Materials are key elements for craft/production classes to improve their skill. They also are a key element to improve/enrich the attributes of new items. Depending on the rarity of an item, a number of attributes will change. [1] Materials can be gathered through various ways and can have multiple uses.

Materials listEdit

Materials are listed in alphabetical order.



  • Ranking: They range from beginner(rabbit, wolves) or intermediate(orcs, yetis) or even advanced(bone dragon) tier.
  • Method of Acquisition : Bones can be collected as loot from killing undead monsters or by collecting it from corpses if one has the butchering skill.
  • Used for: They are used by multiple skills. These include cooking(bone broth), sculpting(lich Deorol by Weed) and blacksmith(armour, shield, sword, bow) skills.


  • Ranking: Beginner(cotton) to Intermediate(Prismatic cloth, silk) tier. There is also mysterious cloth which is advanced tier. [2]
  • Method of Acquisition : It needs textile industry to produce. The more advanced the industry the better the tier of the cloth. Players can get them through quest rewards or find them as treasure.
  • Used for: They are used to make cloth armour for magicians and priests. They are also used to make bandages for bandaging skill.



  • Ranking: Can have beginner(rabbit, fox), intermediate(yetis), advanced(king hydra, black imoogi, fire salamander king) tier.
  • Method of Acquisition : Can be obtained by butchering the corpses of animals and monsters. Sometimes they drop as loot, the probability increases if the player has tailoring skill.
  • Used for: Used to make leather items(armour). Requires Tailoring skill. Can also be used to make dolls for increasing sculpting skill.


  • First appearance: ? [3]
  • Ranking: ?
  • Made of : ?
  • Found by : ?
  • Where: ?
  • Used for: ?



  • First appearance: ? [4]
  • Ranking: ?
  • Made of : ?
  • Found by : ?
  • Where: ?
  • Used for: ?


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