north, he built Ice Wizard Tower.
    • Putting this eye-catching building has to be perfect to emphasize the city's beauty.
    • Since Morata centre square is already overcrowded, he decided to build it near Statue of Freya.
    • An inverted icicle towering 20 meters was constructed.
    • With this tower, now players can choose Mage as a starting profession in Morata.

  • Elemental Shaman is a very popular class for people who weren't familiar with the game.
  • Because of this, he constructed Elemental House.
  • From the construction window, Weed can choose a spirit from a dozen of popular spirits.
  • Depending on the nature of the spirit, the construction costs are at least 20,000 gold. What would you like to spend on the budget?

    • Spending the bare minimum cost, he built :

    House of Fire Spirit has been completed.

    House of Earth Spirit has been completed.

    • The characteristic of the building depended on the spirit.
    • The earth spirit would have a stone house while the fire spirit has a cosy house.

    House of Spirits increases the affinity based on the spirit within.

    A spirit can relax and play...but the effects are sensitive based on the size of the building. Contracts can be formed with the spirits.

    • The building cost 80,000 gold.
    • But with this, players can start as a Shaman in Morata.
    • Elemental Shaman chooses an affinity and can summon spirits, but with the Elemental Houses, they can form a contract with the said spirit.

  • A magnificent building made of 95% stone. It was built next to Elemental House.
  • It's a towering skyscraper, much larger than Morata's largest building, the Black Castle.
  • Construction of Granary
    Store large amounts of grain.

    Reduces prices fluctuations of food, and contributes to the economic development and childbirth rates.
    Economic power has increased by 7.
    Hungry villagers will now migrate to Morata.

    The fairy's pond has been constructed. Fairies will come to find the pond.

    • Weed build the school close to the area that has the portal to River of Lamentation[11].
    Scholar's School
    Wise men will sit down and study here.

    Increases the city's intellectual level.
    The wisdom of wizards will permanently increase by 5.
    Will trigger the creation of Scholarship Guild.
    Technology and Culture has increased by 3.

    Astronomical Conservatory
    A precise stone building. You can observe the night sky.

    Advanced study of the climate can be helpful in the development of magic.
    The discovery of a constellation will bring good luck.
    Morata's astronomers can detect bad luck.
    Technology has increased by 8.

    Arpen Merchant Center
    A facility for Merchant.

    Enables access to more trade routes and controls the prices of the goods.
    Will be able to provide foods targeted towards wealthy merchants.
    Actively involved in the art of trade.

    Leather Goods Center
    Specialized in the trade of special leather products.

    Leather and skins can be made into common household products and traded.
    Increases the number of skilled tailors and develop tailoring industry.
    Morata's sewing in relation to the economy has increased by 10.
    Technology has increased by 15.

    • He constructed Arpen terraced gardens, fruit trees, wells, and wagons.
    • He spent more than 500 gold on intensive construction.

  • He opened Accessory Store, Small Theatre, Jewelry Store, Furniture Store, Winery, Chicken Farm, and Sheep Farm.

  • Thanks to the booming population, the central square is overcrowded.
  • He built 4 more squares on the outskirts of the town.
  • It costs 40,000 gold to have a square built with a fountain but it's necessary to buy this to expand Morata.
  • The Squares being named as Wyvern Square, Bingryong Square, Light Tower Square, and Rover Square.
  • The Statue of Freya is a centre point of the squares with the connecting roads to all of the squares.
  • Looking at the area from bird's eye view, the squares look a like a diamond shape with the Statue of Freya as a focal point.

  • Morata is now 5 times larger than it was before.


    • Weed set up key positions in Morata.
    • Geumini/Goldman will handle Department Tax and Finance.
    • Wy-1 is Deputy Tax Officer, Wy-2 is Tax Collector, Wy-3 is the Bureau, Wy-4 is the Secret Service, and Wy-5 is the Special Tax Bureau.
    • Bingryong will be Minister of War.
    • Pheonix is the Deputy of Minister of War.
    • Rover/Yellowy is appointed to Department of Commerce.
    • Weed appointed himself to the Agency of City Beautification.

    Second Military Force[]

    • The looming danger of invasion from the Northern Alliance; Weed built another military orientated building with 260,000 gold left on the budget.

    • He spent 70,000 gold to build a professional military camp on the outskirt of town.
    • It's a camp that's made to train infantry, archers, and spearmen.
    • The soldiers could increase their levels training here.
    • There is also a centre to train horses and cavalry, however, the cost is 200,000 gold.
    • He didn't have enough gold to build this centre.

  • Weed conscripted a total of 8,000 soldiers.
  • Forced conscription of soldiers raised dissatisfaction among the young people.
  • It also lowered the morale of the soldiers that are drafted.
  • 10 gold was consumed per drafted unit, there was also a monthly salary of 3 gold.
  • It takes a lot of money to upkeep military forces. 3 gold salary for a soldier, a wizard's salary at least 600 gold, to arm four horsemen cost 3,000 gold.
  • Intermediate level cavalry cost 10,00 gold a piece.
  • The military camp cost 70,000 gold while the drafting cost a total 80,000 gold.
  • He had to give money to the household from the drafted soldiers, it cost him 100 gold per household.
  • If he didn't do this the complaint will rise from the residents.

  • Knowing their Lord drafted soldiers for the protection of their city, people start volunteering to enlist their help.
  • Peroyi armored infantry, a total of 160 residents, have come as support.

    There 197 archers in the town that offers their bows. Do you wish to enlist them?

    In Morata there are 451 Hunters that have heard about the danger and wish to help.

    Morata's soldiers have increased by a total of 10,680.

    Average level : 17
    Training 12%

    • Adding the first military force, Morata has a total of 11,867 soldiers.
    • Right at this moment, the protection from the Church of Freya will end in 36 days.
    • Aside from Morata's military force, Weed also made use of Mapan and Lemon to help him build users orientated military force. The birth of Grass Porridge Cult.

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    First Invasion[]

    • Weed had done all he could to prepare the incoming war between Morata and the Northern Alliance[12].
    • The Alliance has more than 128,000 units; off this number more than 90,000 are NPCs and users part of the alliance have levels ranging 250-300.
    • There was a massive beginners recruitment spreading on Versailles Continent. Beginners would have their leather armour repaired for free and a free packaged food. They spent 4 weeks beating up scarecrows.
    • When the Grass Porridge Guild first introduced, its members are staggering 320,000, but by the time the war started, the total is 1,200,000 members.

    Do not let the front line break! Support as much as possible. Shoot to kill! Do not hesitate to die because the 1.2 million other Grass Porridge Guild members will avenge you. (Mapan's quote)

    When the war is over[13], a window pop up for Weed to see :

    The enemy has surrendered.
    The loyalty of citizens Morata has increased by 3.

