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Master swordman

Introduction Edit

To unlock the final technique quest, one warrior need to search and gather over the Central Continent 9 special skills, crafted by masters of the sword [1].


  • There is a total of 9 Sword Master in the entire Continent[2].
  • Each of them posses knowledge of unique and secret technique of swordsmanship.
  • The identity and whereabouts of the two of them is well known. The third one can be found on Dark Gamer Union's bulletin board.
  • The identity and whereabouts of other masters are NOT general knowledge.
  • Some users may already have encountered them, but the news did not spread out, because having a special sword skill is a strong advantage. It's the same issue as for the Heriam (intermediate) training center. 
  • Bard Ray is the first to officialy attempt the quest. Geomchis should be next [3]. But, so far, nobody succeeded, except for Weed-Nodule during the warring age period [4].

Retard Nation Edit

  • Well known Sword Masters

here is a list of masters of the sword.

Master Croma Edit

  • Whereabout : At his Knight Order headquarter or on mission.
  • Requirement/Restriction:To meet Croma, one needs strong stat in reputation, elegance, honor and loyalty. It was easier to meet the requirements as a knight rather than a swordsman. Therefore many knight met Croma and learned his swordsmanship.
  • Unique Skill name : Honorable Promise
  • Description : It contain unique horseback swordsmanship. It enabled one to briefly triple his combat power

Master EvirathanEdit

  • Description: Evirathan, Lugh's famous paladin (Alternative name: Evrirathan) [5]
  • Whereabout : At one of the Lugh church center, or on mission.
  • Requirement/Restriction: To be a paladin of Lugh. His skills are based on Lugh's holy power[6].
  • Unique Skill name : Evirathan's sword of light, also named Sun's sword. 
  • Other Sword Masters

Master Ash Edit

  • Whereabouts: Small island in the middle of ocean, somewhere in between Bellona Island and Morata.
  • Skill Requirement/Restriction: Duel with Ash and hold your ground, as to impress him with your swordsmanship skill.
  • Skill Information: Sword-Cloning Skill
  • Trivia: did met the Geomchis[7]. They almost made a fool, out of him, because he met them during their lunchtime. But he prevailed against all of them, including their master. He taught them his skill. But Geomchis promised to come back to take revenge[8]. Finally, he came back with Weed who could also learn sword cloning [9].  

Emperor Geihar von ArpenEdit

  • Description :He is one of the 5 Master Sculptor and also a master of the Sword Skill[10].
  • Whereabouts: Long dead. Hidden Legacy. Arpen, Weed new founded kingdom, was named after him[11]. Dwarves are also fascinated by his legend [12].
  • Skill Requirement/Restriction: Complete Sage Rodriguez or dwarf Raihand quest [13].Find his legacy in the Lair of Litvart. The information was found and retrieved by moonlight sculptor Weed
  • Skill Information: Imperial Sword Art.
  • It is a unique, beautiful and deadly sword skill of the first Emperor of the Continent, masterfully crafted from and for a sculptor. It's a unique set of 7 special skills, including a breathing skill, a special movement skill and 5 swords skills.

Master PardoEdit

  • Whereabouts:  [14]
  • Skill Requirement/Restriction: Complete Pardos given quest.
  • Skill Information: Sword of Nature .
  • Trivia: Darius learned the skill, for his own good and for the Haven Empire sake, by blackmailing the old swordmaster.  

Master PerciaEdit

  • Whereabouts: Navier Lake [15]
  • Skill Requirement/Restriction: Complete Percia's given quest.
  • Skill Information: Mana Sword  (or sword of mana) [16]
  • Trivia: The information can be found on the bulletin board of Dark Gamers Union. Percia skill is a must for them [17]. Bard Ray did solve this quest either [18].

Master ZahabEdit

  • Description:He is one of the 5 Master Sculptor and may be one of 9 Sword Master.
  • Whereabouts: Grapass, one of 10 forbidden zone. (former whereabouts) Bryce Highlands (current) (Former whereabouts) Left in the past during Weed's Master Sculpting Quest
  • Skill requirement/restriction: Find Zahab and complete its given quest to unlock the skill.
  • Skill Information: Radiant Sword
  • Trivia: Skill hidden within a sculpture. Seoyoon was the first to unlock to the skill. 

May need special observation or Item identification skill


  • At least, 2 other swordmasters legacies are hidden within the Central continent. One is known, to have visited the Geomchi's. He challenged them to experience the broad world around them, then to come back to defeat him. He made the promise that he would guide them to true strength[19]. He is wearing a cape and a light armor and did not gave his name away. We known that he dedicated all of his life to Martial Arts.
  • It is yet unclear how each class/race impact on the sword skill status. Some races or classes haves limitation regarding their ability to reach 100% mastery in a skill.
  • Weed mastered the sword as Nodulle in the past during his final secret sculpting technique quest, but it is unknown if he is considered a Master Swordman as he hasn't created a skill.


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