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Migrium (미그리움) is a solid metal found only in the land of the Giants. High in durability, and 1st-grade Blacksmith material[1]. Due to its shiny appearance, it might look like Gold from afar.


The giants keep prisoners inside their fortress and enslaved them to mine Migrium and Gold for them. They make things using Migrium for the giants, as the metal characteristic is really hard and wouldn't easily be broken[2].

Material Information[]

Durability: 230/230
A solid metal found only in the land of the giants.

Mana isn’t included but it is very hard.
Wonderful weapons and armour can be produced with this metal.
A 1st-grade blacksmith item.

Helps increase the proficiency in the Blacksmith skill.

Sharp weapons with high durability can be created. Special armour with physical resistance can be created.
A shiny material.


  • The users who participated in the quest to rescue the prisoners from the giants’ fortress received 20 kilograms of gold and five bars of Migrium each[4].
  • Weed thought it would be a waste if he used Migrium to make a sculpture, even though he already become Master Sculptor himself[5].
  • Weed used Migrium to make a sculpture named "The Bear that Stole the Honeypot". His blacksmithing skill proficiency increased by smelting this material[6]. He used Devine Fire Skill gifted by Goddess Hestia, didn't have to carry heavy furnaces with him anymore.


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