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Martial artist


Martial artist is a hidden class. The class is best represented by the Geomchis.They all switched profession in the City of Lavias[1]. In fact, they are the embodiment of this class.


  • Class description: Able to raise Weapon Mastery as a core skill.
  • This class include the ability to use all kind of weapons[2].
  • Access to the class: Beginner Training Hall[3].

Class InformationsEdit

Muay thai


  • In the last stages of the Martial Artist Master Quest chain, it is possible to choose a class specialization between Truth Seeker and Martial Artist Teacher[4].:
    • Martial Artist Teacher: has an unmatched ability to teach their disciples. Teachers could transfer their skills to NPCs or users.
    • Truth Seeker: doesn't teach anyone. They also can't get honor. A human body could become strong so they use martial arts to cultivate their strength in nature and remove any fear of death.

Special statsEdit

  • Attack and Vitality stats will increase dramatically.
    • Geomchiscrossed the Ocean swimming[5].

Special skillEdit

  • Change arrow´s trajectory[6]
  • Other skills: Ice Blade, River Sword, Revenge Slash, Slice and Dice, Double Strike[7].


  • First mention : When Weed was in Lavia.
  • Major characters:
  • All of them choose this class when they reached Lavia[8].
  • Obtained a class related quest from a nameless Master Martial Artist[9].
  • Obtained a Master Quest from a Master Samurai. At that stage, most the Geomchis Weapon Mastery skill was in between Advanced Level 4 and 7, but some of them had still low Weapon Mastery levels so Geomchi didn't gave permission to proceed with the quest until they all reached Advanced level[10].

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