    For showing off the city's power, military influence in the area has increased by 15.
    Theft will disappear and bandits invasion will be reduced.
    Security has increased by 13%.
    Consumption will temporarily rise in Morata. People will not spare money to celebrate this victory. Morata's victory celebrations begin voluntary.

    The Sculpting Guild will now produce souvenirs of this victory. 5,000 gold has been consumed.

    The Bard Guild will now hold a music-making competition in memory of this war. The prize will be 4,500 gold.

    Morata's fame in the Continent of Versailles has increased by 75.

    Current reputation : 469
    The higher the reputation of the region, the more famous the ruler is.
    Victory or defeat in war, as well as produce, trade, quests, and expeditions, are factors that work towards local reputation. With a high reputation, users can get high-quality quests and fame in Morata. The Trading Post will purchase goods at better price.
    Increase on the fame of Morata's specialities.
    The reputation of Morata's textiles and leather industries increase, Freya's blessing and agriculture will increase local specialities.
    Morata will become famous for wine if there are more wineries.
    Morata has formed a speciality for superior cattle.
    89 Teuriban villagers migrate to Morata.
    85 Noroma villagers migrate to Morata.
    3,600 northern residents have switched faith to the Church of Freya.

    Skilled craftsmen migrate!

    The craftsmen will come to the Northern town of Morata and teach children their trade.
    The children of Morata have great potential for the future.

    As thanks to those who participated in the war, Weed gave out unlimited rice porridge.

    Special Arpen Granary opened with free grass porridge to drink. Morata festival uses 50,000 gold.

    He also increased taxes rate for 2 days.

    For two days, a temporary tax is applied. Items has been changed to rate from 5% to 7% in the stores.

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    Morata Art Center[]

    • It was built at the request of Weed.
    • Initially, Weed only asked Pavo and Gaston to help him build a place to house the sculpture [14] he made at the request of Mandol (sculpting his daughter)[15].
    • It is unclear as to how they decided to build an Art Center to display Weed's sculptures collection, but it's finally finished[16].
    • The 5 story building has 2 underground floors and a large garden[17].
    • From B2 to a second floor are reserved for other artists exhibitions.
    • Well known painters and sculptors now have a place to display their works.
    • The completion of this art centre increased Morata's fame by 60.
    • The third floor is full of Weed's sculptures. On the fourth floor, a third of the area is covered by glass.
    • Inside the glass viewing, you can see the Sculpture of From Birth to Death.
    • During the placing of the plaque Morata Art Center, Pavo lamented that it's been 2 years since he arrived in Morata[18].
    Morata's cultural development has increased.

    Artistic development has increased by 3%.
    Culture further increases expansion.
    Local fame has increased by 15, the Center of Art is designated as a monument.

    The art and wisdom of the people of Morata have increased.

    The probability of more artists and wizards being born is high.

    • The first guests of this art centre were Mandol and his wife, Delphi.
    • They are the first to see the sculpture of their daughter.
    • In their house in Kingdom Selzium, there was a message asking them to come to Morata to view the sculpture Mandol commissioned[19].
    • The one who meets the couple and guided them to the art centre is the little girl who gave Weed the flower planting quest.
    • (After Mandol first viewing, the Art Center is opened to the public[20].
    • The admission fee is 10 gold. For level lower than 100 is 3 gold.
    • Prices even applied to mercenaries and subordinate NPCs. For group 30 or more they will have 50% discount.
    • The number of visitors is growing exponentially. It exceeds 25,000 visitors a day. For the first time in the history of Versailles Continent, there is a revenue building based on art.

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    Fourth Growth[]

    Weed once again accessed Regional Window after he went back to Morata from Las Phalanx/Jigolath.[21]

    Morata Region
    This region once belong to Niflheim Empire.

    Currently under the rule Morata's Count Weed.
    The best city to represent the northern centre of Trade and Art.
    New speciality and art products have been made, performances have attracted people to Morata's thriving culture.
    As there are a lot of young workforces, engineers start to concentrate in the northern areas.
    A wide range of various weapons are being manufactured, a call for business for housing has risen.

    Military: 91 Economy: 1,737 Culture: 2,261
    Technology: 592 Religious Influence: 82 Politics: 63
    Influence on surrounding area 59%

    The Influence of Niflheim Empire 7.1%[22]

    City Development: 171 Hygiene: 37 Public Security: 52%
    *The increase of the northern migrants setting in Morata has deteriorated Morata's public security.
    • The population of Morata has expanded.
    • In the area near the high seas; political, economic, and cultural influence is exercised.
    • The people are happy due to the festival that occurred recently after a long time.
    • The residents have a great amount of pride due to the famous God of War Weed. They have a strong belief in their Lord, they do not believe in the recent rumours about their lord doing bad things.
    • Even though the Lord is often away, they understand that he does many things for the Versailles Continent.
    • There are no disquieting actions taking place right now.
    • There are only a small amount of monsters in the surrounding that the army can keep in check. Talented cadets don't want to train and are playing around.
    • Famous sculptures are making people happy.
    • Illustration pieces are highly increasing.
    • An endless confidence and abundance support of culture is being the major driving force of development.
    • A concentrated amount of Morata's art is spread throughout the Art Center, many of Morata's new products that are made are in its possession.
    • The Art Center's fees have made great financial gains for the village.
    • As the residents enjoy their culture and improve chances of children being born with higher intelligence and cleverness.
    • There were many smart kids that will dream their future being a merchant or magician.
    • Morata's past speciality in the sewing industry has meant that the Morata's sewing skill continuously improving with a larger variety of clothing being produced.
    • Seamstress is using leather and cloth to make an abundance of clothes.
    • Blacksmiths are still learning to treat iron. The materials are used sparingly when creating weapons for the city's defence.
    • The district's faith has increased their belief in Freya.
    • By turning the barren land fertile, they are developing the granary. This year's crops are plentiful.
    • Arpen Empire Granary permits businesses to maintain cheap prices to the people.
    • A harvest festival occurred because of an excellent quality of grain harvested.
    • In recent years, Lugh's Order has begun doing missionary work, but the resident's faith has been slowly taking hold.
    • Under the proper and abundant influence of the Church of Freya, their hardworking feature can be seen.
    • But the deterioration of public order means that thieves have been causing trouble around town.
    Total Population: 491,898 Monthly Tax Income: 574,006 gold
    Specialties: Art, Leather and Cloth, Tomatoes, Grapes, Rice, Beef, Milk, Cheese, and Wine
    Village Operating Expenditures:
    • Military 4%
    • Economic Development 34%
    • Cultural Investment 16%
    • Monster Request and Subjugation 10%
    • Village Maintenance 30%
    • Church of Freya Donation 6%


    Morata's cultural development enhances the region's capabilities.
    Morata's Cultural Propagation.
    Morata has become a flourishing cultural area due to the influence of its art, because of its abundance art and technology, trading between different races or monsters is now possible. If you make them a little smarter, it will ease their aggressive side.

