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Matallost Copper Plate

Matallost Plate of Eternal Rest is one of 5 Sacred Relics of the Matallost Church[1], recovered by Weed from Embinyu, Church of destruction.


A large and simple copper plate[2] belonging to Matallost Church.

Item Information

                        Copper Plate of Eternal Rest
Durability: 12/1,000
The copper plate with powers to lead the dead to the world of eternal rest.

An item absolutely necessary for the existence of the Matallost Church, it is in
severely damaged condition.

One of the five relics.

Because it is a dangerous item, if it falls into the hands of the wicked, the
probability of it causing chaos is high.

Although it was being protected by the Holy Knights of the Matallost Church, it was 
forcibly taken by the Embinyu Church. As damage is severe, there is a limitation to 
the power it can display.

While it is impossible to repair by normal means, it can be repaired with the holy
power of the Matallost Church's Pope.

The durability will decrease even more if used.

Must receive the recognition of the Matallost Church. Faith 2,000

Lead the dead to their resting place.

Can forcibly cancel Undead magic. Can specially enhance Undead to decrease damage
taken from Holy Magic.

If an Undead has hold of it, it can reject guidance to the world of eternal rest and
retain very high Health, Mana, and Strength.

Can create and command Demonic Spirits.

Can pronounce the sentence of death. Once sentence of death has been pronounced,
Health and Mana will not recover for a day.


  • A Death Sentence

Weed used it 4 times[3] (with death sentence) against :  King Hydra, High Priest Feylord, Lich Bar Khan, Black Imugi. He also used it on the Embinyu demonic spirits.


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