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Mapan, or Kang Jing Cheol, [1]is a friend and Weed's business partner. He is a Merchant specializing in trading items and was level 70 when he met Weed[2]. When he initially chose to be a merchant, he was filled with the ambition of wealth. He started in Rosenheim Kingdom and met Weed in Baran Village, when Weed fell from Lavias with bags of loot[3]. He eagerly bought all the loot he could from Weed, making considerable profit and raising his accounting skill level. He decided to follow Weed in order to buy his loot for profit[4].

  • The birth of the dark merchant

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  • Trade[10]
  • Discount[11]
  • Overcharge[12]
  • Driving Wagon: a Transportation Skill that allows merchants to drive wagons[13]. The amount of weight carried will increase with proficiency[14].
  • Accounting: a merchant skill[15], it is possible to purchase merchandise at a more reasonable price, if the attempt fails there's a ten days penalty and the user won't be able to trade in that store[16].


  • The Vile Merchant Who Can Eat Children For Money:a titled obtained doing quests in favor of the vampires from the Kingdom of Todeum [17]
  • Clever Merchant in Selling Valuable Goods: As a well-known merchant, you would be able to receive and increase in price from the shop owners. A title Mapan obtained after successfully sold water jugs and bowls made by Weed[18]


  • Merchant Wagon
  • Axe[19]

Trivia Edit

  • Mapan developed a great admiration for Weed's business and rip-off  skills, and the two often worked together in business dealings. He admired Weed and at the same time sought to learn his money-earning methods that made him a shameless Jack of all trades[20].
  • Merchants level and Trade skill proficiency increases after selling items, in Mapan's case he increase 14 levels after meeting Weed[21].
  • He believes that "money is power, money is fame".
  • Even if Merchant is one of the weakest classes, if there is a chance he will use a weapon to kill an enemy to obtain loot and experience[22].
  • Over time he learns many things from Weed and quickly seems to adjust his trading style to increase his wealth.
  • Mapan's moral compass is slowly being eroded since following Weed[23].
  • Head of the Mapan’s trading company, a branch company in the Central Continent [24].
  • He is in a relationship with Gamong[25]. Together, they are Arpen's largest traders and merchants [26].
  • His physique changed over time : he developed an extra large belly[27], and then a triple neck folds[28].
  • In real life, Mapan even went to sell his blood to obtain small commodities so when Weed requested him to give his blood to Tori in exchange of more loot, he agreed because doing it in the game was even easier than in real life[29].

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