    If you teach them language and numbers, the trade will be possible, humans and other tribes will become intimate.
    Degrees, culture, and art, the technique for warriors or any related fields with intermediate skills, in some cases knowledge, wisdom and language skills will be sought after.
    Due to improved cultural development, one can now construct Grand Architectures.
    Construction on unique buildings can be started, the result will depend on the skills level or ability of the architect or architects working on it.
    The main architect of a great architectural building will receive high cultural value and possibly a promotion in their job field.
    A cultural job that can thrive without the need of a warrior is a very good job.

    Domestic Affair Mode

    Morata Info
    Military: 91 Economy: 1,737 Culture: 2,384
    Technology: 592
    City Development: 171 Hygiene: 37 Public Security: 52%
    Fund: 1,202,890 gold
    Corruption: 11

    • Domestic Affair Mode is designed to handle small-scale things within a city if residents needed infrastructures or goods; such as pubs or cows, the lord can build them and even establish necessary guilds.
    • The development of the village needs to be watched over by the lord in the early stages.
    • Now that Morata has become a big city, architects are designing and building places that lords would have otherwise built themselves.
    • City's Beauty
      • He decided to plant more trees on the side of the road and it serves another purpose too beside city's beautification, it'll help his Nature Sculpting Skill.
      • He spent 1,298 gold on it.
      • He used cheap seeds and only the ones that bear fruits. Apple trees, pear trees, grape vines, and peach trees.
      • The seeds were blessed by the Church of Freya so it will grow faster.
      • Weed went to Light Square and secured an area of 20 meters to do nature sculpting. He created flowers and grasses from dirt.
      • The sculpture is a compilation of all the flowers he saw during his travel in the Versailles Continent, he added butterflies, bees, and birds. By now, he only has 1 day left before Bar Khan summoning.[23]
    • The effect of the sculpture triggered a festival.
    Wildflower Festival has started.

    Wildflowers signalled that spring is here, for friend or foe.
    The fields and hills of the Northern Versailles Continent are filled with blooming flowers, even near the river. Residents in love choose this spot to confess.
    During the festival, the resident's happiness is increased.
    Increase in Vitality restoration.
    Increase of Fame in the area of Morata.
    Increase visitors to promote the development of the tourism industry.
    Honey production is increased by 800%.
    It is a time where either friend or foe happily spend time in one place with their peers.

    Security Post

    • Weed made plenty of security posts around the plaza and the shantytowns.
    • A city has to watch their public security, guard posts can patrol to catch thieves that steal merchant's items.
    • If security deteriorated, traders would avoid the city.
    • Another thing he has to worry about is that Morata once again facing invasion.
    • Because of Bar Khan Undead Legion and their long-standing animosity against Weed, Morata is facing invasions of the undead army heading to the city. Vargo Fortress isn't that far away from Morata.

    Soup Kitchen

    • The Soup Kitchen presence alone increases a lot of the loyalty of the people.
    • Weed wants to have at least a minimal welfare system in Morata.

    City's Related Resident Requests

    • Residents are coming to Weed to have an audience and request his help on certain things that could further develop or enhance Morata.
    • I am trying to turn a barren land fertile but I am in need some money. Would you be able to invest in me? The resident even proceeded with the quest where the crop can be shared with the Lord.
    • Weed gave the resident the money and on harvest time, he could see the crops result.
    • I feel uneasy during the night because of no security. Would you be able to invest in a little bit of security?
    • We can catch the thieves at night and I will increase the number of soldiers. Weed stationed lookouts and guards around buildings, this is also part of the quest.

    Grand Building[]

    • Now that Morata has a high cultural impact, Weed can start building Grand Building.
    • However, the cost to build one is quite high and need a major amount of works which means it takes times to build one.
    • It's a city effort to build one. Residents and users have to participate to have a successful attempt to build a Grand Building.
    • It didn't matter if the lord decided to build Grand Building if residents and users didn't go through with the plan, the architecture will take a long time to build or even not being built at all.
    • There is no trust between residents and users in the Central Continent because the lords only build things that are beneficial to them and for their own image.
    • He built it on a vacant lot near Light Square and Bingryong Square.

    Freya's Cathedral

    • Once it's finished, the Church of Freya's Paladins and Priests could formally take the 2nd tier job advancement.
    • They won't need to travel to Central Continent to do that.
    • The Cathedral also has an added effect; enhancing the abilities of the Paladins and Priests classes.
    • The Church of Freya can use the Cathedral to keep cherished and sacred holy items.
    • Farmers can pray for blessing the surrounding area to ensure good crops and better harvests.
    • It also could be a powerful deterrent for monsters invasions by using the stationed paladins of the Church.
    • The Freya's Cathedral in the Central Continent empowered the resident's faith and prosperity.
    Northern Church of Freya's Cathedral
    If the Cathedral was successfully built, the former ministry over the Goddess of Freya followers would greatly increase.
    Building cost : at least 900,000 gold.

    Construction period : at least 5 months.

    Depending on the personnel, if there is an accident occurred during the construction, it will increase the construction's building period. Skilled builders are needed. Architects who participate in making it will be able to gain special experiences. A large number of artists and sculptors needs to be mobilized. Participants who work with arts will be able to have an increase in opportunities for their names to be known.
    Great Architecture, would you like to begin commencement of Freya's Cathedral?

    Grand Library

    • The development of knowledge is quintessential for any city, it could even help the development of magic related classes.
    • When there's a quest, people could check a library for any map, information, or clues regarding the quests.
    • These clues, map, information; while the true values (for quests) are quite precious but people could buy them cheaply in the general stores. Donating these valuable items to the library will increase the library repertoire.
    • As people got a lead on their quests, the experience gained is shared equally with the original donator of the books/items from the library.
    • Because of this perk, it will make people eager to input their knowledge on quests, hunts, monsters, maps, etc in the library which could lead to a great boom in hunting and adventures.
    • Building a Grand Library would unlock various quests on finding artefacts.
    Morata's Library
    It will promote the development of learning and adventuring.

    There is a possibility of restoring lost magic spells.
    It can aid quests related to large amounts of relics and antique books, gathering up a vast amount of works of arts it can help build the continent museum.

    Building cost : at least 700,000 gold.

    Construction period : at least 5 months.

