Moonlight Sculpting Blade

Also named Sculpting Blade technique or Moonlight Sculpting Blade (v28c7)

Skill Information


                               Moonlight Sculpting Sword Skill
Allows you to carve your enemy with invisible and intangible technique.

Mana consumption: 50 per second.


This skill enable the user to ignore some percentage of enemy armor on his attack.


Moonlight Sculpting Blade is a gorgeous and beautiful sword skill, but it is NOT enough in a 1 on 1 battle against an advance specialized battle expert, like a black knight or a berserker (v28c7).


The legend tells that Grand Master Zahab accidentally discovered a way of truth when
he was practicing the sculptural art — that sculpture is an art of transforming all
creations at the sculptor’s will.

He realized the sculting is not limited to just wood and stone, but can also work as sword technique. Zahab’s secret technique is passed down to his successor.


  • During assassination attempt of Queen Evane, Zahab used this technique to kill her enemies and in the same time was carving moonlight.

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