Malluk Spewing Fire

King belsos ruin

King Belsos Tomb situated in Scorpion King Ruins, Musos Valley


말루크[1]. First appeared at Volume 6[1] but properly given the name Malluk in Volume 29[2]. Malluk and Armored Insect guard the passageway to the entrance of King Belsos’ stone chamber.


  • Malluk can be found inside the King Belsos Tomb, in Musos Valley[3].
  • Hundreds of this monster lurking around the passageway to King Belsos' stone chamber.
  • Other areas with Malluk have yet to be mentioned by the author.

Monster InformationEdit

  • Physical appearance
    • Wide mouth
    • Sharp teeth
    • Strong and hard skin and bones, especially around its head area.
  • Launch ruthless attack like it was nothing
    • It attacks with its front paws
    • Rammed its head against its opponent
    • Spewing fire
    • Bites its prey using its widely open mouth.


  • Hundreds of Malluks attacked ruthlessly against the Spartoi. They attacked with their front paws, rammed its head, spewing fire and then open wide its mouth, biting like it was nothing[4].
  • All Malluk were hunted down by Weed and his team[5] with the help of the Spartoi[6].
  • While fighting Malluk, Weed equipped Goddess's Knight Armor to increase his mana regeneration speed. He deliberately took hit from Malluk to improve his perseverance and resilience stats[7].

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