    Depending on the personnel, if there is an accident during construction it will increase the construction's building period. Skilled builders are needed. Architects who participate in making it will be able to gain special experiences.
    Great Architecture, would you like to begin commencement of the Library?
    • Pavo and 35 other architects headed to the worksite of the Grand Building, where he saw there were already around 500 people volunteer to work on the building. For these architects, working on Grand Building is a golden opportunity.

    Construction and Completion

    • There were over 30,000 players assigned to build the Cathedral and Library in Morata[24].
    • Some contributed by bringing materials they found while hunting or doing their quests.
    I have found a place rich in Eplyn stones in Navi Forest.

    Adventurer Kasoo

    • It was placed on the announcement's wall at the lord's castle.
    • Huge dome high enough to be seen from anywhere in Morata was built for the Cathedral.
    • Magicians/wizards help sculptors and artists doing their works by using flying spells so they could sculpt and paint on the ceilings and higher places.
    • Holy knight of the Church of Freya was built as sculptures and paintings on the ceilings.
    • Goddess of Freya is depicted in sculptures and drawings.
    • Origin of Morata was painted on the exterior of the Cathedral.
    • The Library lacks artistic beauty but it was built with huge and sturdy stones so it could store enormous resources inside.
    • The only books available for display right now are only common history books sold in general stores or folktales books from Northern Versailles Continent.
    • When it's opened, it will fill with scrolls, pieces of maps from hunting monsters and books from adventurers stories.
    • With more information gathered, more quests will be active and it will be much more convenient to finish quests; less failed/abandon quests.
    • After much hard work and cooperation, the last materials needed for the Grand Cathedral and the Grand Library have finally placed [25].
    • People flock to Light Square and Bingryong Square ready to celebrate the completion of these Grand Buildings.
    • The Grand Cathedral is magnificent with colourful beauty while the Grand Library has solemness and grandness.
    • They purposely finished these two buildings together.
    MESSAGE!!!: Grand Building, Northern Church of Freya's Grand Cathedral has been completed.
    Total construction period: 5 months 11 days.

    Cost of construction: 1,678,291 gold and 25 silver.
    Number of participated workers: 299,362
    Building value: 189,614

    From the Cathedral the religious denomination will spread in the Northern Continent.

    The gaze of Goddess of Freya is focused here, chance of golden harvest increased, natural disasters will be prevented.
    The priests and paladins of Freya in the Northern Continent will receive a greater divine force.
    Priests can now be placed in 2nd tier job, Cardinals can now be elected.
    Paladins will now live in the Cathedral, suppressing monsters in the vicinity.
    Morata residents are now qualified to participate in Freya churches business.

    MESSAGE!!!: Grand Building, Morata's Grand Library has been completed.
    Total construction period : 5 months 11 days

    Cost of construction : 1,074,412 gold and 78 silver.
    Number of participated workers : 218,302
    Building value : 127,939

    Can collect adventure related text. Can help with the recovery of lost magic through the excavation of dungeons.

    Magic and academics will develop faster.
    If you display or publish found items, maps, historic facts, monster records, you can receive fame and compensation.
    For the need for the library archives a quest has been activated.
    Archeologic quest is now possible to find rare records.
    As the archives grow, the residents knowledge will increase.

    The intimacy with Morata's residents increased.
    The people who participated in the construction are now religious.

    MESSAGE!!!: Morata's Church of Freya influence has risen.

    By telling stories about the Northern Cathedral and the Grand Library in faraway cities and castles you can receive fame.

    MESSAGE!!!: The 2 Grand Buildings now represent Morata.

    As soon as the two Grand Buildings completed, a window pop up only visible to Weed.

    Morata's regional political influence increased.

    Morata's regional fame increased.
    If the conditions are met, three special products of Morata will spread fast through word of mouth.
    Villagers looking at Freya's Cathedral can find peace at their heart.
    Public order is increased.
    Plague is suppressed.
    Morata's culture is being spread throughout the continent.
    This helps the art created in the city to gain additional fame and influence
    The tourism industry is developing, wealthy tourist will come to the city.
    Due to the Northern Cathedral, the number of art orders increased.
    The contribution to the Church of Freya increased by 1,639.
    You can now receive the title The Call of the Goddess. If you receive the award you can now represent the Church of Freya paladin.
    Elegance, Charm, Faith, Charisma will increase.

    It's also triggered a festival in Morata.

    Morata's residents started a commemorative festival.

    The residents are praising their hero Weed.
    All credits are given to the Lord for the religious race, solid public peace, and food production in the Northern Continent.
    They do not doubt about the bright future of Morata.
    The village's crime will drop by half.
    The children's academics increased.
    The productivity of the village's residents will increase by 330% for one month.
    The residents are happy, they can now get better jobs.
    You can participate in the festival.

    • People continuously gathered in the Light Square and Bingryong Square where the Grand Cathedral and the Grand Library stood.

    Additional Expansion[]

    • Weed immediately went into Domestic Affair Mode as soon as the Grand Buildings completed. He built shops in the surrounding area of the new buildings.


    • The Original Northern Cathedral Priests Shop, Original Paladin Store, Cathedral Souvenir Shop, Pre-adventurers Closest General Store, and Dungeon Exploration Shop.
    • Weed bought the surrounding land areas near the Grand Buildings ahead of time.

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    First Region Expansion[]

    After Weed acquired Vargo Fortress and the surrounding area, he proceeded to check Morata's status.[26]

    Morata Region
    A region that once was part of Niflheim Empire.

    Currently, by the strength of Lord Weed'sexcellent choices, the development is continuing.
    Morata has become the representative city that showcases the best in the North, becoming the centre of arts, trades, and adventures.
    Two great structures, the Freya Cathedral and the North's Great Library have been completed.

    Military: 259 Economy: 2,969 Culture: 3,129
    Technology: 843 Religious Influence: 87 Politics: 69
    Influence on nearby areas 74%.
    Influence from the past Niflheim Empire 16.5%[27]
    City Development: 259 Hygiene: 39 Public Security: 88%
    Recently the Undead Legion has been repelled without any severe damages.

