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Mermaids are humanoid marine creatures but are rare and difficult to find[1].


  • Its upper body resembles a female human's body and the lower half is similar to a fish, covered with scales and fins[2].
  • Mermaids level is high and strong in the water[3].
  • Mermaids are extremely beautiful[4].
  • Mermaids can also speak and communicate with humans[5].

Monster Information[]

  • Mermaids are usually diving in the sea but sometimes can be found in on top of coral reef's or swimming besides ships[6].
  • People usually don't hunt mermaids, as they are strong, with high levels and incredibly fast in the sea, which makes them almost impossible to be hunted[7].
  • Mermaids can be attracted to nice music, dancing and songs[8].
  • They usually swim in groups[9].
  • Mermaid's Tears are a valuable resource[10].
Mermaid's Tears

Letting them Crystallize will transform them into pearls and after craftsmanship, 
there won’t be anything that could be compared with it.
They were truly the treasures of the sea that would yield high Fame 
and Trade stats when sold on the mainland!
  • If a mermaid swims beside a ship for some times, the ship will receive some positive stats and buffs[11].:
    • Luck buff
    • Sailing speed buff to ships
    • Sailing skill proficiency
    • Charisma stat permanently increased


  • Appeared on the Sea when Weed travel back from Jigolath to Arpen[12].
  • Weed was able to sold the clothes he made with Jigolath's monsters drops, to the mermaids, as some mermaids didn't have money, items or gold to trade for cloths, Weed asked them to pay him with tears[13].
  • The legends in the Versailles Continent stated the mermaids are descendants of the Sea God, so hunting them will bring divine retribution and bad luck[14].
  • Weed received a treasure map from the mermaids, Map of somewhere in the Sea of Planetis[15].
  • Mapan traded a good amount of items with mermaids, received as payment sea products, like, corals, seaweeds, pearls, glimmering fish scales, etc[16].
  • Weed reported information about mermaids to Freya's Church and received Contribution Points in exchange[17].


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