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The sculpture was produced in the Land of Despair[1].

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The fierce and confident Seoyoon with a sword in front of her looked like she was guarding the entrance from dangerous monsters. That was a perfect image of a worthy and proud mercenary.

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Fine piece! You finished the statue of female mercenary! The northern lands are poor and unfit for farming, so a lot of northern women become mercenaries to protect their homes and earn some money. They never retreat and always finish their assigned tasks. With weapons in their hands they fearlessly slay the most dangerous monsters of the north! Ever since knights became too arrogant the peacekeeping duty fell on mercenaries’ shoulders.

Artistic value: 600. Effects: Health and mana regeneration increased by 15% for a day. Movement speed increased by 15%. Charisma increased by 100. Strength increased by 10. Agility increased by 10. All attributes increased by 5. For a week after seeing the statue you can take a mission at the mercenary guild on better terms. Experience gain increased by 5%. These effects do not stack with effects of other sculptures. The number of created fine pieces: 5.

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor Stat increase

Sculpture mastery experience points gained. Fame increased by 85. Endurance increased by 1. New attribute: Charisma! Charisma: this attribute represents the ability to attract people. Primarily those of opposing sex. You become more attractive and charming. One of the main attributes for bards, dancers and party leaders. If your profession is related to crafting, charisma will help you to create more detailed works.Due to your profession, your charisma attribute is raised by 20. Fortitude raised by 5.

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