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Shin Hye Min, or Maylon in Royal Road, is a popular host and reporter for KMC Media [1]. As a reporter, she has a naturally inquisitive personality and somewhat upbeat manner[2]. When in the presence of her boyfriend, Pale, she becomes very sweet[3].

Profile and Data[]

Stats and Skills[]

As an Archer class, she fights often at distance and uses mostly bow and arrows during combat [8].



  • Arrows flying in the Wind: An Archer skill that increases the distance of ranged attack by 50%[9].
  • Arrow Tracking: Archer skill[10]
  • Deadly Shot: an Archer attack skill[11].
  • Dispersion Fire: several arrows shot at the same time[12]
  • Multiple Shot: several arrows shot at the same time[13]
  • Penetration: passive[14] skill[15]
  • Poison arrow: a Sniper attack skill[16].
  • Pottery: this is a production skill that allows creation of ceramic and porcelain items using clay[17]>
  • Quick /Rapid Fire:it is a passive[18] skill[19]
  • Triple Shot: an Archer attack skill[20].



  • Venus's High Elf Bow[23]


  • Shin Hye Min gets along with her co-workers pretty well[24].
  • She knows how to be professional at her workplace, especially when guests come in to talk about Royal Road and make statements that she might very much disagree with[25].
  • As Maylon, she is very reliable, and can usually be seen fighting alongside Pale during battles.
  • She has a very active imagination often "over-imagining" events that may be more mundane as she discovers with Weed's own adventures.
  • She met Pale in the Rosenheim Kingdom, while helping Weed with the Tomb of King Theodarren sculpture [26].
  • Pale's friends are not very fond of the lovey-dovey interactions between Pale and Maylon[27].
  • She is weak to alcohol[28]