The ConceptEdit

The concept of "monster" describe any non playable species that can interact with users. Often, they are unfriendly to PC, if not aggressive. Their level, skills, stat, appearance varies in an unlimited numbers of ways. They have their own eco system, social origanization and history. Every high level monster, called Boss monster will have is own name, skill and personality.  

Content of the sectionEdit

This section describes various type of monsters. A certain category of monster can receive its own section, if author shares enough informations. Here are the subsections :


Most fearsome monster species of Royal Road.


Place, where monsters often live and breeds.

Sculptural lifeformEdit

Hand made, crafted either by Geihar von Arpen or Weed. They can be considered monsters or NPC (if made after a race which is available to gamers, like a barbarian or an elf for example).


New section, dedicated to monster family that was most extensively described in Novel. Those monsters are related to Dark Magic; and therefore to dark magic related class, like Necromancer or Warlock. They are monsters, but can be made available to gamers, under special circumstances.

Other MonstersEdit

All monsters, with the exception of the aformentionned. It was the first section which moved into category mode. 

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If you find any monster that is not to be found in this section, please leave a message in the comment section below or on my wall. Phil1403 (talk) 11:48, January 31, 2016 (UTC)


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