5 NPC Master Sculptor

Zahab, Geihar Von Arpen, Daycram, Belsos and Darone[1]

According to sage Rodrias

"The myth has it that there have been five masters in sculptural art on the Continent. Of course, it is only an ancient myth, for they came and went like the wind. They are known to leave their own crafts in their legacies, so I surmise that this statue is probably one of them. According to the myth, if you succeeded in collecting all five of the statues, and solve the puzzles arising from them, the ultimate secret of sculptural art will appear." [2]

"Each Sculpting Master has their own skills. If you learn all five techniques, you can learn a final skill. However, to fully utilize a profession was not something easy to do…."[3]]

Also, when they die, each Master Sculptor leave a wooden statue as a special legacy.They produce an unique item, like Geihar's Wooden Statue.

Weed, the first PC to become a Master Sculptor

Every NPC master achieved his master quest. But until recently, no user dare to claim that title. Weed was the first to publicly made that bold statement that he wanted to achieve this very rare status. His master quest is not finished yet[4]. But Weed is already the first gamer to collect all expert skill, and even the ultime time sculpting skill. He finally became the first user, becoming a master sculptor [5].

Sculptor Information

In fact, there are 6 famous Master Sculptors including Weed , which are:

King Zet Belsos La Deus the 3rd

  • Name : Zet Belsos La Deus [6], also known as King Belsos or the scorpion king or fire spirit's king.
  • Status: Deceased, as a the king of the Brukan Kingdom, a human kingdom of the past. Alive as a boss class fire spirit.
  • Profession: Sculptor, an expert in Fire Elemental sculpting.
  • First Appearance: meeting the Crimson Wings and their leader Teros[7]
  • Special Skill : Elemental Creation Sculpting , Fire

Place of rest, his tomb in the Musos Valley[8]. There, his hidden unique profession was finaly revealed to Weed[9]. After Weed succeed in finishing one of his sculpture, he appears to Weed as the King of the fire spirit [10].

Master Darone

Other than learning Sculpture Transformation from Darone, Weed also obtained movement skill, Quadrupled Run, a special movement skill.

Master Daycram

Other than obtaining Disaster sculpting skill, Weed obtained Nature Scultping Skill from Daycram and Helium material.

Emperor Geihar Von Arpen

King Weed

  • First Appearance: [15]
  • Status: Alive, King of Arpen Kingdom,
  • Place : Morata, Black Castle
  • Special Skill: master of the 5 Arts[16] (learned all 5 master skills), a unique feature. Weed was the first gamer to achieve this.
  • Unique Master Skill: Sculpture Resurrection, a new secret sculpting skill, after completing his 16th Master Quest he obtained a Freya's unique item which allows him to create a new sculpture skill with Freya's power[17], the skill was created to resurrect Roderick[18] after completing the last step in the Master Quest.

Weed is the player with the highest sculpting level. He is competing to become the first PC master class. He should soon become master class[19] and be the first PC to become a master sculptor.

Moonlight Master Zahab

  • First Appearance: [20]
  • Status: Alive, master in the moonlight Art
  • Place : Grass pass, moved to [21]
  • Special Skill: Sculpting Sword Skill, also called Sculpting blade or Moonlight sculpting blade, obtained from Zahab legacies[22]. An advance form of this skill exist. It is called Radiant sword and it is also opened to combat class (reference for Seoyoon ??? reference for geomchi [23]).


  • A Special Skill is a master skill, obtained directly from a master or from the legacy he left behind (in the case of a sculptor, a small wooden statue).


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