    Influx of population is continuing but as roads and enough residency has been prepared in advance, the residents do not feel any discomfort.
    With the active trades and commerce, a high-income bracket is being created.
    With the increase of Morata's regional fame, three specialities have been added: silverware, palm wine, and luxury textiles.
    The Cathedral and the Great Library are the resident's pride.
    Morata heavily influences the nearby region in terms of politics, economics, and culture.
    This year is expected to yield a bountiful harvest.
    Thoughts of rebellion cannot be imagined.
    Enough military forces have been retained to fight the monsters.
    Through the increase military spending, the soldiers and knights have greater loyalty.
    The magnificent sculptures are bringing happiness to the residents.
    The standard of paintings are rising.
    The artists endless trust and financial support have become the dynamic for cultural development.
    Morata Art Center has become the cornerstone for new artists in the whole of the Northern Continent, storing many of their created pieces.
    Due to the Great Library, education, magic, and adventure is robust.
    Through education and high culture, many children who are smart and wise are born. If you teach them 10 things, they will only forget about 5 at the end of the month!
    The tailoring industry's skill is being inherited. The tailors can use leather, fabric, and lavish products to make clothes.
    Blacksmith's iron wielding skills are at the level that they can heat up iron and hit it with their hammer. Master craftsmen have appeared and are leading the skill development.
    Regional religion: most residents believe in Freya.
    The wastelands have been cultivated into a fertile granary zone.
    This year is a bountiful year for crops.
    With strong faith and steady public order, the crime rate has reduced greatly.

    Total Population: 1,175,704 Monthly Tax Income: 953,290 gold
    Specialties: Art, Leather and Fabric, Tomato, Grape, Rice, Cow, Milk, Cheese, Wine, Silverware, Palmwine, Luxury Textiles.
    Village Operating Expenditures:
    • Military 5%
    • Economic Development 36%
    • Cultural Investment 14%
    • Quests and Monster Subjugations 16%
    • Village Maintenance 25%
    • Church of Freya Donation 4%

    You have received a title from Morata's resident The Greatest Ruler in the North.
    It prevents the residents's loyalty from dropping.

    Increases population influx.

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    Fifth Growth[]


    • Church of Lugh's Development

    During Weed's quest to help the refugees to successfully escaped Embinyu Church invasion in Serabourg City [28], he managed to raise the morale of Morata residents and the loyalty to Weed has increased to a maximum state.
    After Weed finished his quest in Serabourg Citadel, he went back to Morata to give the Sword of Lugh back to the Church of Lugh.[29]
    The Church of Lugh was comparatively new in Morata but it's slowly growing. He reported his find of Las Phalanx/Jigolath and told stories of his adventures to the area. He did this in the Church of Lugh instead of other places so the church would grow faster by giving out quests related to Las Phalanx/Jigolath. He also gained fame and contribution points because of it.
    The Bishop stated that there was a new dungeon appeared near Morata and planned to dispatch the paladins to wipe out most of the dangerous monsters. However, he asked for cooperations of Morata's soldiers.

    Use your authority as Lord to command the soldiers to cooperate with the Church of Lugh to raid the dungeon?

    Knights and soldiers will be dispatched and a quest will be created.

    With this cooperation the Morata's army will have experience by raiding with the church and their equipment renewed.

    • Local Specialty
    Weed had made ceramic as one of Morata's specialty by selling a massive amount of ceramics he made in the shop. He also opened Ceramist as one of the profession class.

    Morata keeps developing while Weed was away.

    • Military
    Grass Porridge Guild by now has surpassed 3 million people.[30]. The submissions numbered to around 19,000 a day (it's implied). It is considered the largest force in the north. Everywhere they went, they went as a crowd; during hunting, taking resources, helping the city or participated on quests. As Morata's production and economy increased their level rose step by step.
    Unbeknownst to Weed, although he refused being given Orcs army, they went to Morata anyway. The numbers are staggering; 150,000 Orcs made their journey from Orc Stronghold Bursilia to Morata.[31]
    • Morata Art Center
    During Weed's adventure this time (Grapass, Ratzerburg) he gained some items that have historical value/antiques due to the four races. He also created a huge amount ceramics/celadon but he kept the Masterpieces and Magnum Opus ceramics to be put in the Art Center for display.
    • Housing
    As he reinvested his taxes into Town Maintenance, a lot of unique Arpen Empire's style buildings were built in Morata.[32] 4-Storey Townhouses and Luxury Villas have been built overlooking the lake shores by experienced architects. Rich merchants and high-level users can own these luxury houses.

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    Regional Info[]

    After finishing his latest quest (the four races), he came back to Morata and checked the changes and accessed the lord's command.[33]

    Morata Region
    Morata’s local area belongs to the Niflheim Empire.

    Currently, the best ruler that is reigning the North is Lord Weed.
    He has the best city to represent the North as the center of trade, art, and adventure.
    Morata as a noble land of the north is respected and is called a majestic city.
    With its great architecture, the completion of the Grand Cathedral and the Grand Library in the northern part of Church of Freya was an opportunity to widely spread the culture of Morata.

    Military: 316 Economy: 4,329 Culture: 5,241
    Technology: 997 Religious Influence: 91 Politics: 74
    Influence to the neighboring areas : 82%

    Influence of Niflheim Empire : 22.4% [34]

    City Development: 322 Hygiene: 44 Public Security: 91%
    The economic influence and politics is growing throughout the north as being the center of trade and commerce.

    The population growth and trade have an astronomical increase and more resources are being put on city development.
    The residents are given opportunities to pick on several profession guilds.
    Morata is leading in development in the North of the continent.
    Due to the expansion in culture, the area has been extended to the nearby shores. If the number of merchants that deals with fishermen and marine transport reached a certain extent, you could build a harbor.
    The farmers have obtained their confidence with their successive harvests to grow Tea Trees. When you begin to successfully harvest the grown Tea Trees, it will be able to raise the cultural level of Morata as well as an increase on the major exports.
    The chances of techniques in Sewing being forgotten to history is decreasing.
    It is scrupulous and a challenge for the tailors trying to recreate its glorious past in history.
    The current cloth wears, leathers and leather armors is of good quality and fine clothing is being made to be worn by the nobles.
    With the technological development and financial commitment, the Tailors and researching on ‘Silk‘.
    Blacksmiths are producing steel swords from smelted iron.
    Inexpensive and reliable quality goods are being sold in a lot of shops such as Golden Jewelry, Steel Swords, Leather Gloves, Fine Clothes, Sheep, Ale and Olives.
    A lot of other goods are being produced in Morata and trade is actively progressing.
    The surrounding cities are also improving little by little.
    The residents are proud with special buildings and the wide streets in the city.
    The merchants have requested for a road that leads to another area!
    As a place of adventure and exploration, the remains of Niflheim Empire is currently being traded in the stores.
    The young ones love Lord Weed.
    If you go to alleys, you will not be able to find scribbles denouncing the Lord.
    But when there is a massive war going on, the morale seems to not be high.
    Although the finances of Morata does not occupy a large portion for military expenditures, a lot of the money has been committed to it as the tax revenues increased by quite a lot.
    You have a lot of loyal knights.
    The driving force to the developing culture is their endless confidence and rich support of the artists.
    The artworks in Morata Art Center have antiques and artifacts on display which includes sculptures.
    Residents are hoping for more Grand Buildings.
    Due to the continuous economic development, this place is now in the state of middle class.
    Due to the demand of moving away from shacks to get new houses, housing constructions are active.
    Freya is the most believed religion in the area. They hold a vast granary around the city.
    There are a variety of agricultural products that are being grown.
    The army fights with the monsters regularly and due to the economic development, crime rate has dropped.

