Devil's Helmet


Montus devil's helmet, taken by Weed after he killed him[1].


When wearing Montus devil's helmet, the title ‘Thirteenth Subordinate of the Devil[2]’ will be applied.

Item Information Edit

Combat boostEdit

  • All combat skills have increased by 12%.
  • Defense has increased by 161.
  • The devil doesn’t collapse easily. The endless defense will trigger depending on how the attacks are endured.
  • Your body will become stronger when injured.
  • This state of defense won’t collapse and will sometimes make the enemy’s attacks obsolete.
  • Your cruel mind will cause fear.

Dark magic boostEdit

  • Intermediate black magic will consume a minimum amount of mana.
  • Black magic that isn’t as strong as yours will have little effect.
  • The casting time of demonic magic will decrease.

Stat boostEdit

  • Knowledge has increased by 115.
  • Wisdom has increased by 98.
  • Faith will be reduced by 3.

Other boostEdit

  • It will increase combat fame by 8,000.
  • This helmet can never be lost.
  • When wearing the helmet, the title ‘Thirteenth Subordinate of the Devil’ will be applied.


  • Weed was wearing the helmet in Atarog's lair, therefore he was able to lead the evil spirits hiding there and used them to completely smash the Hermes Guild’s hunting parties.[3]
  • Montus and his devil's helm suggest that Royal Road are including special hidden layers, like the vampire subplane or the devil's plane.  


  1. Reference missing
  2. We should assume Montus was one former devil's key subordinate on the hell plan.
  3. Volume 43 Chapter 6
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