    Total Population: 2,423,932 Monthly Tax Income: 2,311,627 gold
    Specialties: Artworks, Leather and Cloth products, Tomatoes, Grapes,
    Rice, Beef, Milk, Cheese, Wine, Silverworks, Palm Wine,
    Fine Fabrics, Gold Jewelry, Steel Swords, Leather Gloves,
    Fine Clothes, Sheep, Ale and Olives.
    Village Operating Expenditures:
    • Military 6%
    • Economic Development 36%
    • Culture 14%
    • Monster Subjugation Commissions 19%
    • City Maintenance 22%
    • Offering to the Church of Freya 3%

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    Grand Building[]

    His current saving amounted to 3,7 million gold in Morata. He was able to build more varieties of Grand Buildings due to adventuring, culture, technology, and population. If he built 2 more Grand Buildings, Morata will be the largest city in the continent.

    • Research Tower
    Weed placed it on a vacant lot in the outskirts of Morata.
    Research Tower
    This tower is where the mages stay to study about the truth of the world.

    It would allow studied the four different branches of magic.
    Developed magic could be taught to qualified mages and in exchange, the mage will give research or jewelry.
    It will create a rapid growth in training among mages and will be able to teach unique experiences.
    The research capacity of the Research Tower will vary depending on the abilities and number of the staying Archmages.
    A lot of money is going to be spent to support the mages with their grants and remunerations.

    Construction Cost : at least 1,8 million gold.

    Construction period : at least 7 months.

    The construction period may increase depending if there's any accident with the personnel involved.

    Experienced Architects are required.
    The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
    Multiple sculptors, painters, and mages have to be mobilized.
    The artists who participated in this work will be able to have additional opportunities with their name.

    • Forge of Hestia

    This special Grand Building originated from the Dwarves in Ratzerburg. Weed built it outside the gate of Morata.

    Forge of Hestia!
    The Dwarves liked the warmth of Goddess of Hestia's embrace just like a furnace.

    They built a very large forge to extract iron from iron ore and named it the Forge of Hestia.
    Sometimes when the blacksmiths are smashing the iron, little sparks which were said to be blessings from Hestia would come and emerge.
    The items made in this place is said to contain with special powers.

    Construction Cost : at least 950,000 gold.

    Construction period : at least 5 months.

    The construction period may increase depending if there's any accident with the personnel involved.

    The Architects who participated in this work will be able to get a unique experience.
    A number of blacksmiths have to be mobilized.
    Blacksmiths who participated in the work would be able to get the opportunity to learn about fire.
    Once the Forge of Hestia is completed, you will receive a gift from a blacksmith.

    The impact of 2 Grand Buildings being built in Morata causing a continuous crowd of people. There was an expansion of the city boundaries such as road widening and opening squares. There was residential emerged on the outskirts.

    Morata population and economy are growing rapidly.

    Due to the active trading along with the production and consumption, the economy is booming.
    This boom increases the production volume by 25% and you will reap 10% more tax from the residents.

    • Construction and Completion
    The Grand Building 'Forge of Hestia' has been completed.
    Total Construction Period : 4 months 26 days.

    Cost of construction : 2,211,002 gold and 35 silver.
    Number of participated workers : 428,883.
    Building Value : 142,329

    More staff participated in the construction as planned so it's finished 7 days faster.

    Blacksmiths can extract iron from iron ore more quickly.
    When an object is created with the Blacksmith skill, an additional effect of +3% attack and 11% defense will be added.
    Items filled with Hestia's power can be created.
    The Dwarf settlement rate has improved.
    The satisfaction of the dwarves living in Morata will increase.

    The third Grand Building in Morata was completed. It was completed few days quicker thanks to the active participants of the users living in Morata. The city once again filled with a festival.
    The Research Tower was proceeding smoothly with 97% completed.[35] As soon as the Forge was completed, Weed made use of it to make a new armor for himself since he lost the Talrock's Armor from his fight with Bardray in Merlbourne Mine. He made a Goddess's Knight Armor.
    The completion of the Research Tower only mentioned in passing during Weed's coronation as King of Arpen Kingdom.

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    Special Buildings[]

    List of all the buildings Weed managed acquired during his adventures.

    Arpen Architectures[]

    When Weed completed the old Mercenary Smith Quest[36], Mercenary Smith gave him a broken antique seal that had a stamp made of jade and golden dragon crafted with gold. He picked it up in Count Savoid mansion during his mercenary days. Weed tried several attempts repairing this seal.

    Weed managed to see the information on the seal after repairing it to nearly perfect condition.[37]

    After practicing for so many hours on his Sculpture Restoration Skill, he tried one more time to restore the seal.[38] It was not restored to what it was. He decided to use Light Sculpting to restore and finally succeeded. The seal he finally managed to restore is the Seal of Emperor.

    The Arpen Empire appreciated buildings from the Classical Era. As a sculptor and the owner of this province, you can now construct buildings from Classical Era. Buildings from Classical Era were known to be very solemn and elegant, as well as big enough to accommodate large populations. The construction costs are very high but they give an effect of increasing fertility.
    You can now build special buildings.

    Imperial Palace of Arpen Empire
    At least 8 million gold in construction cost.
    Only one can be constructed on the entire continent.
    Political influence extends to the whole continent.
    Loyalty and morale of knights will soar.
    Reduces the likelihood of betrayal from the nobility.
    It has a lot of maids.
    You will need a very large territory to construct.
    If the Imperial Palace is constructed on farmland, then discontent from the civilians will increase dramatically.
    Has a special effect over the city:
    Increases the likelihood of wandering knights to pledge their loyalty.

    Diplomatic effects.

    Large Colosseum
    At least 300,000 gold in construction costs.
    A place for gladiators.
    Watching the fierce battles will relieve the stress of the citizens.
    Admission will increase the city’s revenue.
    The Lord’s reputation will increase when built.
    The Colosseum will create a lot of brave gladiators.
    Special Effects :
    Gladiators will come to test their strength.

    Rapidly increase the training of soldiers.

    Rock Fort
    At least 500,000 gold in construction costs.
    Can serve as a citadel for the city.
    Can be build in mountains and high cliffs.
    Has essential shops and housing for soldiers.
    Depending on the terrain, a number of blessings can be granted and it can be used as an outpost against monsters raid.
    The number of quests available to fight against monster increase significantly and materials gathered from the monsters will become available on the market.
    If the fort fails, then the Lord's reliability to provide the residents safety drops sharply.
    Special Effects :

    Expansion of territory.

    Special Arpen Granary
    At least 40,000 gold in construction costs.
    This is a very special building.
    A very large building towering towards the sky!
    The Arpen Empire created multiple layers inside the grainery to store large amounts of grain.
    Can store large amounts of grain, alcohol, and fruit underground for very long periods of time.
    Reduces the number of starving residents and stabilizes the price of food.
    Residents will not need to worry about food and children like to look at the large granaries.
    When the continent was united under the Arpen Empire, this was the most essential building for safety, fertility, and the economy.
    City wide festivals can be triggered.
    Special Effects :

    Neighboring residents will immigrate because they will not need to worry about starvation.

    Mysterious Fairy Pond
    Construction cost 1,000 gold.
    A small, quiet natural ponds with clear water is a favorite for Fairies.
    It is difficult to find place to build it.
    Once the pond is built, then fairies will come to play around.
    In most cases, the fairies will not pull malicious pranks.
    The Fairy Queen may present unexpected gifts.
    Special Effects :

    Increase nature affinity and mysterious events may occur.

    Arpen Houses
    Construction costs 2,000 gold.
    A four story building made out of stone.
    Sturdy and does not break easily.
    These middle class houses can house many generations of residents together.
    It will become more popular if built next to a lake or a river.
    Increases public security and the satisfaction of the residents.
    Special Effects :

    Increase the resistance of natural disaster and reduces damaging to the structure.

    Sculptor's Cave Complex
    At least 30,000 gold in construction costs.
    A place for sculptors to gather and learn new sculpting techniques.

    Helps to develop the city's culture.

    Castle Ruins
    At least 70,000 gold in construction costs.
    To build this structure the city's culture, art, and technology must be evenly developed.
    A special building from Arpen Empire that spirits live in.
    Spirits like to play tricks on young children.
    Spirits cannot be caught.
    Spirits reduce the number of children attacked by monsters.

    This building increases the development of magic.

    Arpen Merchant Center
    At least 25,000 gold to construct.
    The Arpen Empire preferred artists and merchants.
    Independent free traders can rest here.
    Built in places with good public security so their wagon can be stored here.

    It is possible to increase bargaining skills and the movement speed of wagons for a few days after resting here.

    Tilted Leaning Tower
    At least 150,000 gold in construction costs.
    Questions will be raised as to the nature of the Leaning Tower.
    Raises elemental affinity with mages.
    Special Effects :

    Raises elemental affinity based on the nature of the surrounding area.

    Leather Production Center
    At least 1,200 gold in construction costs.

    This place will sell leather and leather products

    There were as many as 300 buildings from the Arpen Empire that raised military, economics, or education. They required a large amount of money and stones by default as well as jewelries and precious metals.

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    Ancient Ratzeburg Buildings[]

    When Weed explored the cave where the Four Races lived, he was rewarded with the ability to build these ancient buildings.[39]

    You have found the historic place of Petra Walls.
    Your reputation has increased by 230.
    Your intelligence has increased by 3.
    You can now build Petra Walls on your governing cities.
    Petra Walls reduces the morale of the monsters with low construction costs.
    You can now build Special Ancient Buildings.
    Art, Knowledge, and Luck has increased by 13.
    The Dwarves would stand and look at this miniature version of the city of Ratzeburg that was made.
    The Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs lived in harmony because the model showed that they used a variety of different buildings and structures.
    Maroon Colored Street

    The paved stones in the city will make it easy to move.
    Help horses and people move quickly.
    Special Properties :

    Historical Value : 3,580
    Artistic Value : 498
    This helps promote commercial development.
    Orcish Bathtub

    Sometimes after going to battle, the disgusting Orcs go home early and use this while dressed.
    It is even wide enough to drag it down to the river for a swim.
    It was a great pride for the Orcs to finish having their baths and looking respectable.
    You might die if you use this with low health.
    Special Properties :

    Historical Value : 1,935
    Artistic Value : 179
    After bathing, your physical recovery rate will increase by 45%.
    Orcs increase their Charm by 3.
    The Ancient Amphitheatre

    This was made so that the races could discuss the threats surrounding them. But soon, it turned to a place where the Orcs and Dwarves boast their strength. While the humans create musicals as the Elves showed their proudest Elemental Magic.
    Special Properties :

    Historical Value : 7,410
    Artistic Value : 2,930
    This will cause a significant impact on culture and local politics.
    Increases the loyalty of the people.
    The Great Trees Square

    This place symbolizes the unity and prosperity of the four races.
    This is a square with fruit bearing Kota trees at the middle.
    A lot of Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, and Elves mothers spent time to care for the children. When a mother is raising a kid, they need to give them meals. They very much do anything from selling their unnecessary stuff to helping onhunting and construction.
    The most enjoyable sight that happens here is when husbands get in trouble and their wife scolds them that tree.
    Special Properties :

    Historical Value : 9,340
    Artistic Value : 689
    The Kota tree is needed for construction.
    This showed very large impact on the formation of the earliest commercial cities.
    Helps in stabilizing peace and order and reduce conflict.

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    Quest Related's City Development[]

    Users can find quest given by resident that has an effect in the city. It is unknown how many of these quests have been given to the users, however Pale and the gang took this quest from the weapon shop owner.[40] Weed also had these quests as a form of residents requesting an audience to their lord and ask for his help.

    Master of the sword

    There were many professionals artisans and knights of the Niflheim Empire of the Viteoleu/Biteoreu. I want you to find their descendants and bring them here.

    Difficulty : B

    Quest Limit : Will fail upon the death of the descendants of the Viteoleu/Biteoreu.

    They got sidetracked with Weed's sea adventure but they were finally in Mordred, the Imperial Capital of Niflheim Empire.[41] Upon completion[42], a message window pops up :

    Aquired the royal sword of the Great General Viteoleu/Biteoreu.

    Morata city receives the legacy on how to craft Viteoleu/Biteoreu's royal sword.

    The city's weapon technology grows quickly.

    It is known that at the time Pale accepted the quest, the weapon and armor shop along with the smithy don't have many businesses from the income history. That's why the weapon shop owner gave out a quest that could impact the improvement of this sector.

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    Domain Expansion[]

    Vargo Fortress[]

    When Weed rejected the call to arms by Bar Khan[43], Morata was faced with the invasion of undead army as a result and him being summoned to Vargo Fortress as an undead foot soldier, along with other Necromancer users. Being undead, he and the other users had to heed the Bar Khan summoning call by forced.

    Vargo Fortress is now the place where the Undead Legion stationed, and Weed had to do series of quests for the undead, rising in their rank. While Weed was over Vargo Fortress, Morata's people were arming up facing the undead army. Quests for fighting the undead start to show in Morata. There were 4 undead armies marching to Morata with a total of 120,000 undead. They faced the first undead advance successfully[44], along with the second advancement.[45]

    While doing the undead quests, he had to face Hermes Guild, Polon and their group too. Weed and friends finally started to fight Bar Khan[46], they have to fight 3 Bone Dragons while trying to find Bar Khan's life vessel so they could beat him. When Weed and friends finally beat Bar Khan[47], a message window pop for Weed :

    You have conquered Vargo Fortress occupied by the Undead.

    Morata's domain has expanded.
    The area around Vargo Fortress has been incorporated into your territory.
    Your influence and fame as lord increased.

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    The Birth of Arpen Kingdom[]


    After Weed sold his ceramics, the elder who became the Earl of Morata approached him with a speech.[48]

    This land has been welcomed by good development with the indomitable leadership of its Lord. The people who lived here were also hardworking and loyal. After the fall of Niflheim Empire, the people who were suffering from the monsters and cold still enjoyed an abundant and safe living, and all this thanks to the Lord.

    As long as it is with their Lord, even if it is a monster lair, they will follow you without hesitation. I say this on behalf of the residents. To ensure that the development and glory of Morata will continue, I am making an earnest request as Earl for the army to go to the higher place and touch the entirety of the North.

    The Small Kingdom that Began in the Land of the North.

    The population and economic power of Morata had already succeeded that of a size of a city.
    The residents have faith that does not easily shaken the security and also enjoy religious freedom and cultural prosperity.
    After the collapse of the Niflheim Empire, you are considered the most developed city in the North.
    All the adventure and trade in Morata is already enough for this to be accomplished.
    Bring back the stability of the fallen lost people.
    The beginning of your Kingdom is going to be a small territory. It's going to be haunted by a bunch of monsters and due to unknown dangers, it may not go as smoothly as expected.
    But, the residents are willing for this request because they believe that their Lord will dominate for the better future.
    Can you bring the big burden of leading Morata onto your shoulders?
    If you accepted the Elder's proposal, you will rise in place as the King of city states after your rough coronation.
    Morata and Vargo Fortress is going to be declared as a region of your Kingdom.
    Other than the town areas, the territorial expansion in the surrounding place will accelerate.
    Your political power will increase in the nearby areas.
    Although the size of your army is increasing, the residents will still feel anxiety. However, if the size of your army is too small, feeling this anxiety is much worse.
    You can arrange diplomatics actions with the other Kingdoms.
    In the internal affairs and construction areas, you could exercise your authority to be more powerful. You can now build the new buildings that are added.
    The result of these diplomatic negotiations may vary according to the King's Fame, and the event that will occur in these affairs will be depending on your Luck.

    You have accepted the King's seat.

    All your rights are born after your coronation.
    The form of your Kingdom from a small city state ciuld become a formal Kingdom depending on the size of your territory.
    Choose the name for your Kingdom.

    You have chosen Arpen as the name of your Kingdom.

    The activities of your kingdom officially begin after the coronation took place.
    Please decide the amounts of funds to be used for your coronation.
    A more luxurious and magnificent coronation would lead to a high Fame of your kingdom alongside with a high loyalty of your army.

    You have chosen 30 gold for the cost of your coronation.


    Users who didn't know the day of Weed's coronation would know about it from the residents who spread the words about the event. The Morata users wanted to attend the coronation but such a low budget coronation made it hard for them to find out since there were no extravagant decorations that usually came along with such an important event. By the time the sun had risen halfway up, the soldiers and knights were arranged in the Central Square.[49] That's the only indication for the users to go to the Central Square for the event.
    There was a wooden table with a thin gold crown and a glass of water on it. He came escorted by the knights wearing the newly made Goddess Knight Armor with a spectacular cloak.

    Alveron was leading the ceremony as a representative of the religions. Now, he was in charge of the Cathedral and missionary activities in the north. It was mentioned that his level at that moment was level 553. When the ceremony started, Alveron began his speech;

    "The Church of Freya, the Church of Lugh, and the four other religious orders of the Versailles Continent has blessed the rise of Weed's Arpen Kingdom."

    You have received the recognition of the religious orders.
    Faith has increased by 25.

    Honour has increased by 17.
    Luck has increased by 10.
    Leadership has increased by 10.

    You have received recognition as King from the Gods.

    There will be high levels of religious activities in your Kingdom.
    The loyalty of residents with high Faith won't decline.
    The religious orders in the Kingdom will give small support to quests and military activities.

    Alveron placed the gold crown on Weed's head and announced the first speech of Weed as King of Arpen Kingdom. After the speech, a message window appeared before all users in the Versailles Continent.

    The Arpen Kingdom has been established.
    King of Weed has created a small kingdom including Morata and Vargo Fortress.

    It is the center of trade in the north and is leading in arts and cultures. It is a kingdom where significants amount of weapons and quality fabric is created and possessed a various type of local specialties.
    There are a vast number of residents and many are talented people.
    Due to the grain coming from an abundant land, the birth rate is very high.
    The Ellyons have moved to Arpen Kingdom and it is their new playground. The nutrient-rich fruit and grains will grow even more abundantly.
    The interest of the Elves has increased thanks to the Ellyons's move.
    The support offered to the King by the residents are absolute and they will unite together to stand against any threats. The residents have leaped forward tremendously despite the difficult environment so they have optimistic attitude.
    The Grand Buildings the residents built together will be the light that illuminates the beginning of the Arpen Kingdom.

    The fame of Morata and Vargo Fortress has increased.

    You will have a large political influence over any areas in the vicinity that doesn't belong to the kingdom yet.

    A small riot is taking place in Vent Castle.

    For his eyes only, a message window showed up.

    The King has the authority to make any demand of the residents.

    The residents won't be able to refuse the King's orders if they don't want to die.
    However, if an impossible request is asked than loyalty will fall and a resistance army will be established.

    You can appoint the nobility. The nobles are subject to the taxes and benefits of their territory.

    Royal Knights can be installed.

    You can select a state religion. Many residents believe in the Goddess of Freya. When a state religion is established, any missionary work related to that religion will become smooth thanks to the Goddess of Luck.

    But the will be a strong opposition from other religions.

    The construction of the palace is necessary for many internal affrairs and governing.

    A King was able to exercise a strong power of authority. Fame, Dignity, and Charm were the best when dealing with residents. Any quest could be given or forcefully taken away properties.

    He had made Morata as the Capital of Arpen Kingdom.

    To commemorate the birth of his kingdom, he managed to move residents and users alike to help him build a colossal construction that will have a major impact on the newly found kingdom, Garden of the Gods.

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